exercises to increase bust Every woman strives for excellence, dreamsbe beautiful, sexy and always young. In order to look attractive at any age, you need to work daily on yourself. And if a woman is dissatisfied with her appearance, you should not write off everything to nature, which did not endow either beauty or graceful figure. Everyday work and caring for yourself - this is the guarantee of beauty and success. Recently, many women have resorted to plastic surgery to increase or correct their breasts. They boldly lie under the surgeon's knife, exposing themselves to trials and stress, and all for the sake of beauty. But the breast, pumped with silicone, looks at times not aesthetically pleasing. In addition, no one will give a guarantee that the operation will be successful, because after an artificial intrusion into the female body, one can expect serious consequences. Do not look for easy ways and agree to an operation. There are exercises to increase the bust, which will not bring harm, help a woman to get mouth-watering forms, and most importantly - they can be done at home. Of course, the chance to enlarge the breast by 3-4 sizes is not high, but due to the work with the muscles of the chest, it is possible to give the bust a seductive shape. The main rule for studying at home is regularity. And do not expect quick results. It will take more than a week before positive changes are visible. The female breast is not a muscular organ. It consists of dairy and fatty tissues, which can not be pumped up. Therefore, to give the breast the necessary forms, all work should be directed to the muscular tissues of the chest. Exercises for bust not only have a positive effect on breast tone, but also contribute to its increase. exercise to increase bust at home

How to start

To see the result of the lessons and adjustprocess, it is necessary to measure the volume of the chest before the start of training. Such measurements should be done once a month. They will help to understand whether there is a positive effect of the exercises, whether it is necessary to make some adjustments. Now you need to decide on the sports equipment that will be needed for the exercises. Depending on the weight and physical fitness, each woman chooses a dumbbell of the necessary mass. Start better with 4 kilograms, gradually increasing the load to 6-8. It is necessary to purchase a rubber shock absorber, having picked up the necessary resistance beforehand. To understand whether the load is correctly selected, 3-4 exercises should be done. If after them you feel tired, and repeating the exercises will be given with difficulty, then the load is chosen correctly. Soon the muscles adapt, and if the exercises are done with ease and without much stress, you should increase the weight of the dumbbells. With the correct performance of exercises and competently matched load, after 8 weeks the volume of the breast can increase to 6 centimeters.

How to do the exercises correctly

There are several rules that need to be followed when exercising at home:

  • All exercises should be done exhaling;
  • The elbows should be slightly bent. If dumbbells are in your hands, in no case should you sharpen your arm, as this can lead to injury;
  • When performing exercises, the back should be flat, shoulders lowered, and the chest slightly pushed forward;
  • To raise and lower the dumbbells is necessary only with a straight back, since in this case the muscles of the back take on the maximum load, unloading the spine;
  • Before you start the workout, you need to lightlywarm up the muscles. For this, stretch exercises are good. They increase the blood flow in the muscles and promote the washing away of lactic acid, which the next day after the session causes muscle pain;
  • You can perform any arbitrary movement: running, dancing, jumping rope. This will increase the flow of blood to the joints and muscles. It does not take a lot of time to warm up, it takes 3-5 minutes.

exercises for bust

Exercises to increase bust

Working with dumbbells

  • Pushups. When performing this exercise, all the muscles of the chest are fully engaged. Lie on your stomach. Wide place arms. They should be at the chest level. Elbows should be slightly bent. On inhalation slowly and slowly hanging down, and on exhalation to go up. Make 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions. After each approach, rest about 5-7 seconds;
  • Lie on your back. In the hands take dumbbells. Raise your hands to the sides, and then cross. So do 5 times for 2 approaches. Rest 10 seconds;
  • In the prone position, put arms outstretched with dumbbells behind the head. Slowly raise your arms over your head and lower it in the abdomen. Then again take the initial exercise. So do 7 times for 2 calls;
  • Lie on your back, take dumbbells in your hands. Slowly raise your arms up over your head, straightening your elbows, and also slowly lower them, bending your elbows. Exercise done 10 times;
  • Sit on your knees. With outstretched hands, slowly bend forward, pulling the chest to the hips. Do this exercise 7-10 times;
  • Do not change the position of waving his hands with dumbbells in front of him, alternating hands;
  • In the same position (sitting), keep your hands in front of your chest, bending your elbows. Slowly dissolve them and return to their original position. Do this exercise 7-10 times;
  • The next exercise is performed sitting or standing,without weighting. Before the breast fold your hands to the palm of your hand and forcefully press against each other, execute 15-20 times. This load works on the muscles, which will pull up the chest up, relieving it from sagging.

Work with a shock absorber

  • Support the shock absorber on the floor with feet and twohands pull it up, as high as possible. Legs should be placed shoulder width apart. Do this exercise 5-7 times with 2 approaches. After each approach, relax for about 10 seconds;
  • In the prone position, put the shock absorber under your back and take each hand by its end. Raising your arms over your head, slowly stretch it. It is enough to do 5 such exercises for 2 calls;
  • Exercise can be heavier, holding not only the ends of the shock absorber, but also dumbbells. However, such an exercise should be started only after several weeks of training;
  • After completing the cycle of exercises to increase the bust, you need to lie on your back and relax. Breathe slowly and deeply until your breathing is fully restored.

Do not be afraid of pain. This is a good sign - the exercises are carried out correctly and the necessary load is selected. Over time, the muscles adapt, and you will feel more comfortable. And do not retreat before difficulties. At first it will be difficult, but if you want to achieve positive results, doing at home, prepare to train at least three times a week. We advise you to read: