the correct diet of the ducal Any woman dreams of having a goodshape. And it's not just that the beautiful appearance attracts admiring male and envious female looks. A slender figure allows you to transfer optimal physical loads, do not think about the fact that you do not fit some thing. In addition, the consistency in size and weight makes it much easier to purchase clothes. What should be done by those who decided to achieve a harmonious figure? There can be several options. All of them are quite common and are subject to changes from time to time. So, for example, most women who decide to lose weight, resort to diets. This is not always correct, since every diet should be approved by a medical professional. Exhausting diets that involve starvation as a way to acquire cherished harmony have long been not considered effective, since they contribute to the frustration of many internal organs, including mental abnormalities associated with lack of food. Perhaps, it is these data that allowed the dieticians to develop a set of measures to introduce new variants of diets. They, in contrast to those that limit the intake of food, are compiled by specialists and suggest a comprehensive solution to the problem. After all, in many cases, excess weight is the result of a malfunction hormonal background. results of a diet of dune

What is Dukan-Lebedev's diet?

In the Internet, it has longspread a diet that involves immediately two authors who developed one new way of losing weight. The first is the recognized master of not only medicine, but also dietetics, which developed his offspring for 4 decades. This is known for its effective variations in the use of food P. Ducane. The second author, who made his own efforts not only to create the menu, but also independently tested it on himself, - designer A. Lebedev. He was able to lose 20 kg in 5 months. Therefore, the diet became very popular and bears the name of Dyukan-Lebedev. So, the secret of the miracle diet is, first, in strictly following the diet developed by the French master. The second element (which is already called the second co-author) is the possibility of occasionally consuming alcoholic beverages. This is the most crucial element, according to which A. Lebedev's surname was included in the co-authorship, because P. Dukan himself never recommended alcohol consumption to his charges. Although this issue was worried by a large number of journalists at almost every press conference. In all the rest it is enough to adhere to the strict rules developed by Ducant. diet menu

Diet Pierre Ducan: achievement and consolidation of the result

This diet is aimed not only atquickly get rid of extra pounds, but also to keep the result achieved. It allows you not to type in what was lost again after some time. For this you need to go through 2 stages, which will take you 4 months. During the first two months you are working to make the excess weight go away, then we begin work to maintain your correct weight. The first stage of the Ducane diet This method of weight loss is very unusual. It allows you to eat as much as you like, and not some empty vegetables or fruits, but meat products. They, of course, must be lean (fish, chicken, veal or beef). At the same time, we do not forget that meat should be cooked without using animal or vegetable fats. Dietitian does not in any way exclude them from the diet, but the amount of animal fat is limited to 30-40 g, and vegetable - 2 tablespoons. During the day, 4-6 servings are allowed, which should be evenly distributed throughout the day. But do not forget that the first meal should not be earlier than half an hour after awakening, and the last one - no later than 3 hours before the rebound. Up to 14.00 allowed to use as a garnish of complex carbohydrates such as: buckwheat porridge, brown rice, cooked on the water. All this leads to the fact that, despite satisfying hunger with such satiety products, the body lacks the energy received from them. Therefore, he has to split fatty deposits. The second stage is the preservation and consolidation of the result. After the weight has decreased to the desired one, it is possible to start changing the diet. Now you can add to the food a little vegetables that do not contain starch, and later you can eat almost anything. However, leave a day for eating pure protein foods (advise Thursday). Do not forget that exercise also contributes to your appearance. Therefore, do not avoid having to walk to the apartment on foot, to leave not at your stop, but a little earlier. Doctors advise every day to be active in the fresh air for at least 20 minutes. And the last: it is recommended daily use of 2 tbsp. l. oat bran.