exercises for intimate muscles It is quite new for immigration, or vumbudgingfor us the direction, although known for a long time. It is a system aimed at the development of intimate muscles. There are many people whose intimate muscles are poorly developed - hence a lot of problems of sexual and even medical nature (up to the formation of tumors and the inability to bear fruit). Therefore it is very important to train intimate muscles. You can easily do imbilding at home, without the expense of time and money. Moreover, intimate gymnastics is useful and pleasant in one complex. In this article, you will find out who and what the training of intimate muscles is for, than it is useful, and we will familiarize you with a program of classes that will help you quickly achieve the desired results. imbilling

The Benefit of Imbilding for Women's Health

The art of owning your intimate muscleswas born in the Ancient East. There he was taught all the girls from childhood. It was also obligatory in the preparation of geishas and concubines in the harem, for they had to master their bodies perfectly to please the master. But if in those days the sex sphere was at the forefront, then now in medicine, the undisputed benefit of imbilding has already been recognized. Although all modern exercises of the vumbuilding system are based on ancient Taoist practices aimed at working with orgasmic energy. It should be noted that intimate gymnastics is equally useful for women and men, since both of them may not have enough developed intimate muscles, or, as they are called, pelvic floor muscles. Not only does this negatively affect the sexual sphere, but this, perhaps, can be considered the smallest harm that the insufficient development of intimate muscles carries. For women, undeveloped muscles have the most negative impact on the sexual sphere: inflammations and even tumors appear, the uterus descends, incontinence may begin (especially with age). It can also lead to infertility. If the problem does not lead to such severe consequences, and the woman endures and gave birth to a child, then after childbirth this situation is always aggravated even more. In addition, the more developed intimate muscles, the easier it is for a woman to bear the fetus and give birth to a child. Intimate gymnastics has two directions: development of intimate muscles and facilitating the flow of labor. So, what is the benefit of practicing intimate gymnastics in different spheres of a woman's life:

  • Health

Prevents various gynecological problems(inflammation, omission of the uterus, swollen, etc.), cures some diseases (inflammatory processes in the genitals), helps not only to bear and give birth to a child, but also to become pregnant.

  • Sexual sphere

Makes sex life brighter anddiverse, helps to solve the problem of frigidity and impotence. In addition, if the partners are engaged in this gymnastics together, their intimate culture improves improbably, they are learning (and some for the first time!) To feel each other. And not only in the intimate terms, but also in the psychological.

  • Psychological sphere

Vumbilding allows a woman to improve,better understand and disclose themselves, develop their own sexuality, establish communication with a partner. All this makes a woman more self-confident, sexy, feminine and relaxed. vumbudging

Vumbilding: an exercise system for women

Exercises that subsequently formedthe system of imbilding, was created in the 40 years of the 20th century by Arnold Kegel, a famous urologist and gynecologist. The exercises were aimed at developing the muscles of the perineum. Both women and men performed gymnastics. And over time, patients noted that they began to experience more vivid orgasms, their sex life began to bring much more pleasure. After that the gymnastics became famous and began to be supplemented with new exercises. To date, imbilding is gaining increasing popularity. The beauty of imbilding is that you do not need to visit gyms, etc. - it can be successfully practiced at home. For this purpose special simulators are used: vaginal egg, Kegel simulator, laser simulator. Gymnastics is that the woman, placing them in her vagina, develops intimate muscles. After the simulators use a special camera, which produces a massage of the vaginal walls. However, you can do without buying a special simulator. It will be enough to learn a few simple exercises and regularly perform them. To get the first tangible results, it will be enough 2 weeks of training. Of course, to stop at what has been achieved is not worth it - there is no limit to perfection in this matter! So, where to begin training for a beginner. First you need to determine where these most intimate muscles are located. If you do not know for sure what muscles are talking about, try to define it this way: when urinating, try to delay, and then release the jet. For this answer is just the intimate muscles (vaginal), which you need to train. When you have determined which muscles to develop, it is important to choose the right place for training. Some exercises are performed in the supine position, but most of them are sitting. Therefore, for lessons you need a hard chair. It is necessary to sit on it directly. In addition, there are several rules that will speed up the results of your classes:

  • exercise regularly, every day;
  • do them at a time convenient for you;
  • do not rush - for one day the result will not be exactly.

Exercises for intimate muscles with the sphere

Complex exercises for the system of imbilding for women

The system includes a set of fiveexercises and massages. Do them correctly, regularly - and the result will not take long to wait. Even if it seems to you that you can not do anything, continue to train - intimate muscles are pumped in the same way as any others in our body. The less they are "pumped up", the more time it will take to bring them into tones. But the effort is worth it. Moreover, classes on this system bring a lot of positive sensations.

  • Compression of muscles

Maximize your intimate muscles. Hold them in this state for 5-20 seconds, then relax as much as possible. It is better to do this in stages, and not immediately with all the force to pinch the muscles: tighten them lightly, hold them for 5 seconds in this position, then tighten even more, hold it, etc. - and so on until you tighten the muscles with with all possible force. The same goes for relaxation: try not to relax the muscles immediately, but also in stages, delaying the muscles for 3 seconds. It is necessary to perform this exercise 10 times.

  • Muscle contraction

Strain and relax the muscles so quickly,as far as you can. The plus of this exercise is that it can be performed anywhere. The more often it is performed, the faster you can achieve the desired result. It is necessary to perform this exercise 10 times.

  • Pushing

The meaning and procedure of this exercise will be understoodgiving birth to women, because it is very similar to labor. If you did not give birth, then the meaning is approximately this: try to perform pushing movements, as in defecation, only the muscles of the vagina. It is necessary to perform this exercise 10 times.

  • We develop bulbous-spongy muscle

Initially, this exercise may not work, butif you do not stop, soon it will start to work without problems. You need to lie on your back and focus on the clitoris. Start pulling in and pushing out. This exercise should be done 5-10 minutes. By doing this exercise, you can get excited or even get an orgasm.

  • Flashing

Lie down on your back, press a little knees andbegin to draw in anus. Hold it in this position for 5 seconds, then start to slowly release and simultaneously draw in the clitoris. And so - 10 approaches. This exercise will perfectly strengthen and improve the superficial and deep muscles of the pelvic floor.

  • Massage

Of course, this is not quite an exercise, but ifAdd it to the complex of daily exercises, the result will simply amaze you and your partner! Just in this matter you will need his help. Ask your partner to massage your labia, clitoris, and the area above it every day for 10-15 minutes. And do not forget about the large amount of massage oil. Such a massage will improve the blood circulation in the intimate area, as a result of which the muscles will also be strengthened. During the massage, relax, get rid of restraint and completely trust the partner.

Contra-indications to occupations

No matter how useful the woman's health is, the system of exercises for training intimate muscles, but she also has a number of contraindications.

  • Pregnancy

If you were engaged in pre-pregnancy imbildingom,this is not a contraindication for you. Even during pregnancy and after childbirth, you can not stop training. If, before pregnancy, you are not engaged in intimate gymnastics, it is strictly forbidden to start it during the period of carrying out the child. Moreover, it is worth refraining from training and within 2-3 months after childbirth.

  • Gynecological diseases

Although vumbilding is indicated in many diseaseswomen, but there are some diseases of the genitals, in which gymnastics classes are prohibited. These include bleeding (postoperative and intrauterine), acute inflammatory processes that are accompanied by fever, vascular disorders (thrombophlebitis in the vessels of the pelvis and lower extremities), septic conditions. In any case, before starting to practice imbuilding, even if you do not observe any ailments, it is best to consult a gynecologist. It will help you individually to choose a program of classes: it is possible that some exercises will have to be deleted, but some more paying attention.