moon manicure It's no secret that everything new is a well-forgottenold. And fashion trends are the best proof of that. Here, for example, the moon manicure. A special way of covering nails with varnish was invented almost a century ago. Then he safely went into the shadows, and now again in favor with women of all ages. The name of this manicure is very romantic, even tender and mysterious. So what is this magic manicure, and can you do it yourself? Let's figure it out.

What is the moon manicure?

Most likely, they came up with such a manicure, looking atnon-varnished nails. And its name occurs (according to one of the versions) not from the word "moon", but from the name of the part of the nail at its base. Look at your marigolds: the beginning of the nail differs in color from the entire nail plate, and this part has the shape of an inverted crescent. So here's what you see, and there is a lunula - a part of the matrix (the nail root) visible through the nail. Lunar manicure - the design of nails, in which the lulang is deliberately stressed. With this design, a crescent is drawn on the nail, completely or almost completely repeating the shape of the lunula, which acts as a "moon". Lunar manicure is called in our country, and abroad it is better known as a Hollywood jacket or manicure Dior. Revival of interest in this nail design is due to the Christian Dior Fashion House. For the first time since oblivion, this manicure appeared on fashion shows about five years ago and, gradually gaining popularity, became a hit of fashion shows. The main feature of the moon manicure is an inverted jacket. But unlike the French nail art, varnishes of contrasting colors are used here. Initially, the "moon" in this manicure repeated the natural shape of the nail hole, but modern stylists unfolded it, and today the horns of the fashionable crescent can look up and down. And another popular version of the moon manicure is its combination with a jacket. In this case, the upper and lower crescents "look" in the same direction. how to make a moon manicure

What varnishes are used in the moon manicure?

In the classic version of the moon manicureshould be covered with a bright varnish: beige or white. The rest of the nail is painted with a contrasting bright varnish (red, burgundy). However, today the stylists do not limit themselves to this and offer absolutely fantastic combinations:

  • silver and burgundy
  • silver and black
  • peach and black
  • gold and black
  • silver and violet
  • white and chocolate
  • gold and blue
  • white and purple

By the way, the most stylish combination isa combination of black with gold or silver. But the essence of the selection of colors for the lunar manicure has not changed: a bright lunula on a dark (contrasting) nail. Glossy or matte varnish used for moon manicure? There are no restrictions. You can only cover the nails with a glossy or only matte varnish in different colors. However, in this manicure is not forbidden (and even welcome!) The use of matte and glossy coatings at the same time. So choose the options to your taste.

What nails suits the moon manicure?

Unlike the classic French moon manicurenot suitable for all nails, because they shorten them visually. Therefore, it is best to look at long (but not very long) nails. However, since recent times, short nails have also become fashionable. Therefore, you can not be afraid of the visual effect and do this manicure for short nails. But if the long nails can be of any shape (oval, rectangular, sharp), then the short marigolds should only be rounded or oval. And as for the dress code, the manicure of Dior will be appropriate in the office, at a friendly party, and at a gala reception. It is important only to choose the appropriate lacquer colors and (of course!) How to properly handle the hands. how to make a moon manicure

How to make a moon manicure at home?

The fact that hands must have an impeccable look,we will not speak. Let's talk about how to give this kind of hands. First it is necessary to process hands, that is to make an ordinary hygienic manicure, and then to cover the nails in the lunar style. So, how to make a moon manicure yourself? First of all, we cut the nails, giving them the desired shape and aligning the length. Then we make a bath for hands and we put in order the cuticle, and then degrease the marigolds, taking the liquid for removing the varnish (without acetone). Now you can proceed directly to the moon manicure.

  • Application of base varnish (basis for manicure). This will preserve the natural shine of the nails, and help the manicure last longer.
  • After the base is completely dry, cover the entire nail with a clear varnish or varnish of the color that the crescent on the nail should look like. And again we wait, when the varnish dries.
  • Now we seal the lunula with a special crescent-shaped sticker, unfolding it with the horns up or down. The upper part of the nail is covered with contrast lacquer, wait a few minutes and unglue the sticker.
  • The final stage is the application of a fixer.
  • By the way, if you do not have a suitable template,then fit and stickers included in the set for the French manicure. In this case, first cover the nails with the base lacquer, and then with the basic konstrastnym color. When the varnish dries, glue the sticker, aligning its lower edge with the upper border of the crescent, and then cover the lunula with a clear varnish. If you (suddenly) did not have any stickers at hand, and you need a Hollywood jacket, do the following. First, apply a contrast lacquer on the base and wait until it is completely dry. And then with a thin brush and a bright varnish, just draw a crescent. True, this method requires not only hardness of the hand, but also certain artistic abilities, as well as maximum accuracy in the work. Knowing the theoretical knowledge of how to do the moon manicure yourself, you will only have to practice a little and apply this knowledge in practice. Stay beautiful forever! We advise you to read: