duck with apples and oranges In America, not one Thanksgiving Day is not completewithout a turkey. Despite the fact that this holiday is not celebrated on the territory of the post-Soviet countries, nevertheless, there is also a peculiar tradition here - many housewives prepare a duck in the oven for the New Year's table. This dish turns out not only very appetizing and juicy, but also incredibly beautiful - a ruddy bird always attracts the attention of guests. So, if you have a family celebration, why not surprise your family with a new dish? You can choose any recipe: a duck stuffed with fruits, nuts or savory stuffing, and make a dish that will please not only adults but also children.

Duck with honey, apples and oranges

If you have never cooked a duck in the oven, this oneThe recipe is ideal for the first culinary experience. He is not at all complicated and does not require special abilities from the cook - even if not a professional, you can make a rather appetizing dish. Duck, stuffed with fruits - apples and oranges - has an incredible aroma and a delicate juicy taste. Ingredients:

  • one large orange (or two small)
  • two kilogram duck
  • 120 milliliters of boiled water
  • two green apples "Simirenko" (you can take another variety)
  • salt
  • four tablespoons of honey (if using a thick product, pre-melt it)
  • spices - if desired
  • a little olive oil

Cooking method: To trouble with the duck was as small as possible, buy a gutted and already peeled bird. In this case, you will not only save time, but not too much soak your tender hands, and in the kitchen you will not have to clean up for a long time. So, coming from the store and once again reading the recipe, you can safely start cooking. First rinse the carcass under the tap and dry it well. Then you should scorch the duck: you can do it with an ordinary lighter or hold it over the flame of the burner. After coping, chicken the bird with not too much salt, olive oil and ground black pepper. If desired, use other seasonings, such as coriander, turmeric, marjoram or basil. They can be taken in both dried and fresh. Spices give the dish a more intense taste and aroma. Most often it is worth pickling a duck for five to six hours, and this recipe is also no exception. If you yourself invited guests and know exactly when they will come, you can cook the bird in advance, that is, in the evening. In this case, the meat will turn out to be very soft, absorb the whole flavor of the seasonings. The next day it will only be to put the duck in the oven and warm it up a little. With regard to the filling, then make it for you probably will not be difficult: peel oranges from the peel (remove not only the skin, but also white film) and apples, taking out the core of them. Then cut both fruits into small cubes of the same size. Stuff them with a bird and gently attach the abdomen with wooden skewers. Some also sew the hole with threads, but the main thing here is not to forget to cut them before putting the dish on the table. Well, you are almost at the finish - it remains to warm up the oven (its temperature should not exceed 220 degrees), put on a baking sheet, oiled, carcass, pour a little water and send the product to the oven. After about an hour, check your creation and process the duck with the allocated fat. By the way, to make it better out, make a fork with a few punctures (on legs, back and chest). This procedure should be repeated every fifteen minutes. If you overheat the oven too much, the bird can burn out. If this happens, to save the dish and finally do not spoil it, cover the duck with foil and continue to cook. The total time for baking the dish is about two hours. Before you take it out of the oven, melt the honey on the steam bath and pour the bird into it, then put it back and wait another fifteen minutes. Voila, a duck stuffed with green apples and fragrant oranges, is ready for use. Let it cool down, and then cut with a knife. Do not know how to do it right? Do not despair, proceed as follows: first cut it into several parts (legs, shin, forearms), and then from the breast "remove" thin layers of meat. As a side dish, vegetable salads, boiled rice, baked potatoes or mashed potatoes are suitable. With regard to the filling, then to apples and oranges, you can add apricots, walnuts or, for example, prunes. Very tasty duck is obtained with grapes, but this is a completely different recipe! duck with oranges and apples

Duck baked in the oven with fruit and spices

We offer one more recipe of the "fruit" duck withapples, spices and orange. If you are not a lover of spices, put them in a small amount, and some can completely exclude. Ingredients:

  • one duck (approximate weight - one and a half to two kilograms)
  • two small sweet and sour apples
  • garlic head
  • half a lemon (if desired, you can use lime)
  • large orange - one piece
  • freshly ground red and black peppers
  • 30 milliliters of olive oil
  • Basil and marjoram - to taste
  • salt - at your discretion
  • special condiments for chicken

Cooking method: Have you decided to make a duck in the oven using this recipe? Then start with the simplest: combine in one bowl olive oil, three small pinches of table salt, two types of ground pepper, dried basil and marjoram. Then, here, enter garlic, crushed with a special press. Squeeze juice from lemon or lime into the marinade (depending on what you use). Mix all the ingredients well and leave the mixture for about fifteen minutes. In the meantime, take care of the bird: cut off unnecessary fat, if necessary, clean it of giblets and rinse thoroughly under the tap. When the excess liquid drains, chop the carcass inside and out with olive-lemon sauce with spices, wrap in special paper or a regular package so that it does not get airy, and put it in the refrigerator. Ideally, the duck is marinated for at least four to five hours, but if you do not want to wait that long, shorten the time to your discretion. Now, prepare the filling. It's not at all difficult: cut the offal, then remove the peel from the apples and remove the middle. Oranges, too, need to be cleaned, by the way, some of the remaining zest is added to the dish. If you decide to do this, cut it as small as possible. Now cut the fruit into small cubes and combine in one bowl with giblets, sprinkling with lemon juice, mix well. Lightly salt the filling and stuff the bird with it. After that, gently sew the hole with threads and, wrapping the carcass in a special sleeve, send it to the oven. The product is baked at 200 degrees from one and a half to two hours - this depends on the weight of the duck. To correctly calculate the time, use the formula: a kilogram of meat is prepared for 45 minutes and another half an hour is given for the total weight of the carcass. Before taking the dish out of the oven, cut the bag and pour the poultry with the formed fat. Keep it a little longer in the oven, and then remove it and allow it to cool. By the way, you can use fruit not only as a filling: cut them into large slices, lightly sprinkle with sugar and place on a baking tray next to the duck. When it is ready, divide it into pieces, decorate with baked oranges and apples and invite guests to the table. Such an aromatic, tender and juicy food is suitable for any celebration: it will equally effectively look both at a small family holiday and at a social reception with a large number of invited guests. Only in the latter case, buy not one, but two ducks, so that no one goes hungry! We hope that this recipe will help you organize a wonderful celebration! duck with apples and oranges recipe

Duck stuffed with nuts and fruits

This recipe is perfect fora festive dinner. This time, as a filling, not only oranges and apples are used, but also apricots, as well as walnuts. If you like experimenting, try adding prunes. The effect will be truly stunning! Guests with great pleasure will eat a tasty and ruddy dish, prepared by your hands. Ingredients:

  • 250 grams of apples
  • one duck
  • paprika - to taste
  • prunes - if desired
  • three small oranges
  • 150 grams of dried apricots
  • salt
  • 50 grams of walnuts (pre-clean and grind them)
  • one bulb
  • granulated garlic (if using fresh, there will be enough three denticles)
  • fresh herbs (dill or parsley)
  • 25 milliliters of olive oil

Cooking method: Wash the carcass necessarily dry well, then carefully rub it (not only outside, but inside) with spices and salt. To tender meat, such seasonings as paprika and black ground pepper, marjoram, coriander and thyme are suitable. You can finely chop a fresh basil - it will give the dish a piquancy and a special flavor. As for garlic, then take either granular or fresh. Depending on this, there are two options: cut it in small pieces and mix with the filling or crush it with a press and grate the bird. We proceed to the next stage, on which you need to clean apples and oranges. When you manage, cut them with small cubes, and apricots - in medium pieces. If using prunes, we recommend to soak it in hot water beforehand (at least for ten minutes) - then it will be softer and juicier. Now crush the nuts, some cooks fry them in a dry frying pan. Combine all the ingredients for the filling in one bowl and mix thoroughly, lightly seasoned with salt. Stuff the bird with the mixture obtained, sew it with threads, so that the fruit does not fall out, put it on a baking sheet, processed with olive oil, and send it to the oven. The dish is baked for at least two hours at a temperature of 200 to 220 degrees. Periodically, water the duck with juice, which should stand out from it during cooking. Almost at the very end, place apples and oranges cut in slices along with the carcass, as well as a previously peeled onion, which should be divided into four parts and lightly sprinkled with sugar. The dish is served on a large beautiful plate, decorated with fresh finely chopped parsley or dill and baked fruit. For garnish, cook the mashed potatoes or boil the rice. And for those who are fond of their figure, make vegetable salads, for example, from Peking cabbage with corn, peas and butter, cucumbers and tomatoes. You can put pickles on the table. We wish you good mood, hungry and grateful guests! Believe me, a bird stuffed with fruits does not leave anyone indifferent, so it's worth it to cook it for the next holiday! We advise you to read: