Hair Diet All girls and women no doubt want to behappy owners of luxurious curly locks or chic long hair - in olden days knowingly talked about the beauty of the girl's braid. But given the current ecology and the modern rhythm of life, this dream, unfortunately, does not come true for each of us. The causes of hair loss or weakening are many: it can occur due to various diseases, hormonal changes, poor heredity or weakened immunity, due to lack of attention to oneself. Moreover, this problem is often faced by those girls and women who carefully monitor their appearance: go for fitness, visit gyms and beauty salons. And all because our struggle for harmony is often accompanied by diets, at times very strict. Together with intensive physical training, they can significantly weaken the body. And as a result, you need a diet to strengthen hair - it will help to fill the lack of vitamins without harm to health and figure. Excluding certain foods from your diet, you can cause serious harm to your curvy curls, you need to remember this. That's why we want to tell you about what this or that diet can lead to, so that you can lose weight with the mind, without risking your own health and beauty.

  • By keeping strict vegetarianism, be prepared forlack of iron and silicon, as well as to all related problems. After all, if the body lacks iron, the tips of the hair will always be visited. A lack of silicon, mainly assimilated with proteins of animal origin, leads to a thinning of the protective layer and, consequently, to brittle hair.
  • When you exclude seafood from the diet, eggsor nuts, the body begins to lack copper. In this case, you already need to worry about a restorative diet for the beauty of hair, because there is a loss of elasticity, resulting in curls become completely naughty.
  • If your diet mainly consists ofmilk dishes, supplemented with eggs, nuts, seafood (in small quantities), be prepared for the lack of zinc. The digestibility of this element is reduced by a factor of 2, and as a result, the hair grows twice as slowly.

Everyone deserves a separate conversationvarieties of "super-fast" diets: for the skin and hair this is a real punishment, because together with severe restrictions in food, stresses and changes in the exchange and distribution of nutrients come. If the minerals necessary for our body start to come in small quantities, the body spends it on providing the most important needs. Support for healthy hair growth does not belong to the main functions, which is why during the "voluntary starvation" the condition of the head of hear can significantly worsen. By the power of negative effects on the body "super-fast" diet can be compared with a large loss of blood, intoxication, a temperature above 39 degrees. Think twice, whether to exhaust yourself, to jeopardize your health, taking advantage of such radical measures. Of course, from the current situation there is a way out - you need to pay attention to the diet for hair and skin: it will have a restorative and strengthening effect. Remember, only properly eating, you can make an important step towards health and beauty.

Diet with hair loss: what should be our diet?

diet for hair growth If you want to lose weight and still keep yourluxurious curls, you need to pay attention to the following important points: Protein should be used in sufficient quantities, because it gives the body the amino acids that build new cells. If the proteins do not act for a long time, you will see that the hair growth has slowed down significantly, that their loss began. Therefore, when drawing up your personal menu, you should not forget about low-fat meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, cereals - this protein food should give the body at least 15% of calories. It is also necessary to take care of the intake of a sufficient amount of useful carbohydrates, because they are the source of energy. It is thanks to carbohydrates that various tissues of the body grow more actively - they contribute to the restoration of hair falling out. Therefore, you need to include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, necessarily complementing it with brown rice, cereals and whole grains, as well as potatoes, that is, the most carbon-containing products. But you can forget about flour and sugar-refined sugar - they are not useful carbohydrates. Any diet for beautiful hair can not do without fat - they just need the body. It should be remembered that both animal and vegetable sources should be actively involved, so it is very important to balance the intake of fat.

Diet for hair beauty: a few important tips

Those girls and women who watch themselves andstrive to maintain excellent shape and impeccable health, well aware that the amount of food consumed depends on many factors. When forming a diet in the calculation it is necessary to take the age, the current state of the organism, the level of physical preparation, the degree of activity. Taking into account each of these factors when preparing your menu, you need to adopt a few simple and result-giving secrets - let's dwell on each of them:

  • Try to eat various foods,even if they contain an equal amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Then you can be sure that all the necessary substances will enter the body in full: for example, if there is no amino acid in the fish, it will be contained in the bird.
  • When compiling a diet menu for hair growth,choose only natural or minimally processed foods. This is understandable, because you need not only to restore curls, but also not to cause serious damage to health, protecting the body from pesticides, herbicides and other chemically harmful substances.
  • Also you need to minimize eatingvarious semi-finished products: the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that the body needs are kept in them to a minimum. Do not forget that the frozen frozen meatballs and pel'menis are unlikely to have a good effect on your slim figure - you can not remember such lightness and elegance.

Diet for hair strengthening: maximum efficiency

If the girl grows thin with the mind, she will not have tochoose between impeccable health, magnificent curls and a seductive figure. The main thing is to balance your diet, supplementing it with hair care programs - this will help not only slimming girls, but also those women who have problems with hair thinning, fragility, tips and even baldness. To do this, just do not remove from your menu a few important products, as well as exclude those from which more harm than good. To facilitate the choice, we bring to your attention an easy and at the same time quite effective diet for hair loss. Following its provisions and consuming a minimum of products, but without limiting yourself to food, you will be able to maintain a harmonious figure and provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

  • It is necessary to include in your diet sufficientquantity of seafood - you can focus on fish and sea cabbage, because they contain a large number of useful substances. To the hair were healthy, in the week menu should be about 500-700 g of seafood.
  • Contrary to popular belief,limit ourselves to meat, even on the contrary, we recommend eating it. Just need to choose something light, for example, chicken and actively combine it with other products. To a diet for the skin and hair gave the result, you can eat 500-1000 grams of meat per week.
  • Its diet should be supplemented with beef liver andblood sausage - for perfect health you need quite a few of these products. It is enough to eat them on 50 grams a day - and in time you will see how the beauty and strength of hair come back.
  • Including meat and seafood in its menu,it is necessary not to forget about green vegetables. Enrich your diet is pepper, salad, broccoli - they contain a lot of vitamins needed by the body, so you need to consume these products 100-200 g per day.
  • When preparing a diet for beautiful hair, you can notdo without fresh and dried fruit. Here each girl opens a large enough space for a choice: you can eat as well-known to all bananas and oranges, and quite exotic mango and avocado. Importantly, there are different fruits: fresh for 100, and dried for 20 g per day.
  • In any diet to strengthen the hair of honorWe are recommended to eat wheat and oatmeal. To maintain healthy growth, strength and chic shine curls, we advise eating them in half a glass a day.
  • Cottage cheese is very important, because dairy products are rich in proteins, necessary for the organism of any active and athletic girl. Therefore, it should be eaten a lot - 100 grams per day.
  • Supplement your diet for manyessential amino acids and minerals need nuts. Peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews - you can take any nuts, even cedar, it is important to eat them 1 tablespoon per day.
  • Also you need not forget about olive and vegetable oil - so that the diet for hair and skin brings the desired fruits, they should be consumed 1 tablespoon per day.

We advise you to make your own menu ofThe above products: as you can see, the food is quite diverse and you do not need to seriously limit yourself. And this will make it easy to take care of your health and attractiveness, to keep an elegant figure and curvy locks.

A diet for hair beauty: what is it worth to give up?

diet for beautiful hair Naturally, you need not only to introduce into your dietuseful products, but also to exclude unnecessary and especially harmful food from it. It is worth forgetting about salty, spicy and fried foods, canned food and generally everything that is difficult to digest. We should not forget about the harm of hamburgers, chebureks, pies, hot dogs and other "masterpieces" of fast food - they only disrupt the metabolism, worsening the figure and hair. Eating this way, you will very soon find that your locks have lost their luster, that their roots quickly become greasy. In this case, you need to revise your menu and withdraw fatty foods from the diet, but we do not recommend doing it too abruptly. Before you start a diet for hair beauty, you can arrange a day off for a month. Eat light foods only 1 day a week, and you will see the result.

Diet for beautiful hair: vitamin complexes and dietary supplements

Today it is almost impossible to restorechic hair only with the help of natural products. Even modern agriculture works in such a way that food is supplied to the markets with a low content of minerals and vitamins. The poor ecology also makes its own corrections: our health is almost constantly under threat, which, naturally, negatively affects the condition of the hair. And this is while the intense rhythm of life with constant stresses and strains leaves its imprint, causing the body to actively consume vitamins and minerals. Therefore, any diet for hair loss will not do without vitamin complexes and bioactive additives: you need to look for care products with keratin, chitosan, cyclomethicone, dimethicone, silk proteins. Also you should not forget about vegetable oils of coconut, peach, avocado, shea, jojoba, orchids, remember about ceramides and phospholipids, use linolenic, linoleic and other unsaturated fatty acids. And at the same time we recommend not even remembering the universal formulations - choose only those shampoos, balms and other care products that are intended to solve your problem. The presented tips should be used: they are simple and effective - take them on armament, let the diet for hair growth will give the desired result. We advise you to read: