Kima Protasov's diet You want to lose weight and get rid ofunnecessary kilograms? Do you want to wean your body of craving for fat and sweet and without causing harm to health? Then the diet of Kim Protasov is what you need! For the first time this diet was published in 1999 in the publication "Russian Israeli". The title of the article read: "Do not make a cult out of food. The thin cow is not yet a gazelle, "which attracted a rather wide audience. Danae diet was developed by the Israeli dietician Kim Protasov, after which he received his name. During its existence, the diet of Kim Protasov has established itself as a simple and harmless and highly effective way of getting rid of hated extra pounds and has gained numerous adherents. Let's see what the popularity and effectiveness of Kim Protasov's diet is. Perhaps, the most important thing in this diet is that it does not limit the amount of food consumed. And therefore there will be no panic fear that nothing can be eaten. But the diet for this is a diet that still has limitations. In this case, this restriction of the consumption of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which for the body is only a positive factor, as it normalizes the functioning of the pancreas and disappears the addiction to sweets. The diet of Kim Protasov lasts for 5 weeks, the most important are the fourth and fifth weeks, they are the most intensive weight loss. Exit from the diet also lasts 5 weeks. So you need to be patient and practice your willpower. In order to make it easier to navigate, we will give below a description of the Protasov diet.

Week One

The first week of the diet is allowed to eatan unlimited number of any raw vegetables, cheeses 5% fat and yoghurts. Do not confuse with the usual fatty yogurt with additives, here we can also include fat kefir, it's strictly forbidden to use them! Under cheeses of 5% fat content, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese such as brynza are meant. Sweet cheese, even if the percentage of fat content is 5, we do not fit. In addition to the main products, one boiled egg a day, coffee and tea, but only without sugar. Of fruits, you can afford 2-3 apples. All of the above products can be eaten in any combination and at any time of the day. Connect fantasy, and you yourself will be surprised how many dishes can be cooked from these products. It can be various salads, soups-mashed potatoes and much more. And most importantly, do not forget to drink 1.5-2 liters of clean, non-carbonated water per day.

Second week

The second week includes the first week's menu: raw vegetables, apples, eggs, dairy products 5% fat. But during the second week you will become much easier - left the first extra pounds, you began to feel better. All this gives enthusiasm to continue in the same spirit.

Week Three

To already grown fond of vegetables and cheese we add meat,fish: serving about 300 grams per day. Note that the meat should be lean, and the fish is lean and steamed, or boiled. During this period, it is necessary to reduce the amount of dairy products consumed, since you already receive the necessary nutrients from meat and fish. And raw vegetables, still, garnish in any amount.

The fourth and fifth week

The menu of the third week is repeated. Remember that the total amount consumed per day of fats should not exceed 40 grams. Let's sum up the first five weeks, and make a list of permitted products and those that should not be in your diet. Necessary:

  • 2 liters of clean water daily;
  • Raw vegetables;
  • Green apples;
  • Egg.


  • Fermented milk products with 5% fat content (kefir, fermented milk, yogurt without additives and preservatives);
  • Salt should be present necessarily, as it participates in water-salt metabolism of the body. Its exception is fraught with violations from the kidneys, the brain and the heart;
  • Cabbage kvasshennuyu, sour cucumbers and tomatoes;
  • Add different spices to food, but on condition that they are natural;
  • Tea, preferably green, as black dehydrates the body, coffee without milk and sugar, freshly squeezed juices;
  • From the third week, fish, meat, seafood, but stewed, boiled or fried without oil;
  • Canned fish and meat, provided that they are cooked in their own juice.

You can not:

  • Sugar and sugar substitutes;
  • Meat and vegetable broths, as well as boiled vegetables;
  • Sausage, sausages, crab sticks and their derivatives;
  • Soy products;
  • Yoghurts with fruit additives;
  • Korean carrots and similar salads;
  • Purchased juices in packets.

a description of the diet Protasova Well, and flew five weeks of diet, and now ina mirror looks at you a slender young lady. Fortunately there is no limit, you flit like a feather, but stop! That's not all. Now you need to consolidate your stunning result. Therefore, you need to deliberately and gradually get out of the diet, adhering to the basic rules. If you do not want to hastily re-collect the dropped weight, then after the diet is complete, you can not attack the food. Of course, this statement is applicable to any diet, and the diet of Kim Protasov was no exception. It is necessary not slowly to pass to the usual diet. Start with the fact that for breakfast, cook porridge, it can be buckwheat, millet or oatmeal. Portions should be small. Here you can add cottage cheese and vegetable salad. Allowed during the diet green apples can be replaced by berries and fruits that do not contain much starch. It can be cherry, pear, gooseberries, currants and much more. It is necessary to refrain from eating bananas, mangoes and dried fruits. During the exit from the diet, you can afford a little vegetable oil, which is added to salads. Also, for a change, allow yourself to sometimes eat a few nuts, but do not overdo it, since nuts contain a fairly large amount of fat. And we remember that the daily rate should not exceed 40 grams. It is necessary to replace cheeses and cottage cheese with 5% fat content, for low-fat dairy products with 1% fat content. All these changes should be introduced gradually.

Contraindications to the use of diet

There are a number of contraindications to the usediet Protasov, which must be known. After all, instead of losing weight, you can earn yourself an exacerbation of chronic diseases. So, the diet of Kim Protasov is contraindicated for people suffering from such diseases as: hypertension, cardiovascular insufficiency, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, allergy to sour-milk products, kidney disease. If you are in doubt, but really want to try this diet, then just consult about this possibility with your doctor.

But at the same time, the diet of Kim Protasov has a number of advantages:

  • There are no restrictions on the amount of food consumed, which positively affects the psycho-emotional state of a person. After all, such a diet is much easier to endure;
  • This diet regulates the metabolism, which leads to a general improvement in the functioning of the body;
  • Thanks to the content in the diet of a large numberdairy products, the body receives more protein, lactose and calcium. And if the body has more protein, then there is a loss of fat tissue and muscle building;
  • The diet provides for the consumption of largethe amount of raw vegetables that do not contain starch, which in turn improves the functioning of the intestine. Plus, the whole body receives valuable minerals, vitamins, microelements and fiber;
  • The amount of fat consumed is limited, but it is not excluded at all, which is also a positive moment.
  • Well, the last word is always yours. But if you decide to try this method of weight loss, then you will be satisfied and for a long time slim. All in your hands! We advise you to read: