exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands Many women, sitting on a diet, do not thinkabout the consequences. And, of course, are not ready for the fact that after losing weight, they will not expect the perfect result they sought. After a sharp change in weight leads to stretch marks on the skin and flabbiness of the muscles, and this, you will agree, does not look at all aesthetically pleasing. Especially noticeable are these unsightly changes in the arms, hips and abdomen. And if the belly and hips can still be hidden under a long skirt or trousers, then your hands in the hot season are always in sight. Therefore, it is necessary to start the correction from them. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands are selected in such a way that they act not only on problem areas, but also on the muscles of the chest, pulling it up, making it more elastic and high. Starting from the below program, you, as they say, "kill two birds with one stone." Which, of course, can only please.

Secrets of a successful workout

First, let's look at the basic rules of training, following which you will achieve results in a fairly short time.

  • For some exercises from the program you will need a dumbbell. Choose them individually. Weight should not be less than 0.5 kilograms, but not more than 2 kilograms;
  • In addition to dumbbells, get a special rug, as well as comfortable clothes and shoes;
  • Never overload yourself in the first lesson! Otherwise, the next day you just can not get out of bed;
  • Do exercises in a measured manner, breathe smoothly;
  • The main thing is not quantity, but quality - this rule applies to all physical activities;
  • Before the start of the workout, be sure to do the warm-up, and after it - stretch for the muscles.

exercises to strengthen the hands

Exercises for hands with dumbbells

The main nuances we studied, now you canto start the studies themselves. And the first in line with us exercises with dumbbells. They differ from usual exercises with heavier load. But the result of such training is several times more effective.

  • Extension of hands

This exercise can be done while sitting and standing. The back should be straight, the chin slightly raised. Take in the hands of one dumbbell, take a deep breath and lift the straight arms over your head. Exhale and wind your arms behind your head so that your elbows bend at right angles. Then gently screw them back. Do the exercise at least 8-10 times;

  • Corner

Take the dumbbell in your left hand. Make your right foot a slight lunge forward. Bend over and put your right hand on your right knee. Keep your head upright, your back perfectly straight. A hand with a dumbbell is pressed to the trunk at a right angle. Take a breath and take your hand back, straightening it completely. On exhalation, return it to its place. Make sure that the upper arm muscles are strained. After 8-10 repetitions, change the foot for the stop and take the dumbbell in the right hand. All repeat;

  • The bench press

Lay down on the rug, bend your knees, hands withDumbbells are placed on the chest so that the palms are facing forward. Imagine that you raise the bar. Exhale and gently pull your arms up, inhale and return them back. Repeat 10-15 times;

  • Hand cultivation

We continue to lie. Hands with dumbbells are spread out to the sides. At the expense of raising our hands raggedly, we lower our elbows to the floor, and the dumbbells to the chest, three - again we spread our arms to the sides. We repeat at least 10 times. A similar exercise can be done while standing; Exercise "elevator"

  • This exercise, too, is performed for one-two-three. We stand, hands are lowered along the trunk. Once - we bend our arms in the elbows and slowly raise them. Two - we breed them in the parties. Three - we omit. We perform the exercise smoothly, no sharp movements should not be, Repeat 10 times.

Exercising on this program, you will achieve the strengthening of the muscle tissue of the hands quite quickly. With each workout, try to add a number of approaches for each exercise. correct exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands

Classes without dumbbells

This complex is also quite effective, although it is not heavy with sports equipment.

  • Simple push-ups

Sit on one hip. Arm your feet against the floor, slightly wider than your shoulders. Fingers look at each other. Begin to lower your torso to the floor, bending your arms in the elbows. Hold in this position for a couple of seconds, and you will feel the muscles of your arms tense. Then climb back. For the first time, enough and 5 push-ups. Gradually increase them to 30-40 times;

  • Complex push-ups

Get down on your knees, hands on the floor. We make the movements described in the previous exercise, with only one difference - when lowering the elbows, we press it to the trunk. The load is increased gradually, proceeding from its state;

  • Exercise "prayer"

Sit down in Turkish. Fold your hands together, as for prayer. Now start to push them against each other with force. When you reach the maximum effort, hold the position of the seconds to 20. Exhale and relax. Repeat 3-4 times. The same exercise can be done with hands raised above your head or with your arms lowered;

  • Push-ups on the contrary

We lay down on the stomach, buttocks and lower abdomento the floor. Put your hands on the floor so that your fingers look forward. Now, start from the floor, straightening your hands. Hold for a few seconds and slowly sink. Repeat 10-15 times;

  • Push from the table

Sit down at the table, standing at the wall, and rest on its edge with your hands. Begin to push it from yourself with force. Hold in this position for 5-6 seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times.

  • Raising the hull from the floor

This exercise strengthens the triceps. Sit on the mat, bend your knees. Slightly lean back and rest on the floor with your hands clenched into fists. Now start tearing the case off the floor, lifting on your hands. You will feel, how the back muscles of arms - triceps are strained. Do 10 such lifts;

  • Push-up in the rack

Remain sitting on the rug. Now we rest our feet and our hands on the floor. Fingers of hands look forward. Leave one leg to the other. Now almost all the weight of your body is transferred to your hands. Begin to do push-ups, lowering the case to the floor as low as possible. Do 10 push-ups, change your leg and repeat the exercise;

  • Side-push-ups

Lay down on the right side. Legs are straight, the head is raised. With your right hand, wrap yourself around the waist, your left palm resting on the floor near your chest. We begin to repulse from the floor on one hand, lifting the torso, the buttocks remain in place. Repeat 10 times and change sides. Here is such a complex. It should be done 2-3 times a week, giving training 20-30 minutes. You do not need to combine these two programs in one lesson. For example, on Tuesday you have simple exercises, on Thursday - power. On Saturday - again simple. So you will achieve the results, and will not be too tired. And of course, do not forget about other parts of the body. Include in your program exercises for the feet, for the press, for the waist. After all, the figure must be fully proportional. For best results, as well as to prevent cellulite and stretch marks, sign up for a massage parlor. This procedure is not only useful, but also enjoyable. And try to keep an eye on your appearance all year round, then you will not need any diets, and you will not have to quickly restore the elasticity of the muscles. Regular training is all that is necessary for a beautiful and healthy body! We advise you to read: