paraffinotherapy Fortunately, many beautiful womensex, paraffinotherapy is available not only in beauty salons. To put yourself in order, do not necessarily spend a lot of money, look for a good master. It is enough to buy all the necessary materials, pick up a suitable recipe and do it right. And then the result will surpass all your expectations. So let's talk about how you can do paraffin therapy at home. And what benefit these procedures will bring you.

All about paraffinotherapy: the secrets of a beautiful body

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what isparaffinotherapy. So, if you have not previously encountered this concept, it will be useful for you to know that this is a cosmetology procedure aimed at rejuvenation, nutrition, and skin cleansing. Usually the fair sex resorts to them, when you need to put your hands and feet in order. Paraffin baths and wraps work quickly. The positive effect can be seen immediately: the skin acquires smoothness, ceases to be dry and flaky. It is also convenient that such paraffin application can be applied to any part of the body that needs care (back, hips, neck, face).

How to rejuvenate

The procedure of paraffinotherapy begins with warming upA special paraffin, which begins to melt at fifty degrees. But do not worry and be afraid to earn a burn, because with the right approach everything will be fine. The fact is that the material used has a rather low conductivity. That is, the mask applied to the body does not start to burn and burn. Heat will be given gradually. Notice that the temperature of the skin will not rise very much. In this case, the product will have a moisturizing effect. After paraffinotherapy, hands and feet will become more well-groomed: after all, nutrients will penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. Some elements will begin to exert a tonic effect. As a result, the skin not only gets rid of toxins, but also "breathes". To conduct paraffin therapy at home, get a special bath, thermo-gloves, socks and fabric masks. The heated paraffin will need to be applied to the skin, leave to cool for about 5-10 minutes, then wash off with a copious amount of water. After that, treat the area with the emulsion contained in the standard kit for paraffin therapy. Or buy it in the pharmacy. The paraffin therapy is carried out at home and in order to correct the figure. The volumes will decrease quite well if you use paraffin with an extract of algae or in combination with sea mud. The main thing is to make sure that you do not have any allergies to these ingredients. What material is taken for paraffin therapy? As you already guessed, you can not use ordinary candles that are sold in stores. They are suitable only for creating a romantic atmosphere, and also apply when there is no light in the house. For this procedure you will have to purchase a special paraffin. It is sold in pharmacies and beauty salons. Pay attention: the material for paraffinotherapy is used only once. Then he throws himself away. To re-melt it does not make sense, since it becomes simply useless. By the way, paraffin is not so expensive, so you can definitely buy a couple of kilograms. what is paraffinotherapy

The positive effect of paraffin therapy

Many of the fair sexThe question interests, than all the same the positive effect of paraffinotherapy is caused. The fact is that this substance begins to slightly warm up the skin, and the active elements - to penetrate the epidermis. All this together strengthens the circulation of blood, improves the work of the sebaceous glands. Paraffin treated areas of the body begin to sweat profusely. As you remember and you know, along with the sweat secretions, your body also leaves toxins contained in the blood. The next stage of paraffinotherapy is the moistening of the skin. During the procedure, the closed areas do not breathe, because the paraffin does not let the air out. There is a kind of greenhouse effect. After a couple of minutes, the water contained in the sweat starts to soak back. The question arises, what happens to toxins that can also get inside? In fact, do not worry, because the molecules of toxins are too large. They will not physically go through the skin again. Therefore, it is so important after the procedure to thoroughly wash everything off so that there are no substances left that can lead to clogging of the pores. Again, make paraffin baths, wraps or masks should only be on a clean body. Otherwise, the positive effect will be greatly reduced. Ends with paraffin therapy smoothing wrinkles. Heated wax begins to narrow strongly in about half an hour. This is due to the laws of physics, when the heated body expands, and the cooled body shrinks. Paraffin mask tightens the skin around itself, which helps to get rid of fine wrinkles. Unfortunately, with the big women in this case, the fair sex can not cope. By the way, it is recommended to use paraffin therapy for women who constantly suffer from swelling. As it was said above, after this procedure all the excess fluid leaves the body. But you should first consult with your doctor, as this may be a symptom of a serious illness.

What can be treated with paraffin

We have already mentioned that paraffin therapy refers tocategory of universal means. Masks can be done on almost all areas of the body, including the abdomen and hips. However, do not use this medication on the chest. Any thermal impact on the mammary glands, as you remember, is contraindicated. If you try to do this, the consequences can be sad, up to oncological diseases.

  • Arms

Most often the age of a woman gives out her arms and neck. Therefore, representatives of the fair sex try to use all modern methods and technologies to get rid of flabbiness and wrinkles on the hands. Paraffinotherapy, by the way, does a good job with it. In principle, it is enough to do appliques two or three times a month to keep yourself in shape. But too often they can not be used. What is most interesting, even after the first procedure, the skin will change. She will become soft, smooth, tender, like an eighteen-year-old girl. Believe me, you will notice it right away. Pay attention: in many very expensive and professional cosmetology salons resort to paraffin therapy immediately after the manicure. Be sure to take this rule for a note, if you want, that you had beautiful not only hands, but also nails.

  • Legs

Daily legs of the fair sexendure such stresses that men did not even dream about. Tight shoes, high heels, which have to constantly run, an uncomfortable shoe (but a very beautiful model) - all this has a negative effect on the skin of the foot. As a result, the sole becomes rough, cracks, roughness, calluses appear, which are incredibly painful. Avoid the above horrors can, if you make paraffin baths. Plus, it not only positively affects the skin, but also brings an incredible pleasure. The girl relaxes, relaxes, resting, while the paraffin warms her feet and softens the skin. At this time you can watch TV, listen to music, read. Just do not sit at the computer, as you are not interested in what you need.

  • Face

Unlike brushes and legs, do applications onthe face is very painful and unpleasant. Withstands paraffin therapy only units. Often the girls will panic and fear. Repeat these procedures are solved by a few representatives of the fair sex. the benefits of paraffin therapy

Paraffin baths and applications: possible or not

As in any other case, there areparaffinotherapy indications, when it is possible to do applications, and contraindications, when it is absolutely impossible to use this substance. Therefore, you should first familiarize yourself with the rules, after all, visit a cosmetologist and a doctor. And only after you understand that paraffin therapy does not harm you, you can start the procedures.

  • You can not

To the representatives of the fair sex havinghealth problems, you can not resort to such manipulations. Especially if a woman has any acute inflammatory processes. In this case, the thermal effect, which, incidentally, is paraffin, is strictly prohibited. The same goes for people with cardiovascular insufficiency, ischemia, atherosclerosis. And, of course, doctors forbid carrying out similar experiments on the body of future mothers and newly-born women. In this case, it is logical, since it is not entirely clear how the baby's body will behave in this situation. Plus, the quality wax is not always sold. And any chemistry can lead to sad consequences. It is not recommended to do masks and appliques if you are afraid of enclosed space. The fact is that you will have to sit in one position for half an hour. In the end, your body will squeeze. People who suffer from claustrophobia, this is unlikely to come to their liking. The doctor can discourage the woman from the procedure if she has varicose veins, an infectious disease, there are scars, rashes or injuries on the body. This will only worsen all of the above symptoms, accelerate the development of the disease. So do not take chances. Believe me, beauty is not always worth the sacrifices that women bring.

  • Can

If all the contraindications described you no onedo not touch, you can safely melt and apply paraffin to the body. The use of paraffin therapy for burns, frostbite, ulcers, and certain diseases associated with the disruption of the locomotor system has been proven. Completely healthy girls will help get rid of the constant dryness of the skin, airing, wilting. It is recommended to use applications, if you constantly go on heels or in tight shoes, often visit the solarium. Now you know everything about paraffin therapy, what it is useful for and who can do harm. It is up to you to decide whether to resort to it or not. But if you still decide to try, remember that the main thing is to always follow the rules and instructions. Do not keep the paraffin for longer than necessary, as this can do harm, and also use conventional candles. About how to properly do the appliqués, you can tell the master in the beauty salon. By the way, it is strongly recommended for the first time to trust a specialist, and not to guess the chamomile "is ready or not." Look at how the beautician does everything, and the next time already, repeat at home. So you will know for sure that you need to remove the mask, if something still goes wrong. But embarrassments, fortunately, do not happen often. We advise you to read: