Exercises with foot expander Legs, perhaps, are the most visible partof the human body. After all, it is on them that men pay attention when meeting a lady, and girls prefer boys with beautiful and pumped-up forms. There are several options for physical exercises for the formation of legs, but the most effective and effective of them are conducted with an expander. The expander is an integral part of strength training, so you can safely say that classes with this device for the feet will bring a significant benefit. The main thing is to do everything clearly on the recommendations. The expander is a fairly serious sporting equipment, without proper attention to it should not be taken. Disorderly training can lead to injuries.

Power Squats

Squats are a very effective exercise for working with the muscles of the hip.

  • Take the expander in hand, while the springs fasten to the handles;
  • The legs are located on the width of the shoulders, the feet stand on the springs of the expander;
  • To perform this exercise, it is necessary to grasp the handles with the upper grip. This means that the palms should "look" upwards;
  • The starting position is a deep squat with arms outstretched, to shoulder level;
  • Now we strain the muscles of the thighs and, taking a deep breath, lift the body into a standing position;
  • Fix and stand for 5 seconds, then return to the starting position; Note that when you return to a deep squat, you must make a deep exhalation.

Be sure to follow the position of the back - it must be straight! It should be done 5-10 sit-ups, the number of repetitions is regulated by their own capabilities. expander for legs exercises

Extension of the legs sitting

There are leg exercises that haveimpact solely on calf muscles. One of these is leg extension in the sitting position. The expander turns simple flexion-extension into real strength training.

  • The expander should be fixed to the wall in the lower position (you will adjust the height to your height);
  • Place the chair back to the wall and sit on it;
  • To the foot attach the free end of the expander (to the strap on the shank) and slightly push back the chair to create a slight tension of the springs;
  • When doing this exercise with the expander it is important to adhere to the right breathing: on exhalation we lift the leg, unbending it in the knee joint;
  • Having detained for 3-5 seconds a leg in this position, we return to the starting position - we breathe in.

First do the exercise on one leg, thengo to another. The number of repetitions - 5-20 times, depends on your own endurance. If you feel that it is very easy to perform such exercises with an expander, then move the chair further away from the wall - so you will strengthen the tension.

Leg bending

In order to give a beautiful shape to the rearmuscles of the thigh and slightly correct the buttocks, it is necessary to include exercises in the complex of exercises from the prone position. To do this, you need a rug and a small pillow. The expander must be attached with one end to the wall, and a meter away from it put a rug. Fasten the free end of the expander to the strap on the shank (both feet are fastened together) and lay down on the mat with your belly down. You must move away from the wall so that the tension of the springs is maximum - so you will get an ideal load for the legs. On the opposite side there should be some emphasis, for example, a stretched rope or something solid. For this subject you will hold, performing strength exercises from the prone position.

  • Under the pelvis should lie a pillow;
  • To a deep exhalation we raise our legs, bending them in the knee joints. Cause the movement slowly, hold hands for a solid support in front;
  • We fix the position with the legs raised for 5 seconds, on inhalation we lower the legs to the starting position.

Remember, these exercises should be carried out inslow pace. Do not allow your legs to fall quickly to the floor and make sure that only the hamstrings work - the pelvis and stomach should remain immobile. The best foot expander is one that has a tension force adjustment. So it will be easier to adjust the load. Useful exercises with a foot expander

Leg Breeding

If we talk about exercises performed prone, it should be noted and leg-raising - a very effective occupation for working with the internal muscles of the hip.

  • So, a rug and an expander - necessary sports stock;
  • We sit down on the rug, keep our backs straight, hands resting behind us. The expander is fixed by one line - from wall to foot;
  • On a deep exhalation we begin to withdraw our legs to the side - slowly we pull the springs;
  • Fix the position for 5 seconds and just as slowly return to the original position.

It is desirable to make the tension of the springs maximum- for the legs this is an ideal option. Having done all the exercises on one leg (determine the number yourself, about 5-20), you should move the expander to the other leg and repeat everything again. Please note that training should be held regularly. It is necessary to strictly determine the time for classes and pick up additional loads. For the legs are effective running or jogging, jumping rope. Exercises with the expander can (and need to) combine with the massage - and the muscles will recover after heavy training, and the skin will acquire an ideal appearance. For the feet it is very important to observe harmony - do not sharply lean on the strength exercises, it can bring certain problems. With the expander should be engaged only after acquaintance with contraindications.

Contraindications for exercises with expander

Please note that excessive load for the legs is dangerous! Be sure to consult with your doctor and exclude possible complications. Strength exercises are quite a serious exercise, so remember what diseases are forbidden to conduct classes for legs with an expander:

  • Diabetes mellitus at any stage;
  • Propensity to rupture of capillaries and vessels;
  • Recent heart disease;
  • Problems with pressure;
  • Open wounds on the skin of the legs;
  • Infectious dermatological diseases;
  • Diagnosed oncology.

If contraindications to employment with the expanderno, then you can start the training course safely. By the way, such exercises are very useful in the presence of beginning varicose veins. After all, the training program for legs with an expander strengthens the walls of the vessels. We advise you to read: