Spaghetti with mushrooms in creamy sauce With the course of life, priorities are shifted. If earlier women mostly engaged in home and children, today they are both wives, mothers, and personalities held in work - professionals in their field. Therefore, they often simply do not have enough time (and sometimes desire) for cooking elegant and exotic dishes. However, there are some borscht, macaroni and cutlets too bother. If you want diversity, we suggest making spaghetti with fresh mushrooms and chicken in a tender and fragrant creamy sauce. These simple recipes will come to the rescue at the most suitable moments!

Appetizing pasta with champignons

This dish with mushrooms and chicken will suit everythingCases of life - it can be prepared for a romantic dinner or dinner with parents, for a hen party or a lunch. We suggest making a paste in a creamy sauce, although at will you can replace it with another at your own discretion. Ingredients:

  • two large spoons of vegetable (preferably olive) oil
  • one package (about 450 grams) of spaghetti (can take a linguine)
  • two tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 750 grams of fresh champignons
  • 500 grams of chicken meat (suitable for both fillets and thighs)
  • 225 milliliters of not very fatty cream
  • two medium garlic cloves
  • Salt (cooked) and spices - at your discretion

Cooking method: Cut the mushrooms into thin half-rings, and chicken into small pieces. Then the latter fry in a deep saucepan with a little vegetable oil, and then add the mushrooms. Constantly stir the spoon with all the ingredients and cook until the vegetables are not allowed to juice. Now pour in low-fat cream and a little soy sauce, hold for about five minutes on low heat. By the way, such a refueling can not be salted - soy, as they say, does its job. While the creamy mushroom mixture is being stewed, you need to boil the spaghetti. To do this, follow the manufacturer's instructions, however, if you want to make a paste, as in Italy, then remove the pasta from the plate three minutes ahead of the time, which is mentioned on the package. Then drain excess liquid, place the product on a beautiful plate, sprinkle with crushed garlic and pour hot dressing. That's all! Agree, such pasta in a creamy sauce is an excellent option for a tasty and quick lunch or dinner. For lovers of spices, we recommend using Italian herbs or ready-made dry spices. Spaghetti in creamy sauce with mushrooms

Spaghetti with minced meat and mushrooms in wine-cream sauce

We offer to your court another recipe for spaghetti withmushrooms. This time we will make a dish in a creamy sauce with the addition of dry wine. If you have never tried such a dish, it is highly recommended! Its preparation will take about half an hour. We made chicken forcemeat ourselves, however, for want of time or desire, you can buy it in the store. The main thing that the product was fresh! Ingredients:

  • three large chicken fillets (also a leg or thighs)
  • 30 grams (expensive but incredibly tasty!) Parmezan
  • large bulb - one piece
  • one big clove of garlic
  • 70 milliliters of white wine (take dry)
  • 300 grams of spaghetti (you can substitute other products)
  • one teaspoon oregano (dry)
  • 200 grams of fresh mushrooms (we took champignons)
  • salt (better cooked) and freshly ground pepper - according to your preferences
  • 300 milliliters of thick cream

Cooking method: Grind the fillet with a meat grinder or blender. Then finely chop the garlic teeth and onion bulb. In a deep frying pan, warm up the vegetable (use olive oil if possible) and lay the onion, then fry it, stirring regularly until it becomes translucent. Here the main thing is not to overexert! Pour the garlic and dried oregano, leave for a few more seconds. Now add minced meat and champignons, previously cut into small cubes. Chicken meat can get lost in a lump, in this case "break" them with a fork or wooden spatula. When they lighten up, pour in the table wine, and then cream, after the smell of alcohol has evaporated. Do not forget to add table salt (one or two pinch) and black pepper - stew the product under a closed lid for about ¼ hour. At this time, cook Italian spaghetti to the state of "al-dente" (their middle must remain firm). Some sources advise to throw the pasta in a colander, others argue that this should not be done. Therefore, act on your own, relying on culinary intuition! Now put the pasta on a plate, pour hot sauce with chicken and fresh mushrooms, and top with Parmesan. You can decorate with several leaves of basil. Have a nice appetite!

Pasta with juicy chicken and creamy dressing

Love spaghetti with chicken? We suggest combining both ingredients in one dish. To do this, you need this recipe, quality and fresh products and a positive attitude. Such a dish in a creamy aromatic sauce is just delicious! Try it! Ingredients:

  • one breast of a small chicken
  • 300 grams of fresh veshenok
  • 150 grams of Italian spaghetti
  • some fresh parsley or other greens
  • half a glass of white table wine
  • one large spoonful of olive oil
  • 150 milliliters of cream
  • half tea (without top) spoon oregano (dry)
  • freshly ground pepper - for your taste
  • one small spoon of table salt (or sea salt)

Cooking method: Cook the spaghetti in Italian. To do this, lightly salt the water and take out the pasta when they are half-ready or, as the pasta says, "al-dente". After discard and wrap, so that they do not cool. Cut the middle half rings of fresh oyster mushrooms and put them in a frying pan (already warmed up) with olive oil, season with salt, pepper a little and add dry oregano. Roast under the lid, while not forgetting to stir. By the way, if you use dried mushrooms, before cooking, soak them for about half an hour. Cut thin chicken meat strips and send to the remaining ingredients. Then pour in the table wine, and after a few minutes - cream at room temperature. If you do not want them to curdle in a frying pan, add them only in a warm form. On a beautiful dish, put the spaghetti, pour them a fragrant sauce and decorate with chopped greens. If desired, add some cedar nuts to the pasta with chicken and oyster mushrooms. This will give the dish a flavor. spaghetti with mushrooms and chicken in creamy sauce

Quickly Whip

The easiest recipe we have reserved for the last. If you do not have cream, you can always replace them with sour cream, which, in fact, we did. However, such a pasta with mushrooms and a tender chicken tastes no worse than the above dishes. Check it out for yourself! Ingredients:

  • packing spaghetti (about 350-400 grams)
  • some pepper
  • ½ kg of fresh champignons
  • sour cream medium fat content - 250 grams
  • sea ​​salt - at your discretion
  • 50 grams of good butter
  • two onions

Cooking method: Put pasta in slightly salted water and cook for about ten minutes (see the packaging for the exact time). Remove them a little earlier than the manufacturer requires, then your paste will be rightly considered Italian. After all, at home it is served a little raw. Then throw the products back to the colander and return them back to the dishes in which they were prepared, after you throw there a piece of butter. So that they do not cool down, cover the pan with a lid. Cut the mushrooms with thin plates, and the middle bulbs are cubes or half rings. Put the mushrooms on a hot frying pan, where olive oil is already poured, and fry on all sides. When they get a slightly dark brownish-golden hue, add the onion. Mix well and after a few seconds pour in sour cream. Season with salt and pepper, stew the sauce for a while (about ten minutes). Put the hot pasta on a plate, pour the dressing and decorate with basil or plain parsley. Cooking pasta is possible not only with chicken and mushrooms, but also with other products. To do this, use beef, celery, different types of cheeses and vegetables. You can add anything your heart desires. Believe me, absolutely every mistress can become an outstanding culinary specialist. The main thing is to believe in yourself and find good recipes! We hope that we helped you in this. We wish you success! We advise you to read: