exercises for calf legs It's no secret that long, beautiful and slender legs- the dream of many women and girls. Dreaming of long-legged beauties in short skirts dream men, and women envy their elegant and easy gait. Modern society dictates increased demands for beauty in general, and for the beauty of the legs in particular. Attractive legs are not only a means of transportation, joy and pride, but also the result of quality care and regular training. Only the owner of a truly excellent heredity can boast that he does not do special exercises and does not sit on a diet, but at the same time has ideal legs. Therefore, most women often, meticulously considering their reflection in the mirror, think about how to make the shape of the legs even more beautiful.

Ideal legs - what are they?

Most men agreed that "fromears "- the most that neither is a great option. By the way, for today, the owner of the longest legs among the super-models is Adriana Sklenarikova with a "result" of 121.5 cm. There are as many as 13 parameters of beautiful legs, as well as a lot of proportions between the length of the legs and the growth of their owners. And all these data speak only about one thing - you need to hold on to the "golden mean". Therefore, for a set of muscle mass and for weight loss, there are a variety of exercises and diets. This is especially true for calves, since in everyday life they have a rather monotonous load. And if we consider that in our age of business relations, when the dress code forbids women to openly demonstrate their attractiveness, the eggs are the only part of the body that is not hidden from the general view, it means that the beauty and health of the calves simply need to be given due attention. effective exercises for calves

Features of calf muscles training

The functions of the calf muscles are movement of the foot andstabilization of the body when walking. They are some of the most difficult to work out, as their development depends on genetic factors, namely - from the place of attachment of muscles. Because of this, for some women, the main problem is to pump them, and for others - to reduce them in volume. Doing exercises, remember that the result will not only and not so much depend on your perseverance and intensity of loads, how many from a competent combination of power work with proper nutrition. The calf muscles are very hardy, so exercise needs to be performed more times than with other muscle groups. Also, many people forget about physiology. A group of muscles, which we call calves, consists of two gastrocnemius muscles and the underlying soleus muscle. The latter often do not pay attention, but it accounts for about 75% of the muscle volume of the muscles. The gastrocnemius muscle works at full strength with a straightened knee joint, and soleus muscle - when bent. So cunningly nature distributed the load on the muscles. Do not forget this subtlety, otherwise you will only pump the calf muscle, which is only 25% of calves. And do not be surprised then why training does not give the desired result. Another mistake is that the caviar is corny overloaded, because they do not take into account that they are doing a decent job every day, straining at every step and helping to keep the balance. Therefore, the muscles begin to literally "mop" with an exhausting load, which again leads to incorrect results.

Workout for calves

Any training you need to start with a warm-up. For this, stretching is well suited, which will warm up your muscles and prepare them for the main load. Basic exercises for warm-up:

  • Become about a meter from the wall, keep your feettogether. Lean your hands against the wall and slowly lean forward. The back should be straight, and the heels should not come off the floor. You need to feel the tension in the calves. At the end point, you can delay 30-40 seconds. And slowly return to the original position. Repeat 8-12 times.
  • You can also do the following exercise: sit, lifting your straight legs, pull the foot towards you, and then from yourself. It must be performed at a slow tempo about 8 times.
  • Thin caviar: how to fix it?

    If you have thin calves then, first, you canTo disguise this defect by simply giving up too short and too tight clothes. But, if you can not exclude from the wardrobe, for example, your favorite belt-skirt, then there is "secondly" - to increase the calves by adding the total weight complete with physical exercises. To achieve this, we offer you such effective exercises.

  • Stand straight, put the heels together, and socksapart. On account of "once" - rise on your toes, at the expense of "two" - sit down a little and spread your knees to the sides. "Three" - rise on your toes as high as possible. "Four" - gently and gently drop back on the whole foot. Repeat 30-40 times. After 10 exercises performed, relax the muscles of the legs.
  • Everyone knows walking on socks. When walking, you should try not to bend your knees. Make at least 50-80 steps.
  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Roll from the heel to the toe and back. Exercise is done gently and smoothly 30 times.
  • Be straight. Hands at the waist. For the first variant of the exercise - put your feet on the width of the shoulders, and for the second - we connect the heels, the socks apart. A little squatting, spring on bent legs, straining the muscles of calves. For each variant of the exercise, you need to do 30 squats.
  • Be straight. Hands at the waist. Legs shoulder width apart. Jump on the socks forward, back, sideways for 2 minutes.
  • This exercise is aimed at developingsoleus muscle, since when standing up it does not contract completely. Sit on the edge of the chair. The back should be straight. Under the feet place the stand, it can be a special platform for training or just a book. The main thing is that the height of the stand is not less than 10 cm. Clamp one dumbbell between the knees and put your feet on the stand. The emphasis is only on the socks, most of the foot should be on weight. Lower the heels as close to the floor as possible. Then slowly lift the heels until you stand on your toes, and then slowly return to the original position.
  • effective exercises for calf legs

    Volumetric calves: we achieve elegant legs

    Option two - too large caviar. There are three reasons for this condition: puffiness, pumping over and overweight. Find out if you have swelling can be quite simple. It is enough to see if you have any signs of gum erasers by the evening. Coping with swelling can be by sitting on a diet that excludes fatty and salty foods, as well as using diuretics. Or, during the day, lie down and throw your legs on any elevation (back of a sofa, chair) or wall. But, if the puffiness does not decrease, you need to go to the doctor, because this may be a sign of the disease. The more complicated case is when the eggs are pumped. In this case, it is advised to reduce the load on the legs and limit oneself in protein foods (to reduce further muscle mass gain), as well as in fat and sweet (not to gain excess weight). It is also necessary to stretch the calves, which will help make them more elongated and visually reduce their volume. If the eggs have a large volume because of excess weight, you will have to sit on a diet combined with physical exertion. The exercise program in this case provides for all the same walking on the toes, jumping rope and running.

  • 100 jumps with a rope "from foot to foot". It is necessary to jump gently, from the beginning transferring weight of a body on a heel, and already after to be repelled by a toe and to jump up. Jump only on the socks is not desirable, because it can overload the muscles of the calves.
  • Stand on your toes. Hold your hands behind your head. Do 20-50 sit-ups. Again, you need to work slowly. But do not relax the press, otherwise you can earn some kind of injury because of the risk of falling.
  • Repeat 100 jumps from foot to foot.
  • Dilute feet about 1 meter wide, stand upon the socks. You can hold on to a chair for greater stability. Standing on your toes, lower yourself to the parallel position of the thighs relative to the floor. Knees should be deployed to the sides. The calves must feel tension. In this position, make 20-50 turns.
  • A little rest and you can repeat the exercises first 1 or 2 times. The program of calf muscle training requires certain regularities:

    • To train the inner parts of the calf, the socks should be pointed in different directions;
    • for training external parts - socks together, heels apart;
    • for the training of the middle parts of the lower leg, the feet are parallel to each other.

    The program for working with eggs can also includeself bike. No difference, this one or a simulator. So, ladies and gentlemen, we sit down on bicycles and combine pleasant with useful - we pump eggs and enjoy cycling. The main principle to be followed when doing exercises for calves is regularity. And then your feet will become a matter of pride and admiration.

    General recommendations for the beauty of the feet

    Undead legs with a contrast shower (at leastin a day), trays of herbal decoctions: alternate, chamomile, other medicinal herbs (preferably twice a week, especially in summer). It is necessary to create for the feet simple physical exercises, such as: morning exercises, leisurely jogging, cycling, swimming, walking, yoga. The correct diet for the beauty of the feet is also an important component of success. It is necessary that it contain as much as possible vegetables and fruits, herbs and honey. What you can not do:

    • often take hot baths and use the sauna, abuse solar procedures;
    • wear tight trousers and tight shoes;
    • constantly walk on high heels;
    • to sit with your legs crossed;
    • there are many spicy, roasted and salted.

    If you follow these simple rules, thenThe beauty of your feet for the rest of your life is assured! Beautiful legs are, first of all, harmony and slenderness. To make them such help effective exercises, aimed at improving the shape of the muscles of the legs. Many enthusiastically begin to train, but without waiting for a quick effect, they give up their studies. Remember: in order to make your legs beautiful, you need to do exercises regularly. And then the benefits from them will be obvious: the muscles of the legs will be tightened, the legs will become slender, the gait will become light. We advise you to read: