dropsy in boys Some parents of small boys sometimescan face a disease such as dropsy of testicles. If a child has a dropsy, treatment should be started as soon as possible, but, alas, this can not be done in all cases when the child has this disease. If dropsy in newborn boys is detected even in the maternity hospital more often, then older children can be diagnosed with delay. Many parents, noticing the wrong, simply do not pay attention to changing the size of the testicles, believing that this is an age-related change. And only when one or both testicles become excessively large, parents begin to sound an alarm. But the earlier the disease is revealed, the more effectively it is treated. A testicle testicle in boys in our time, with timely diagnosis, adequate treatment and care of the child, does not represent for the health of the child absolutely no negative impact. This disease is characterized by the fact that in the testicles of the baby there is a violation of the normal outflow and, as a consequence, the formation of excess fluid. A dropsy is of two kinds - congenital and acquired. Below, both types of the disease, its symptoms and methods of treatment are described in more detail. After all, only knowing about the disease all possible information, it can be successfully combated. And doctors, alas, often do not consider it necessary to devote parents to the details of the course of the disease and its treatment, and often even completely keep it to themselves, believing that parents do not need to know this.

Congenital hydrops

The cause of hydrocele is a violationnormal development of testicles. In the fetus, not only the testicle descends into the scrotum, but also a part of the peritoneum, called the vaginal process. Normally, the opening existing in the vaginal process overgrows. But if this does not happen, water begins to accumulate in the child's scrotum. The liquid can be constantly in the scrotum, and can also circulate in the peritoneum of the child. In some cases, the disappearance of such a dropsy occurs spontaneously, without the intervention of surgeons, when the hole overgrows. Of course, such violations of the development of the fetus do not arise simply from scratch. The reasons for this deviation of development, probably known to doctors, is not so little. In particular, they include:

  • The presence of a pregnant woman's bad habits

The use of a future mother drinks containingalcohol, smoking, being in smoky rooms - all this greatly increases the risk of various complications in the baby, including the dropsy of the testicles.

  • The use of certain pharmacological drugs

Some medicines, in the event that they will betake a pregnant woman, can disrupt the normal process of development of the internal organs of the fetus. Including such, as nezarashchenie peritoneal appendage and, as consequence, occurrence of a congenital dropsy.

  • Infection of a pregnant woman with rubella

In the event that a pregnant woman falls illrubella, there is a very large risk of development in the child of gross developmental disorders. That's why doctors in this situation insist on carrying out an artificial termination of pregnancy. If the infection occurred on a long gestation period, the risk of developing gross pathologies is significantly less than at the shortest gestation period. But oedemas occurs in such cases very, very often.

  • Infection of a pregnant woman with chickenpox

The disease of a pregnant woman with chickenpox does not entail such serious consequences as infection with rubella. However, dropsy of the testicles occurs very, very often.

  • Genetic predisposition

Dropsy testicles are often the resultgenetic heredity of the baby. And the disease can be transmitted as one to two generations, and in ten to twelve. The amount of fluid that accumulates in the testicle in the scrotum can vary very much. In mild cases, there may be only a few milliliters, and if the form of the disease is neglected, it is from one to three liters! And these figures relate to newborn children - in older children, the upper lath may be even higher. Sometimes the scrotum can grow so much in size that the child even stops walking and normally sits. And only in the prone position the child has a short-term improvement in the condition. You understand what discomfort this disease brings to a child, regardless of whether the newborn baby is a baby or an older boy. Despite the fact that there is no such threat to the child's life, a child can not lead a normal life. In spite of the fact that the child, as already mentioned above, experiences considerable discomfort, the dropsy usually does not cause pain. However, if the fluid accumulates too much, the child may experience some pain, the intensity of which varies in each particular case. Accumulation of fluid can occur wavy, but most often it does occur gradually. When probing the testicles, a pear-shaped compaction is felt, the upper part of which is directed toward the inguinal canals. By its form this kind of dropsy in children is somewhat reminiscent of an hourglass. The size of the dropsy will depend directly on the amount of accumulated fluid. A large dropsy can sometimes obstruct the act of urinating and lead to the development of such a complication as acute urinary retention. That is why children's doctors are extremely advised not to delay the operation and conduct it immediately after it becomes possible. treatment of dropsy with folk remedies

Causes of dropsy of testicles in newborns

Faced with his child such a phenomenon asedema, are interested in the doctor, what exactly served as a stimulus for the development of the disease. In our time, doctors identify several causes of the dropsy:

  • Not completely overgrown peritoneum process

As already mentioned above, in the event that inIn the process of fetal development of the fetus, the peritoneal process does not grow sufficiently, there is a communicating dropsy. It is very easy to distinguish communicating dropsy. When the child is in an upright position, the symptoms of dropsy are obvious. But if a child lies down, the dropsy disappears completely or almost completely, as the fluid moves into the abdominal cavity. Parents of children suffering from communicating dropsy should be especially attentive to the health condition of their crumbs - very often the disease is accompanied by a hernia. This happens because in the ungrown peritoneum process the internal organs of the crumb often enter the scrotum, such as the testicle, the strand of the omentum or the loop of the intestine.

  • Inflammatory process

The second cause of development in the baby hydrocephalus are inflammatory processes that occur in the testicle or its appendages.

  • Postoperative hydropsy

This type of disease occurs most rarely, usually after surgery for inguinal hernia. A similar cause of the development of the disease occurs only in 2% of all cases.

Dropsy of testicles

Dropsy shells of eggs also happens ascongenital, and acquired. Congenital edema of the testicles, as well as the testicles themselves, can also be communicating and not communicating. The acquired form of edema of the testicles is symptomatic and idiopathic. In the event that edema of the testicles is diagnosed in a newborn baby, doctors usually try not to hurry up with treatment. They explain their decision by the fact that in many cases, as the crumbs grow up, the peritoneal process grows and, as a consequence, the disease passes on its own, without any medical intervention. However, if the doctor took a wait-and-see attitude, throughout the entire time he will carefully monitor the condition of the crumbs, and with the slightest deterioration, it is possible to carry out the operation. Acquired edema of the testicles arises as a result of various inflammatory processes, scrotal injury, disruption of normal outflow of the lymphatic fluid. As a rule, in this case, to cure hydrocephalus of the testicles, it is enough to cure the underlying disease. After that, the dropsy disappears on its own.

Leaking of dropsy

In addition to the nature of the origin of dropsy testicles, doctors subdivide the disease into two subcategories, according to the nature of the course of the disease:

  • Acute form of the disease

The acute form of dropsy occurs due tothe development of an inflammatory disease, or the child's getting an injury. Also, in more rare cases, in older children, acute testicular dropsy can be observed as a complication of acute respiratory infections, influenza, mumps, and some other childhood infections. Symptoms of the disease appear suddenly and immediately in a pronounced form. The egg swells quite strongly - swelling can be seen even without having a medical education. Having found out the symptoms of dropsy in his son, parents should immediately contact a pediatrician or a pediatric surgeon.

  • Chronic form of the disease course

Chronic form of the disease in allcases is nothing else than the consequence of an acute form, not diagnosed in time or not received adequate treatment for one reason or another. dropsy in boys

Diagnosis and treatment of dropsy testicles

Diagnosis of this disease for childrendoctor is absolutely no difficulty. Diagnostics, as a rule, begins with a visual inspection. If during the examination the doctor finds anything suspicious, he will send the child to an ultrasound examination, during which it will be possible to accurately establish not only the presence of the disease itself, but also the nature of its occurrence. During the ultrasound, the doctor not only recognizes the condition of the testicles and appendages, but also the nature and volume of the fluid. In addition, carrying out an ultrasound examination also allows to identify or exclude the presence of possible comorbid diseases in the child, for example, a cyst of the spermatic cord or an inguinal hernia. And in fact often such concomitant diseases just also are the primary sources of a disease of dropsy of testicles in the child. In some cases, doctors have to resort to the help of parents to diagnose dropsy. Sometimes you can detect the symptoms of dropsy only when the child is in a horizontal position - especially at night when the baby is sleeping. In this case, a good illustration will be a photo of the testicular tumor made by the parents at a time when it is visually visible. As mentioned above, the dropsy of the testes or its membranes is rarely an independent disease. Most often it is a consequence of the underlying disease. Listed below are the main ones:

  • Non-admission to the end of the testicle in the scrotum. This phenomenon is called cryptorchidism.
  • The child has a false hermaphroditism.
  • Presence of a ventriculo - peritoneal shunt in a baby.
  • Birth of premature crumbs with low weight.
  • The presence of liver disease in crumbs, especially with ascites.
  • Congenital defects of the child's abdominal wall.
  • Genetic predisposition of the baby to the appearance of dropsy testicles.
  • As a rule, the elder brothers, father or uncle of the baby faced such a disease. This heredity is equally often transmitted both on the maternal and paternal lines.

  • Possible torsion of the egg crumbs.
  • Injuries of the perineum and scrotum of a boy. Moreover, it is often possible to provoke the development of the disease even the slightest trauma - for example, a slight blow to the toy. Therefore parents of small boys should be extremely careful and cautious.
  • If there is a dropsy of testicles in boys, treatmentshould be timely. Dropsy testicles require constant medical control, regardless of whether it is a small child or even a teenager. A child suffering from dropsy testicles is registered with a pediatric urologist - andrologist. In the event that there is an excessive accumulation of fluid and, as a consequence, the tension of the testicles, the doctor, as a rule, resorts to a puncture. The purpose of puncture in this situation is to remove excess fluid, in order to avoid the development of complications. Sometimes doctors have to perform a number of such punctures to stabilize the child's condition. As a rule, doctors usually prefer to treat the dropsy of testicles in the elderly with surgical treatment. The situation with newborn babies suffering from congenital dropsy testicles is a bit different - doctors prefer to observe the child at least the first six months of life without resorting to surgery. Ideally, if the child's condition allows, it is advisable to resort not earlier than the child will reach the age of two. An exception to this rule is the appearance of the following complications in the baby:

    • Joining the testicles of inguinal hernia.
    • The presence in the scrotum of too much fluid, which causes excessive stress of the testicles.
    • The child begins to complain regularly about intense pain in the scrotum. Or, if it is too small, it shows constant anxiety.
    • To a dropsy of testicles any secondary infection is attached.

    In older children, follow-upThe course of the disease without surgery, as a rule, is performed if the child is diagnosed with a traumatic form of dropsy. The condition of the child is assessed by doctors for three months, during which the doctors monitor the dynamics of the disease. And only in the event that there is no improvement in the condition, doctors resort to surgical intervention. However, it should be noted that such expectant management in case of traumatic dropsy is possible only if the integrity of the testicle has not been compromised as a result of the injury. The most difficult case of treatment of dropsy is dropsy, which has arisen as a complication of surgical intervention to remove inguinal hernia. In this case, the disease is very important to carry out the operation on time - if it is done too early, it will not bring almost any help to the baby. That is why doctors usually closely monitor the condition of the child, make regular ultrasound examinations in order to adequately assess the dynamics of the disease, and also how effective the treatment is. And only on the basis of all complex studies and observations the doctor decides to conduct the operation.

    Disease dropsy of testicles in adolescents

    A slightly more complicated situation is the identification ofdiseases in adolescent boys. From a physiological point of view, of course, the diagnosis is simple and carried out according to the standard scheme. And the difficulty lies in the psychological characteristics of a teenager in transition. Parents, as a rule, do not see their son at that age, the child himself goes to the toilet, to the bathroom and does not need the help of his parents. Thus, parents can not independently detect the presence of dropsy of testicles. In the transition years in many adolescents, the feeling of bashfulness is exacerbated especially strongly. And even in the case when a child finds out the presence of a tumor in his body, not always he will go for help to his parents, even if they have just wonderful relationships. Parents can guess that something is wrong with their son, only on the basis of indirect signs, such as:

    • The child is increasingly locked in a toilet or bathroom, spending an excessive amount of time there.
    • Also, parents may notice that the child's gait has changed, has become more "duck-shaped."
    • The child became interested in various printed publications and books about human health.
    • In the journal of the Internet browser, you suddenly find traces of visits to various specific medical sites.

    If you notice two or more of the abovesigns from your son, you should ask the child if everything is in order. There is an opinion that the father should talk to the boy on similar topics. However, children's psychologists on this account have a slightly different opinion - the parent who has more close contact with the child should talk with the child. If the child, when trying to talk away from the answer, do not play a friendship with a teenager. In this situation, we are talking about the health of the child. Of course, do not forcefully try to remove linen from a teenager, but parents must insist on the need to go to the doctor. And in this situation, you should not trust the child for a word. He can not go to the doctor out of a feeling of restraint, but he will tell you that he was there. Be sure to go to the doctor with the child. At the same time you will get an opportunity to learn about the health of your son from a doctor. Many parents are afraid of this, blindly, based only on guesses, to lead the child to the doctor. However, in vain - no doctor will refuse to examine the child, even if the suspicions of the parents were not confirmed. dropsy testis

    Consequences of the disease

    Despite its seeming harmlessness, withlack of proper treatment of dropsy testicles in boys, the consequences can lead to the most negative for the health of the child, often those that will make themselves felt only in the distant future when the child becomes an adult. A dropsy that tortures a child for a long time (two years or more) has a permanent mechanical effect on the testicle, causing a squeezing syndrome. As a consequence, the testicle is disturbed by normal blood flow and lymphatic movement and, as a consequence, either the development of the testicle is developing, or, if the older child is sick, even to testicular atrophy. In addition, in the presence of dropsy there is a significant violation of the physiological temperature regime in the scrotum. Such a rise in temperature over a long period of time leads to a violation of the full process of spermatogenesis. Under normal conditions, the formation and further development of spermatozoa occurs at a temperature that is about two degrees lower than the body temperature of a man. In boys, however, a prolonged disease of dropsy can lead to such a complication as infertility in adulthood.

    Features of the operation

    As already mentioned above, if the dropsy of testicles inboys, surgery is most often inevitable. Of course, the very word "operation" is extremely frightening for many parents. However, in all cases, the alarm has no basis under itself. The operation to eliminate the dropsy of the testicles is routine and does not present any complications for the surgeons. Many parents ask doctors to refuse surgery and resort to puncture of the testicles, in order to remove the liquid. However, such a measure is a temporary measure, since the cause of the disease is not eliminated, and as a consequence, the liquid continues to accumulate in the testicles of the child. The operation is carried out with the purpose of excluding the communication between the abdominal cavity and the scrotum. For this, during the operation, the doctor selects and binds the vaginal process, which has not been transplanted. Also during the operation, the complete elimination of water education is carried out. For surgical access in communicating edema, the surgeon makes a very small cut, not more than two centimeters. But in the event that a child suffers an isolated form of dropsy, the surgeon's access is provided by a cut in the scrotum. Recovery of a child after surgery, as a rule, proceeds very quickly. As a rule, already two hours after the surgery, the anesthesiologist allows milking and feeding the child, and after three hours most of the children get up on their own. The first day children, as a rule, are injected with non-narcotic analgesics. It is extremely important for the parents of small children to ensure that babies do not make any sudden movements in the first few days. To apply internal seams, surgeons use threads that have the ability to dissolve themselves after a while. But the external seams will need to be removed. As a rule, seams are removed on the fifth - the seventh day. Of course, most children are very afraid of this procedure, but it is completely painless.

    Treatment of dropsy testicles folk remedies

    In various sources of information, oftenthere are various prescriptions for the treatment of ovarian hydrocele with prescriptions for folk medicine. However, in no case should you try to treat dropsy in folk ways in children under the age of ten. But the state of health of a teenager folk medicine can relieve significantly, and sometimes helps to avoid surgical intervention in the body. Here are some very effective recipes that have been helping thousands of children for decades. However, remember that the use of folk remedies for ovarian dropsy does not in any way remove the need to visit a urologist andrologist and follow all his recommendations. Also, be sure to consult the child's attending physician in advance and apply the medication only after approval by the physicians.

    • Decoction of chamomile

    As you know, chamomile has a powerfulantiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. The reception of chamomile broth effectively removes the inflammation of the testicles, and also prevents the attachment of a bacterial infection. To prepare a decoction you need to buy at the pharmacy dry inflorescences of chamomile. In enameled vessels boil one liter of water. After the water boils, pour into it three tablespoons of dry chamomile inflorescences, reduce the heat and simmer for 3 minutes. After that, you need to do the following. From the gauze fabric, pre-sew a bag with which you strain the resulting broth. After the bag has cooled to body temperature, attach it to the dropsy, top with a plastic wrap and a cloth. Leave the compress for about an hour. In the same chamomile broth add sugar to taste and give it to the child every 4 hours for half a glass. The course of treatment should not exceed two weeks.

    • Decoction of dioecious nettle

    It is not less useful when taking testicles takeinside a decoction of nettle. The broth of nettle is prepared as follows. In the summer, it is preferable to use the leaves and stems of fresh nettle. In winter, the same is suitable for dry nettles, purchased in any pharmacy. Put two tablespoons of the crushed raw material in a saucepan, pour half a liter of water and bring to a boil at low heat. After 5 minutes of boiling, turn off the broth, cover it tightly and leave for three hours. After this, drain the broth, and give the child before going to bed and in the morning on an empty stomach for 100 grams of broth. The course of treatment with nettle decoction should not exceed ten days.

    • Infusion of birch buds

    If the disease caught your baby earlyIn the spring, when the buds in the trees have not yet blossomed, the infusion of birch buds can significantly alleviate the course of the disease. Of course, you can try and use the dry kidneys purchased in the pharmacy, but the effect will be several times weaker. So, boil one liter of water, place the kidneys in a gauze cloth or colander, dip it for a few seconds into boiling water and remove. After this, pass the kidneys through the meat grinder and again pour into boiling water. Turn off the water in a minute, cover it with a lid and wrap it tightly with a warm cloth. Insist birch buds need for 24 hours, then strain through gauze. Take the broth a child should only after eating, twice a day for 50 grams. The decoction of birch buds can be continued for three weeks. And remember that the treatment of dropsy testicles with folk remedies should take place only under the strict supervision of a doctor. And in the event that the doctor does not approve of such treatment, or found that it did not help and insists on carrying out the operation, the parents should not insist on their own. It is much more sensible to agree with the doctor's treatment. We advise you to read: