How to increase breast without surgery Mind, inner peace, education - all thisuseful later. And at the beginning of the men evaluate the appearance of the future chosen one, they look at her delicate curves and shapes. Often, when first meeting a girl, young people pay attention to the breast (its presence or absence). Most representatives of the stronger sex attract female forms of large size. And they do not hide it very much. Of course, if a man falls in love with you sincerely, then he will by and large still do not care what your breast size is and whether you are wearing an increasing bra. But after all, many ladies also want to have a large, resilient and beautiful bust, like, for example, Pamela Anderson. But, unfortunately, not everyone was lucky to get at least a second size. What should I do? Lie down under the surgeon's knife? But not everyone can afford this operation. Risk your health and increase the bust in an underground clinic? This is hardly likely. At this very few people will agree to go. Plus, even if you are lucky, you will find an excellent specialist, everything will go perfectly, you will have to regain consciousness for at least half a year. Scars, bandages, corsets - pleasure is not the most pleasant. There is a reasonable question, whether it is possible to increase a breast without operation in house conditions? Of course! Properly selected underwear, sports, cosmetics, folk beauty recipes are just a small list of things that will help you change your form. Have you really thought about how to do this? Then read the rules and precautions so as not to harm your health. To begin with, it should be understood that non-surgical breast augmentation is not always safe. Therefore, consult a specialist who will talk about side effects. And only after that you can proceed to the methods you like.

Underwear with push-up: women's tricks

Today, in every store of the lowerYou can buy a bra that visually enlarges the breasts. At the same time (if the thing is of high quality), your partner will not notice that the magnificent forms are not real. Foam inserts of a certain thickness can increase the volume of the breast several times. But it is better to limit one size to avoid unnecessary questions from friends. A relatively new invention is a silicone bra, inconspicuous under any clothing. Please note, you must choose the right product. The problem is that many women buy a bra that raises and squeezes the chest. It looks nice, but such beauty is not worth the sacrifice. Such augmentation of the breast is fraught with serious consequences, up to the formation of a cancerous tumor and mastopathy. So, the first rule - you should be comfortable. Breasts should not "fall out" like a dough. Trying on a bra, raise your hands. He stayed in place or jumped, slid, wrinkled? In the second case, either the model or the size is not selected correctly. Also, there should be no traces of bones, straps, fasteners on the body. By the way, if after a couple of hours the bust starts to hurt, throw out the underwear, since the reason is in it. An important role in this case is the quality of the material. You do not want to walk with red spots, a rash on your body? Then do not buy synthetic products. By the way, in the summer it is better to give preference to conventional bras, so that the breast does not sweat due to foam rubber. The so-called "greenhouse effect" can harm your health. The same applies to silicone underwear.

Cosmetics and pills: creams, gels and nutritional supplements

The most popular way to increase your breastswithout surgery, the use of a variety of creams and gels containing phytoestrogens that promote rapid metabolism and blood flow to the chest remains. But the use of such drugs will have to be regular, since after the termination of their application, the breast returns to its former size. No less demand for modern women medications based on various herbs that promote breast enlargement. Their only drawback is that in some women they can provoke an upset stomach. By the way, about the side effects of some dietary supplements and pills is still unknown.

Products for breast augmentation

Girls who are interested in the question how to increasebreast with the help of proper nutrition, you can recommend including in your diet cereals and legumes, as well as citrus, carrots and apricots. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that the effect of these products will not be instantaneous. It takes a considerable amount of time to get a visible result. But in the end you will get some benefit and saturate the body with vitamins. The food should be balanced, and the menu should be varied. No diet should be respected. The myth of the benefits of fresh cabbage and brewer's yeast has been around for decades. But, unfortunately, these products are suitable only for those girls whose body is at the stage of formation. Adult to the fairer sex, the use of such ingredients in large quantities can only do harm. This will only add a couple of extra pounds in the waist and hips, and does not affect the size of the bust. If you want to have a beautiful, and most importantly - a healthy breast, you should abandon alcohol and cigarettes once and for all. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain. Also, do not experiment with some folk recipes that can cause poisoning or twisting of the intestines. It's about the cheese test. For some reason, the girls decided that it helps to increase the breasts without surgical intervention. In this case, the operation will be needed, only the stomach will be cut. breast augmentation without surgery

Physical activity and exercise

How to increase breasts without plastic? Enough to do sports and begin to perform a certain set of exercises. The main thing is to know exactly which muscles you need to pump. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that it will not be possible to change its forms much. The maximum that can be done is add 1-2 cm in volume. The most reliable and reliable way - push-ups. For beginners in this case, the exercise can begin with push-ups from the wall, then from the chair, well, only afterwards, when the hands get stronger - from the floor. Also you can get a bar at home or go out every morning to the sports ground. Do not forget to follow the position of the body, palms. After all, only doing the exercises correctly, you will achieve maximum success. Stand on your toes, stretch both hands as much as possible, with the whole body dragging after them. You can do this at lunchtime to stretch your muscles. This is useful if you sit in one position for a very long time. Another exercise - hands bend in the elbows, put the palms on the shoulders. It is necessary to raise the shoulders synchronously, then pull them back and lower them. Then repeat this action in the reverse order. The next exercise should be done with dumbbells. So, you need to lie on your back, raise your hands to the level of your chest and bend them in the elbows. Then straighten out and return them to their former position. Pay attention, you can not immediately give a serious load. Start with 0.5 kg, gradually increasing the mass of gravity. Repeat this exercise 30 times for three approaches. Sitting on a chair, press your hands with dumbbells to your chest, then spread them in different directions. Perform such movements should be at least eight times eight times in two approaches. If the next day after performing a set of exercises in the muscles, there is some pain, then you are moving in the right direction. How to enlarge the breast without surgery? Sign in to the gym! A professional trainer will give you useful tips and develop an individual program. Naturally, you should go to classes on a regular basis, not from time to time. Otherwise, there will be no benefit from this. Thus, by performing various exercises daily for 15 to 20 minutes, you will increase your chest by a couple of centimeters in about 5 months. In addition, get mouth-watering forms, podkachaete legs and arms, flanks and stomach. Agree, not a bad prospect!

Gadgets, compresses and other dangerous methods

Before you increase your breast size in your homeconditions with the help of folk recipes and tips, which are filled with many forums, be sure to consult a doctor. So, for example, hot compresses can lead to the formation of a tumor. But also cold do not advise to apply too often. So, it is considered that it is best to do such procedures after physical exercises, applying a liquid or a gruel (depending on the composition) for 10 to 15 minutes on the breast. The material for compresses is used differently. It can be a fresh cucumber, grated or a small amount of warm milk, with cottage cheese added to it. These components are mixed until a liquid mass is obtained. Any compress is applied to the chest and after waiting a few minutes. Then begin to massage the treated area with accurate careful movements, so as not to harm the sensitive skin of the breast. Please note: mustard and other sharp ingredients should not be used! how to increase breast size

Professional massage and water treatments

Any woman to increase her breast size will helpmassage. It is possible to carry out this procedure at home in the shower, with the medium pressure of the water jet. This well stimulates cell growth. And you can refer to the manual therapist, who will make a professional acupressure massage. Women who are dissatisfied with the size of their bust can resort to an increase in breast size with the help of the hardware vacuum massage method. In the course of it, special bowls are placed on the chest, in which, due to the absence of air, a certain pressure is created. And this causes the flow of blood to the chest. Such procedures must be done in specialized salons in order to avoid undesirable consequences during its independent conduct. After the performed method, the breast increases, but it remains in this form only for a month, then you need to massage again. The minus of this method is that the breast becomes too sensitive, and sometimes even painful sensations appear. The probability of formation of stretch marks is high. All these methods will help to increase the breast and make it tight and elastic without the intervention of the surgeon. The main thing is to choose the one that suits you and likes you. But, remember that the big chest, this is not all that should be a woman. The soul must be just as beautiful as the body.

Is it worth it to increase the bust

Before you decide to take in tons of cabbage,exhaust your body in the gym and buy special ointments, think about whether you need it. After all, in some cases, this non-surgical breast enlargement is a direct way to the oncology department. Any impact (chemical, mechanical, physiological) on such a gentle part of the body is very dangerous for health. All this will not pass without a trace. Perhaps, the disease will manifest not now, but much later. But still not worth the risk. Plus, you should understand that breast augmentation without surgery in most cases will have a temporary effect. T. E while you use drugs, massagers and creams, your bust will be lush and beautiful. But it's worth stopping the reception or use of such tools, everything will return to normal. We advise you to read: