exercises for the muscles of the chest How nice to have a beautiful and elastic breasts! And an open sundress can be worn, and an evening dress with a deep neckline, and underwear looks more sexy. But time comes and once the magnificent bust is not at all happy with its owner. This is due to age changes, the birth of a child or a sharp weight loss. But do not despair! A special set of exercises for the chest can bring the muscles in order. Just set a goal and be patient. Believe me, regular training will give a quick result! In order to start training, you should get two dumbbells. Do not get too heavy inventory - your task is not to get to the bodybuilding competition. Quite enough two-kilogram dumbbells - and the load will be correct, and the effect will notice immediately. Note that each exercise should be repeated several times, and too much weight in the hands will bring back the effect - you can stretch the muscles and even the tendons. Reasonable approach to choosing dumbbells will help to avoid such troubles. You can enroll in the gym and conduct all the lessons under the supervision of the instructor. He will tell and even show the best exercises. If there is no opportunity and time to attend training regularly, then it is worth studying all the nuances of such activities at home. exercises on the muscles of the chest

Warm up

Begin any training session with a warm-up. It is necessary to prepare the muscles for the load, to warm them up.

  • We do self-awareness. It's very simple - we stand straight, we put our feet on the width of the shoulders, we lower our hands down. On inhalation, we begin to raise our arms to the sides (at the chest level) and then firmly embrace ourselves. Be sure to lock this position for 10 seconds. You should feel how your pectoral muscles tense. Then we return to the starting position;
  • We lay down on the floor (do not forget to lay the mat),we turn on the stomach. The chin is on the floor, the look is directed forward, the arms are laid back and are located along the trunk. Now we raise our legs, bending them in the knee joints, then we lift our shoulders from the floor and try to reach out with our hands to the ankles. Be sure to hold the position for 5-10 seconds. Do this exercise slowly, breathing deeply;
  • Push ups. This exercise should not be done from the floor, but, for example, from a bench or even from a wall. At the warm-up stage, there is no task to pump up the muscles of the hands - just warm them up a little and that's it. A few push-ups will be enough.

So, on this warm-up is over - you can go to the power exercises.

Basic Exercises

Remember several rules before you start training:

  • Be sure to use a small pillow - it can be placed under the shoulder blades or under the pelvis to exclude pain during exercise;
  • Each exercise should be repeated 10 times, except for only irregular training - then focus on your own abilities;
  • You can train only an hour after eating, but it's better to do exercises in the morning, before breakfast;
  • During training, you can not drink, it is advisable to simply rinse your mouth with water.

Now you can move from warm-up to a more serious set of exercises:

  • We lay down on the back and stretch our arms upwards - theymust be parallel to each other. Do not forget to take dumbbells. Now we raise hands in the parties, we put them on a floor and again we lift. These effective mahi in the sides can pull the inner muscles of the forearms. You will no longer have sagging skin, and, hence, the muscles of the chest will tighten;
  • Do not change the position, but we move the hands to the areathighs. Please note that they should not lie on the floor. Now we raise our hands upwards and start the head - breathing in, we return to the starting position (we do not put our hands on the floor) - exhale.
  • Now we work on the cultivation of hands. We put one hand on the floor, along the trunk. And here we raise the second one and begin to take it aside. Note that the movement should be slow and measured. Then we return to the starting position. Having done such an exercise with one hand, we move on to the other.
  • Now get up (feet shoulder width apart) and doExercise familiar to every child. This and the mahi hands - the "mill", and just the spreading of hands to the side, and a plant of hands behind the head. In the hands are dumbbells. Each exercise is repeated 10 times, and only after that you can proceed to the next stage.

If you will conduct such trainingsregularly, you will soon feel that you can increase the load. The above-described effective exercises will be able to tidy your breast muscles in a month. Just do not give up training at this stage. Remember, to monitor your beauty is necessary all the time. It is best to start as early as possible, then it will be easier for you to return the old forms. exercise for the muscles of the chest


Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice, but not withside of health. All exercises for the muscles of the breast should be done after consulting a doctor. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of negative consequences of such training. You can not carry them out if you have:

  • There is inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • Diagnosed oncological diseases;
  • With increased body temperature;
  • With problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • With varicose veins. Especially if the manifestations of this disease are on the hands and chest.

Go to your goal stubbornly, do not give up before difficulties! And very soon you can afford any, even the most daring outfits! We advise you to read: