exercises for hands for women To have a beautiful posture and not be shywear summer sarafans and tops, beautiful evening dresses with a neckline and tight T-shirts, it is necessary to draw the attention of women to the training of the muscles of the hands. And if you do not give it due attention, then in due course, they will become your problem zone. Exercises for the hands for women will make them elegant and beautiful.

Beautiful relief - this is an exercise for hands for women

There is an opinion that exercises for beautiful handsmore interesting to men, and women devote time to their waist and hips. Although in fact, graceful and beautiful hands are very important for women, only in their case - they are tightened feminine forms, and for men - a heap of muscles and stony musculature. Many slender women are unhappy with the fact that their hands look very thin. When a woman's hands are thin, then other than training, you must also include carbohydrates from cereals and protein foods in your diet. And the full women have claims - on the hands the skin looks flabby. It would be good for such women to pump up the muscles on their hands, so that the skin is tightened. Is it important to see to it that a woman has a beautiful form of hands and why work on this? Yes, because the need of every woman is to be beautiful at 100%. And her hands are no exception, since there are situations in life when people pay attention to their hands. And in general the modern life of a woman is a lack of mobility, working at a computer and at home and at work, driving a car - all this does not involve active hands. And yet, excess weight and tends to accumulate, if it is not controlled. complex of exercises for hands for women

Exercises for hands at home or in the gym?

Women often have a question, you canwhether to make their hands beautiful by performing a set of exercises in the gym, and whether as a result the relief muscles will be like a bodybuilder. No, if you regularly visit the hall, work with the optimal weight for you and sit on a rigid diet. A coach with experience in the gym will select for you a special set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of your hands and in the end you will get a beautiful relief, and not a heap of muscles. Testosterone is a male hormone that converts fats into muscle mass. Women are dominated by estrogens that lay fat, so women do not have the strength to pump muscles up to the bodybuilder's relief without "chemistry". But it is important to know that the use of testosterone by women can lead to infertility. If you do home fitness, then you should adhere to a number of rules. First, buy yourself dumbbells and remember that any training includes a set of exercises, which must be done regularly. General training for muscle groups involves warm-up, a major part and a hitch. To warm up, general strengthening exercises are used, which warm up the muscles, for this you need to make several approaches for each. At this stage, both biceps and triceps work, but only without weighting. In the main part of the workout, you can connect a complex with dumbbells, but many coaches advise working with either the biceps or the triceps in one session. You can also connect in the main body and exercises for the muscles of the back and chest. In the final part of the training you need to help the muscles relax after an active part and at this stage exercises for stretching those muscles that actively participated in the exercise complex will be useful. This will allow the body to gradually move from an excited state to a calm state, reduce the pulse rate, leading the heart to a normal state. This should not be stopped, except for the practice of a set of exercises for the hands, there are other sports that you can use for the beauty of your hands, well, for example, swimming, tennis or rock climbing. No doubt, nothing can give more grace to your hands as dancing classes. Very suitable for this oriental dance. The main thing is to tune in to a positive result and perform exercises for the hands for women regularly. And in the end, you get what you wanted - beautiful, well-groomed hands.

Where to begin? What muscles do we pay attention to?

You need to know with which particular muscle group you arework. Each exercise is aimed at training a certain muscle group and, therefore, one must take into account the degree of their severity in preparing the complex of exercises, so as not to overload the muscles. the right exercises for the hands for women

Complex exercises for hands without dumbbells

  • Push-ups have a beneficial effect not only on the muscleshands, but also train the muscles of the chest, which is equally important for a woman. You can press it off from the floor or, if it's hard for you, start from the chair. When doing the exercises, make sure that the back is flat, and the pelvis does not touch the floor. To begin with, you can try to do 5-6 push-ups, gradually increasing the load, without compromising your health.
  • Stand straight, hands stretched to the sides at shoulder level. We describe for 1 minute straight hands full circles in one direction, then another 1 minute in the other.
  • We sit in Turkish, and, straightening his shoulders, elbowslift up to horizontally, palms together and straight fingers up. Slowly press the palms against each other, remaining so for 15-30 seconds, then relax the muscles. Do repeat exercise 5-6 times.
  • Stand on all fours, put your knees onthe width of the shoulders, while the hands rest on the floor, also at a distance from the shoulders. The palms turn in the sides, the back is straight. Slowly lower, bending at the same time hands, until the chest almost touches the floor. Now we must go back. First, do this exercise 5-6 times, so as not to hurt yourself.
  • Take the position lying on your stomach, pelvis and thighs whenthis is pressed to the floor. Slightly spread your legs, lean on your palms, fingers forward. It is necessary to straighten your arms, staying in this position for 3 seconds, and return to the starting position. When doing the exercise, keep your elbows apart, while the back of the shoulder is strained. Repeat 5-6 times.

Complex of exercises for hands with dumbbells

  • We tighten dumbbells in hands, thus hands shouldbe lowered along your body, and palms look forward. We bend our hands with dumbbells at the elbows and slowly lower them. Doing turns on the right and left hand for 5-6 times, gradually increasing the load in the future to 10 repetitions. To begin with, dumbbells should not be heavy, enough to take shells of 1.5 kg.
  • We hold dumbbells in our hands and lift them up. We bend our arms in the elbow and lower the dumbbells behind the head, then return the arms smoothly to the starting position. Repeat 5-6 times.
  • Legs should be placed shoulder width apart, slightly bent inknees, bend slightly forward, the back remains straight. Hand with dumbbells to press to the body and pull along the trunk. We bend our arms, forearms are static, we return the body to its original position. We fix the result by repeating 5-6 times.
  • Our position: legs stand on the width of the shoulders, at this time hands are stretched along the body, palms inward. We begin to raise hands with dumbbells in the sides to the position parallel to the floor, we return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.

the right set of exercises for the hands for women

Hitching is the final step of any workout

It helps to avoid the appearance of muscle painsafter an active workout, as it helps the withdrawal of metabolic products from the muscles. The hitch can be running at a low pace, turning into walking, or stretching. A very useful and pleasant extension after the workout can be a light massage and a warm bath. Make your hands embossed - the task is not easy, so do not convince yourself that the results will become apparent in 1 to 2 sessions. Increase the load in training gradually, but do a set of exercises regularly. Beautiful hands - this is important for any girl who cares about her appearance. Not all women understand that well-groomed hands are also an ornament. It is believed that the complex of exercises for the hands will help you to preserve what is given by nature, and to put things in order, if something does not suit you. Physical exercises will give a beautiful relief to your hands and take away the flabbiness of the skin. And some more restrictions in nutrition will help to achieve the result very soon. Exercises can not be performed on a full stomach, this should occur at least 1.5-2 hours after ingestion. Drink follows plain water without gas. Only then will the energy spent by you be used for purpose and for good. I wish you success! We advise you to read: