age difference 15 years The age difference is not yet an obstacle forbuilding a strong romantic relationship and creating a family. Unions, where one of the spouses is younger than another for 15 years, today is no longer a rarity. If earlier only men were awarded such privileges, then now women followed their example - more and more often beautiful mature women can be seen with younger companions. In this article we will tell you what difficulties can arise in the relationship between a man and a woman, if one of them is younger than 15, how to behave with a mature or vice versa a younger man and what is the prospect of developing such a relationship.

What to expect from a man who is 15 years older than you

Of course, all men, like women, are different, andit would be a mistake to judge everyone strictly by the same criteria. Therefore, we will consider men in three main types. Representatives of the stronger sex of mature age can be conditionally divided into hardened bachelors, ladies' lovers and those who personally experienced all the "delights" of the age crisis. Relations with each of the presented types of men will have their own characteristics - both negative and positive. Relations with a hardened bachelor This type of men are those who only decided in 40-45-50 years to associate themselves with frightening earlier conjugal ties, as they realized the whole horror of loneliness and were afraid of the prospect of getting old without constructing a family. Waking up one day in their empty, homeless bachelor apartment, they suddenly realize that it's time for them to look for a wife and have children. Such a man, unencumbered by previous care for the family and her well-being, as a rule, took place in his professional activities, secured himself financially for several years ahead, possibly even got his own housing. Previously, he believed that the family would only complicate his life and prevent him from realizing his ambitions, now he feels confident and, accordingly, he is ready to assume all responsibility for his wife and children. The union with the "old" bachelor is very favorable for two main reasons. First, he has already accumulated a rich life experience, has become much wiser in life issues, so he will not provoke conflicts and assert himself by clarifying the relationship. Concerning the woman or girl he likes, he has only serious intentions: he considers her already as the mother of his future heirs. Secondly, it is ripe for children and will be wonderful, caring, taking part in the life of the child's father. This factor can be a plus for the woman, and, unfortunately, a minus. It all depends on whether she is ready for the appearance of children. It does not matter the age of the woman herself - some maternal instincts wake up only in adulthood, and others at 18 years old are already burning desire to become a mother. Relations with a man Lovelace He understands women, because behind him, as a rule, a lot of novels and even a few marriages. In family relationships, he is far from a beginner - he knows how to behave with a woman, how to please her, how to cheer, what gifts should be given, will not forget to call and warn when long delayed. Previous wives taught him a lot. But, in addition to a huge number of advantages, there are also their negative sides. Since he had many women, he, of course, has something to compare with and with whom. He is used to diversity, so in terms of relationships is very spoiled. His new chosen one should combine the advantages of all those women who were before her, or he also risks becoming an ex-wife. This is a rather difficult test for a woman. If you fell in love with a man older than yourself, and even Lovelace, then be prepared for the fact that from his previous marriages he probably had children, so he will never belong to you completely. Relations with a married man At a certain age, every man has a turning point when he begins to analyze his life - what has been done, what is not done, what will happen next - and for some, such introspection does not pass without a trace and without consequences: it is about such representatives of a strong sex and say "the demon hit the rib". The classical version: a man married early enough, most likely on the same age, it was about 20 years ago, his wife completely immersed in the lives of children, often depriving him of attention and not admiring him as a man. At this point, the middle-aged crisis, known to all, happens. The man begins to pay attention to young women, with one of them he starts a novel, which helps him to feel young and attractive again. Young girls who decide to have a relationship with a married man tend to have big and impossible illusions on his account. A man in most cases will simply amuse his pride, and will continue to live with his wife, because he pitifully cross out so many years of his life. Even if he decides all the same for a divorce, which certainly will not be easy for everyone, with conflicts, clarification of relations, division of property and other unpleasant consequences, this is not yet a guarantee of the desired happiness. A young mistress who dreams about the role of the wife, having achieved her, is often disappointed, because the novel with infrequent meetings and cohabitation - things are completely different. The romance of secret meetings disappears already, a number of duties appear (washing, cooking, etc.) - and now you are already the same wife, only fifteen years younger. Disappointment can comprehend not only you, but also a man, which will further shake such relations. There is also a chance that everything will go well, because some spouses part peacefully, without claims to each other, and past relationships become a springboard for building a new strong family. age difference 15 years old male

Pros and cons of a relationship with a mature man

Development of relations between a man and a womandepends not only on their interests, the environment in which they were brought up, the actual education, environment, attitude to the opposite sex, life goals and ideals, but also from age. The difference in age lays its imprint on the relationship, whether we like it or not, and its influence can be both positive and negative. We suggest you to understand all the pros and cons of an alliance with a man who is fifteen years older than you. Advantages It should be noted that there are many positive aspects in relations with a mature man, in fact a man, as you know, "grows up" much later than a woman, so the difference even in 15 years, given the characteristics of the psychological development of the stronger sex, is not so is great.

  • Severity of intentions

The adult man already, as a rule, clearly knows,what he wants. The riot of hormones is long behind, therefore in a woman he now appreciates not so much an outward appeal as her inner world. If he got carried away by you, then you stand out against the background of your peers in addition to appearance - you are wiser than them, you are more interested in communicating with you, having fun with you, you share his interests, etc. Such a man will not get involved in finding out the relationship, zealously proving his rightness - he prefers meaningful conversations in which the opinion of each partner is taken into account. He will not quit after a quarrel, slamming the door, because he is not 20 years old; he would prefer to settle the differences peacefully. But exactly the same attitude he expects from his chosen one. Relations with a mature man have prospects - if you are interested in him, then you can not doubt the seriousness of his intentions.

  • Material stability

Even if you do not pursue a mercantile goal inrelations with a mature man, his material security in any case will be a plus. You can practice in life what you really like, that besides income brings also pleasure, and this will very favorably affect your relations. You can do something for yourself, for example, get another higher education, sign up for some courses, etc. In addition, you will have more time for your lover and children. A man who is financially secured for a woman is a reliable support and support, and this is very important in family relations. After all, most of the problems that young couples face are mostly material in nature.

  • Wisdom, tolerance and respect

Young people, unfortunately, are able to exerciseresponsibility and be motivated, as a rule, only in those spheres that are related to their career and personal growth. In a love relationship, they tend to be stubborn and impatient. That's why for many young girls, the age difference is more than a minus - with a mature man they feel necessary and protected. With a mature man, it is sometimes easier to find a common language, because he is ready to listen to you and try to stand in your place. Of course, quarrels are possible in any pair, from this no one is immune, regardless of age. But still they will happen much less often and with less destructive consequences for the relationship.

  • Help in personal growth

If a man is older than you for a few years, then he,accordingly, and wiser - you yourself without noticing, you will reach for him. No wonder there is a proverb "with whom you are led ...". This will help your personal development and perfection - you will become wiser, more tolerant, more restrained. Plus a mature man can always help with advice in professional matters, contribute to the development of your career or business. Disadvantages Of course, such a difference in age can not pass without a trace, without leaving a negative imprint on your relationship. But this should be treated calmly, there is nothing terrible in this, because any shortcomings can be found in any relationship, not only with a mature man, but with a peer.

  • Jealousy

Of course, jealousy is common to many men,regardless of age, but in the case when a woman meets an elderly man, this problem is especially urgent. Despite the fact that the man has already taken place both professionally and materially, and, it would seem, is confident in himself, the feeling of jealousy is not alien to him. He worries, even if he does not show this, that the young lover will go to the same age. He may have doubts about your permanence, because he was once young and can put himself in your place. In some cases, his suspicions may degenerate into paranoia with her usual bans and excessive control.

  • Reproaches

The difference in age, when a man significantlyolder than his chosen one, often generates all sorts of reproaches on his part. Of course, this is not a common feature of all mature men, but some of them are still peculiar - they believe that by providing a woman financially and helping her, for example, in business or a career, they can remember it during a quarrel or lead as argument in the dispute.

  • The former family

Deciding on a relationship with a man who is olderyou are 15 years old, you must be prepared for the fact that before you he had a serious relationship, the family, in addition, he certainly has children who connect him with those past relationships. Well, if the former spouses have parted peacefully and wish each other only happiness, but this does not happen in all families. Clarifying relations with an ex-wife can have a negative impact on your relationship. Children also do not always support the father, who decided to build a new family, especially with a young woman. age difference 15 y / o woman

How to behave with a man, if he is over 15 years old

15 years is a significant difference. Of course, it does not always feel the same. For example, if you are 25 and elected 40, then this age gap seems very large, and when you, for example, 40, and he is 55, then it becomes not so noticeable. In any case, this distance will always be present between you, so it is important to know how to behave properly in order to maintain such a relationship.

  • Do not be in him a sense of jealousy

The younger you are, the more attention is paid toyou representatives of the stronger sex - a mature man this fact is unlikely to provoke jealousy, on the contrary, he will be pleased that next to him such an attractive young woman. But if you start responding to the recipes you give to each other, you will flirt with other men, even if in jest, to amuse your self-esteem, this will make him jealous. He will begin to compare himself with younger men, and this comparison may not always be in his favor.

  • Do not attempt to correct a man

Even in 30 years to re-educate a man alreadyalmost impossible, and in 40 or more - even more so. He has already formed his own system of views, interests and values, so all your attempts at best will lead to nothing, and at worst - alienate your loved one. You better discuss your views on life and goals in advance. Continue such an attitude only makes sense if you want the same thing.

  • Do not interfere with the communication with children from a previous marriage

If a woman can become an ex-child,never; they remain part of a man's life. Do not limit their communication, do not try to quarrel with them - better try to establish relationships with his children, no matter how old they are. Congratulate them on the holidays, invite them to visit, be interested in their lives. By pulling attention to yourself, you will only worsen your relationship with your beloved.

  • Try to match your choice

You should give up frivolousyouth dresses that over-expose the body, so the difference in age will be less noticeable to others and your lover will have fewer reasons for jealousy. If he prefers to wear stylish expensive things, then you also need to revise your wardrobe. Make-up also leave a mark in the past. Do not be afraid that a stylish, low-key image will give you age, on the contrary, it will emphasize your natural beauty and make you more feminine.

  • Develop

As we have already said, mature men appreciatewoman and her inner world. Therefore, try to develop in areas of interest to you, read more, be interested in the events taking place in the world, as well as areas that interest your chosen one. Frivolous young ladies, who have nothing but looks, are unlikely to be interested in a long-term serious mature man. In addition, the difference in age is manifested not only externally, but also in terms of views on life. If you develop, work on yourself, then you will have much more in common with your lover.

  • Listen to his advice

No matter how many a man years, he wantsfeel necessary to a beloved woman. If you listen to his opinion, for him it will be very valuable and pleasant, but useful for you, because he is not just older than you, but also wiser. Let him solve your problems and help with advice - this will favorably affect your relationship with him.

Relationship with a man who is 15 years younger

Union of mature men with young womenhave long been a given and do not cause a stormy condemnation from the public. Someone might call your couple "dad with a daughter", but no more. But if a woman meets a man younger than herself, especially when the difference in age is more than ten years, the situation is quite different - such a union is condemned not only by society, but often by close people. What is the reason for this injustice? Why, if a woman in 40-50 years still looks young and attractive, she can not begin a romantic relationship with a young man? All this is prejudice, and no more. Of course, women in this regard are more vulnerable. Firstly, many young people are only interested in their material well-being in mature women, and secondly, women grow old much faster than men, so the risk that the young lover in the future will find himself a younger lady is also great. How to behave with a man, if he is under 15 years old Even if a man is much younger than you, this is not a hindrance to building strong romantic relationships. Difficulties, of course, will be, without them any relationship is inconceivable. The main thing is to behave correctly and not be afraid of convictions. What difference does it make what others think about it? We have prepared for you a few tips that will help you avoid the difficulties in such relationships and protect yourself from possible problems.

  • Rate your chosen one objectively

Because of falling in love we are sometimes ready to close our eyesmuch, and this can cause future disappointments. To protect yourself from mental trauma, take a closer look at your young cavalier. He should give you not only his society, but also a sense of protection, stability, attention and love. If this is not the case, it is likely that the young person is primarily interested in your material wealth.

  • Do not focus on your age

Do not focus on the numberlived by you years. If you constantly tell yourself that you are old, that your relationship is a mistake, then in the end convince this and your chosen one. On the contrary, forget about your age. When a woman meets a younger man, she begins to grow young and blossoms again.

  • Put your feelings in order

Very often women confuse love ina young man with a maternal instinct, a desire to care for someone or pity. Such relations are deprived in advance of the future. If you do not feel for a young man of love or just a sexual attraction, then perhaps it is worth stopping this "romance".

  • Do not turn into a mommy

The age difference does not yet give you the rightteach their younger lover. Of course, you are wiser than him in some matters, but try to transfer your experience not so clearly that it does not turn into moralizing. Otherwise, he will start to look at you not as an attractive woman, but as a mother.

  • Love yourself and take care of your beloved

Youth, unfortunately, is short-lived, with eachyear, we do not get younger, therefore, in order to stay longed for and beautiful, it is necessary to make considerable efforts. Next to the young lover, you simply do not have the right to look unattractive. It is not necessary to resort to radical measures for this, to deal with dangerous operations, etc., it is enough just to provide full-fledged care for the skin and hair and not to neglect make-up. Wanting to look younger, some women begin to wear youthful things and make bright make-up - this is a gross inexcusable mistake. By such actions you will only emphasize your age and even add yourself another five years.

  • Bring clarity to the relationship

That your future life will developsafely, it is advisable to specify in advance all plans for the future and find out each other's interests. Perhaps your man will want to have a child, but you already have children and you do not want to become a mother again, or maybe vice versa. Of course, all people are unique in their own way, everyone has their own attitude to life and their values, so to foresee how the relationship will develop in a couple where one of the partners is younger is quite difficult. It is also important to consider that there is a difference not only in the calendar, but also in the psychological age. Some young people have a more mature mindset than older men. Similarly, some young girls are superior in their wisdom to more mature women. So listen first of all only to your heart - and you will succeed! We advise you to read: