exercises for breast tightening It is believed that men in their privateconversations about women, often discuss the chest. In fact, among men only 30% of those who attach special importance to this object. More talk about it is just the same for women. Nevertheless, the owners of magnificent forms have great success with the opposite sex. This is due to the basic instinct - reproduction. A man subconsciously chooses a pair for such a criterion as the ability to procreate and feed offspring. Having a beautiful breasts from nature is a great luck, but how to preserve this beauty and protect it? It is known that after the birth of children, and with age, the breast loses its former form, becomes flabby and wiggled. Avoid these consequences, you can perform simple exercises for chest tightening. As an option, use operational pull-ups. That's only about naturalness and health benefits in the second case it does not go.

Anatomy of the female breast

To understand how to properly tighten the chest,what muscles are involved in this, it is necessary to understand the structure of this part of the female body. Common to men and women are: large and small pectoral muscles, as well as intercostals. The female breast is characterized by highly developed mammary glands, as well as the presence of a large volume of subcutaneous adipose tissue. It is thanks to these two components, it has such an attractive appearance, and most importantly performs the function assigned to it. Fight with fat in the chest is not necessary, and it is impossible, because under the influence of female sex hormones, it will all be formed evenly, protecting the dairy lobes. But the exercises aimed at tightening the muscles, can well make the breasts higher and tighter. The elasticity of the female breast depends on the hormonal background. exercises for breast tightening

Alternative means of breast tightening

So, it happened. The breast has ceased to please, standing before a mirror, you obviously feel, that she not on a place - that in armpits leaves, that reaches to a belly-button. It is necessary to do something urgently. And then the mass buying of all the contents from the shelves of cosmetic shops begins. To pull up the breasts of some creams is not enough. Their action is directed solely at the skin, making it more elastic, smooth and moisturized. The glands and other components of the cream can not affect! Plastic surgery is a trouble-free remedy. An experienced doctor will perform the operation in such a way that not only will the former forms return, but, if desired, the volume will increase or decrease, the shape will change. Another thing is that silicone implants are prostheses! And we are for natural beauty.

If you want to be healthy ... and beautiful

As they say, take care of the honor from the youth. But the chest from his youth. Neither pulling up will not help, if you do not care about your appearance from a young age. The fate of a woman has many tests. First there is a maturation - the breast is poured and grows. Then, the child is born, and the breast fulfills its direct purpose, but it is excessively stretched. In adulthood, when the extinction of sexual function occurs, in the absence of the proper amount of hormones, the chest becomes loose. Naturally, in some cases, drugs can not be dispensed with. But in most cases, to keep a beautiful and healthy, tight and elastic breasts, it is enough to perform a number of simple exercises. Elementary charging is the guarantee of a long youth. Discussing exercises for tightening the chest, you can hear a lot of disagreements. One of the debatable moments is the use of such a physical culture element as pull-up. Based on anatomy, it is clear that with any grip, pull-ups do not have a direct effect on the large and small pectoralis muscle. Therefore, tighten the chest with this exercise is unlikely to work. Breast lift

Complex exercises for braces

  • The most effective in this direction arepress. It would seem that complicated in banal push-ups? But they also need to be done correctly, so that the necessary thoracic departments work. Position - lying down. The legs should be on the width of the shoulders. Brushes strictly under the shoulder joints. We have a body parallel to the floor. The press comes in such a way that it strains the chest. To do this, we diligently dilute elbows to the sides, we control the buttocks and stomach, do not sag in the lower back;
  • It happens that the breast has the size,which does not allow you to do the usual push-ups, in this case, strength simulators come to the rescue. Do not be afraid to download iron - this will not make you a bodybuilder in one day. But under the guidance of a good coach will achieve great results;
  • Makhi's hands and imitation of rowing are aimed atlarge pectoralis muscle. Spreading your arms to the sides, weighed down by their load (dumbbell or plastic water bottle), make sure not to biceps, but chest;
  • Graceful movements for breast tighteningare performed as follows. From the position on all fours, we stretch our legs back. Hands are shoulder width apart, hands under shoulders. We bend in the waist, pressing the pelvis maximally to the floor. Pulling the crown back, not tossing his head. At the moment of a sigh we bend, straining the chest, fixing the position for several seconds, exhaling - we relax. 10 - 12 approaches;
  • Position lying on the back. Hands are firmly pressed to the floor with the palms down. There should not be a lumen between the floor and the waist. We take a deep breath, slowly take our hands behind our heads, open our hands. Slow exhalation through the mouth. Again, a slow inhalation of the nose - we stretch our hands and the crown back, legs in the opposite direction - stretch the body in different directions. Slow exhalation of the mouth - relax. On inhalation - return the hands to their original position, exhale. We make 7 approaches.

Subtlety of a beautiful breast

Do exercises for tightening the breast a little, you must follow the rules.

  • First, the breast, under no circumstances can not be pulled;
  • Secondly, it is forbidden to wear bras not in size;
  • Thirdly, the wearing of underwear is mandatory, since the chest in free fall is subject to excessive stretching;
  • Fourth, regular sex provides stimulation of blood circulation, and also promotes development of necessary hormones.

From the above tips it is clear that tightenBreast without surgery is entirely possible. The main thing is to be objective, to believe in yourself and not to give up. Then at you all will necessarily turn out! We advise you to read: