Breast exercises In the overwhelming majority of cases, both the form, andthe size of the mammary glands in representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are determined by genetic factors, that is, they are inherited. So, if all the women in your family have a very small bust, the probability that yours will be the third or fourth size is a maximum of 0.05%. What measures to take? In this case, you can only decide on surgical intervention, wear corrective underwear with the effect of push-up, or resign yourself and accept yourself as you are. But many experts also recommend that women perform exercises for breast augmentation, both in the gym and at home. We hasten to make it clear: with the help of these exercises you will not be able to enlarge your breasts to a couple of sizes. But you can give your bust a healthy, smart look, make it more elastic and beautiful. The most effective breast exercises for women, which you can do at home, are presented in this material just below. They will help you become a happy owner of a truly attractive bust.

Features of the structure of the breast

In women, the breast consists of fifteen or twentysmall in size ferruginous lobes, apparently very similar to a brush of grapes. These lobules are located in the thickness of the connective tissue, there are no muscles in them. Supported lobules muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle. Most pectoral muscles in women develop when their age is between 18 and 20 years. In these young years, the bust looks very beautiful regardless of its size, and almost does not disturb the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. It is no secret to the fact that breast-feeding mammary glands in a nursing mother are significantly enlarged in size. Due to the fact that the breast grows, the skin on it also stretches, and the muscles, which used to support the smaller bust, cease to properly cope with the work assigned to them. When the mother finishes feeding the baby, everything returns to its previous dimensions, but the internal structure of the female breast is still changing: in some places the very elastic glandular tissue is replaced with a rather loose connective tissue. With age, the muscles weaken, and the skin after feeding the child does not return to the previous dimensions, because before it was in a state of stretching. Thus, the breasts of women giving birth "hangs" and begins to seriously disturb their owners. for chest exercises

How to give firmness of a breast?

In order to return to his bust the formerelasticity and beauty, should not only affect his muscles, but also the skin. It is best to strengthen the muscles of the female breast swimming, as well as rowing in the kayak. It is also very useful to regularly perform special exercises for breast augmentation, but do not forget that in order to achieve a visible effect, exercises should be conducted systematically, and training, especially at home, should be very intense. Of course, the whole complex of exercises with the help of shells can be performed in the gym. A serious and intelligent approach to training will help not only improve the shape of the breast, but also make the whole body more slim and fit, and overall well-being - perfect. Meanwhile, experts recommend that women prefer dumbbells and a bar, especially at home, where there are not hundreds of different sports equipment options. During training with these shells a whole complex of muscles works, thanks to which the movements become more harmonious, and from the lessons one can achieve the best result. It is recommended to practice on simulators only for beginners, who had not even had time to train with any shells before. Then they come to the aid of the Sita simulator, as well as special simulators for the chest. They also allow a woman to coordinate all her movements and not perform unnecessary work, even when making a complex complex. After you are a little more understanding how to keep the pectoral muscles always toned and what tricks with the approaches are the most effective at home and in the hall, you can start using dumbbells and barbells in training. breast exercise

Exercises for chest muscles that you can do at home

If you will systematically perform the best exercise for the chest, listed below, an excellent result will not be long in coming soon!

  • Exercise for women №1

Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, stretch out your armsright in front of you, like you are about to start applauding. Slowly press one palm to the other, then relax your hands and strain them again. If you do this exercise for the breast regularly, very soon you will begin to feel how the right muscles tighten. To achieve the best result, you must follow 15 approaches every day. In a month your breasts will be transformed so much that you do not recognize it. It will be very high and incredibly elastic.

  • Exercise for women number 2

Lie on your back, take each hand on a dumbbell. The recommended weight of one sports equipment is 1 kilogram. Slowly lift the dumbbells up, lower them to the chest. Make sure that during this exercise your elbows are divorced. Raise and lower your hands 15 times.

  • Exercise for women №3

Lie down with your stomach on the sports bench. Pull your legs into a string and take each hand on a dumbbell weighing 1 kilogram. Slowly lower the dumbbells to the floor, then dilate your arms outstretched. Perform the exercise 15 times.

  • Exercise for women № 4

Stand up, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Lean one hand on the back of the chair, and in the other take a dumbbell weighing 2 kilograms. Slowly lower your arm with a dumbbell to the floor, and then raise it again to your chest. Perform each descent and lifting follows 15 times.

  • Exercise for women №5

Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, in each handtake a two-kilogram dumbbell. Pull your hands forward with your hands palm up and slowly start bending them around the elbows. In order for this exercise to be even more effective, try to perform actions in such a way that your hands are always in a horizontal position.

  • Exercise for women №6

It is really very simple, but extremelyeffective. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, in each hand take a dumbbell weighing 2 kilograms. Make your hands mahi, repeating the movement of the "scissors". Keep hands stretched, and do not spread them too wide.

  • Exercise for women № 7

It is also often referred to as "push-up"walls". From the side it seems that it is very easy to do it. But in fact, this is far from the case. Stand, lean against the wall with outstretched hands. Do vertical push-ups, trying to reach the wall with your chest. After you perform all effective exercises for the muscles of the chest, do not forget to take a contrast shower. Try to direct the strong flow of water to the bust as often as possible. So you can always keep his muscles in tone, and also help to ensure that the skin on the chest is always very young, differed by enviable elasticity.

The important secret of successful training

Performing all effective physical exercisesfor the muscles of the chest, mentally imagine how your bust with every second becomes more beautiful and tightened, strengthens and takes on an elastic and attractive shape. Do not forget: visualization is very helpful in training. So you can achieve a truly stunning result. There is one golden rule, which you need to remember when performing a set of exercises at home: the chest should also rest. So regularly give your muscles a breather, relax, lying on your back, breathing deeply. With such a rest, mentally, again, lose all previous exercises and those that you have yet to complete. We advise you to read: