how to properly paint with eyeliner At all times, women have always worried about thehow to correctly paint eyes with eyeliner, while emphasizing their beauty and irresistibility. In the course there were various improvised means: starting with malachite paste from ancient Egyptians, finishing with coals in Russia. Thanks to the modern beauty industry, we now have a whole arsenal to emphasize the attractiveness of our eyes and a lot of articles on how to paint with eyeliner. But, if you look around, it turns out that many of the fair sex sex make-up underlines only their shortcomings or completely ruins the original external data. This article will reveal the secrets of how to properly paint the eye with eyeliner. And, after a little practice, you can easily give your image of sexuality and piquancy, drawing the right and beautiful arrows in front of your eyes. They will make your appearance sensual and expressive. To do this, you only need a properly selected podvodka and skilful hands.

A short excursion into the world of submarines

In cosmetics stores - a dime a dozen, it is easyto get confused. On the shelves are decorated soft and hard pencils, liquid and creamy podvodki, podkonki-markers, shadows. In a word, everything your heart desires. But if you want to look stunning, you only need liquid liner. The eyes that are painted with it help make the image restrained, sexy and unforgettable. Liquid eyeliner differs from pencil resistance and more intense color. An important detail of any liner is a brush. It can be in the form of a tip, similar to a felt-tip pen, or in the form of a short (up to 1 cm) fine brush. It is believed that the first option is most convenient for beginners in the development of liquid podvodki, because with the help of pens - a marker is easier to draw a line. A brush is already for the hands of "sharks" drawing arrows. The same applies to creamy podvodki. It is used to draw arrows on the eyes or professionals, or for make-up girlfriend. The advantage of the pens-pen is that it does not require self-dosing on the brush, so make-up is done faster. With this type of eyeliner, you can create a natural eye makeup in seconds. But there is also a drawback: the eyeliner-pen tip dries quickly in a tube.

Little secrets of eye makeup preparations

10 minutes before the beginning of applying makeupApply a moisturizer to the skin around the eyes. This is necessary to make the makeup go evenly and not overdry the skin. In addition, cream preparation helps makeup to stay longer and be more saturated. Next, you need to hide the circles under the eyes. At the same time, it is necessary to apply a masking agent on the eyelid itself - this will allow the eyeliner and shadows to last longer and will give the eyelid the uniformity of the hue. As a concealer, it is recommended to use a concealer. Although the effect is similar to a foundation, but the texture is much softer and softer for the skin, so it is great for the skin around the eyes. In addition, this product moisturizes the skin well. Usually choose a concealer lighter for one tone of its usual tonal means. By the form of concealer can be in the form of a pencil and with a brush at the end. The latter option is more gently applied and does not stretch the skin. After this preparation we begin to paint our eyes. how to paint with eyeliner

How to properly paint with eyeliner

Professional make-up artists offer newcomerstrain your hand in drawing arrows on paper. To do this, you need to draw an eye (and, of course, a natural value) and train in drawing arrows on them. On the question "how to paint eyeliner" there are different answers: you can start from the middle, and from the inner corner of the eye. It is also possible to first arrange the points along the line of growth of eyelashes of the upper eyelid, connecting them with one smooth line. It is more convenient to draw arrows when there is a mirror nearby, and the elbow rests on the surface of the table. This later, when you are already getting skilled, you will draw in any position and under any lighting conditions. Start drawing with a thin line, it is easier than wide swabs to correct. Try to draw the contour as close as possible to the edge of the growth of the eyelashes - this will visually make them as thick and fluffy as possible. Before you make up your eyes, make sure that there are no lumps or excess paint on the brush. The eye on which you paint the line, it is better to keep half-open (so possible noticeable flaws). The tips of the shooter should be directed upwards (otherwise the eyes will look sadly lowered). Ideal option is the appearance, when the tip of each arrow is a continuation of the lower lashes and rises upward. An unshakable rule: the contour at the outer corner of the eye should be wider than the inner one. Disadvantages of liquid podvodki: not immediately wither, especially if you have applied a thick layer, and can be imprinted on the eyelid. Advantages: durability of the conducted line and its clarity. Since it is necessary to make certain efforts and spend time to master the art of applying liquid linings (and a few have enough patience for this), quite often the beautiful half of mankind uses eyeliner-marker and pencil-eyeliner. We will talk about their peculiarities further.

How to dye eyes with eyeliner - felt-tip pen

It is also called a felt pad. It combines the features of a pencil and liquid eyeliner. It is easy and convenient to make up her eyes even if there is not enough time. The outline is clear, thin, translucent, almost natural. But in order to use this kind of podvodki you need to observe a certain technique:

  • first, in the beginning, chart a thin line with a pencil;
  • Then, follow the marked line with a pencil-marker.

Fit-pens come up when you need to carefully adjust or apply makeup, and then, when there is absolutely no time for detailed drawings.

How to paint with eyeliner - pencil

This kind of liner is loved by many women andgirls because of the fact that to work with him you need minimal skills. The pencil lead creates a soft, slightly smoky line. It is ideal for daytime make-up. The sharper the pencil is sharpened, the better the line will turn out. There are pencils that do not require sharpening. They create a thick line with blurred boundaries, giving the eyes a mystery. The best pencil is combined with shadows. In order to correctly and carefully make up your eyes with a pencil, cover your eyes and gently pull up the upper eyelid to the temple. So you can draw a straight line quite simply and quickly. In order for such a tube to stay longer and better kept, cover the eyelid with a mineral powder. You can draw your eyes with small strokes in the direction from the inner edge of the eyelid to the outer one. And remember the main rule: lead a pencil close to the line of growth of eyelashes. how to make up your eyes with eyeliner

Small secrets of correct eyeliner

  • Black eyeliner has the ability to reduceeyes, in this way, the smaller the size of the eyes - the thinner the line must be. If you have very small eyes - replace the classic black eyeliner with pencils of silver or golden hue (so you visually increase your eyes).
  • With round eyes, a thin line of piping is contraindicated. Pencil-drawn wide arrows are suitable here. They can be shaded, thus obtaining a smoky effect.
  • According to the stylists, to create retro-images withusing a cherry or red lipstick is best suited for thin classical black arrows on the eyes. And with bright or neutral shades of lipstick or shine, wide arrows look good.
  • To visually increase the eyes, you need to startdraw podvodku somewhere from the middle of the century, then bring it to the outer edge of the eye and push it beyond this corner. If desired, you can draw a small inverted comma on the end of the arrow. This will give a "twist" to your gaze.
  • Another way to increase the eyes is to draw two arrows. One spend on the lower eyelid, and the second - on the upper and output up.
  • For highlighting expressive and sensual eyesYou can use the inner piping, drawing the outline along the inside of the eyelid. To do this, draw a thin line of cayal (a special soft pencil). It does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eye and is slowly washed out from there, ensuring the safety and durability of such makeup.
  • If you need to make a natural, low-key makeup - use a brown liner.
  • If you need a strict make-up - it is necessary to use podvodku dark blue hue.
  • Features of selection of color scale for eyeliner

    It is necessary to take into account the type of appearancewhen choosing a contour for the eyes. Owners of light skin are more suitable liquid liners of light brown and blue colors. Brunettes benefit from the use of reddish-brown and black liquid liner. When choosing the color of the arrows, consider the color of your eyes. With green eyes, it is better to use an emerald or marshy lining. When brown - try to draw arrows of plum color. Blue-eyed and gray-eyed will suit the color of the sea wave. Few women know how to beautifully paint with eyeliner or draw only a few strokes. And it's a pity, because this kind of art highlights the eyes, attracting men's views, seeing off after them. Beautifully brought eyes are like diamonds, bright, shimmering and beckoning. Such eyes cut into memory for a long time. We advise you to read: