how to develop intuition If you do not know what to do, trust your intuition. At least, it will be something to blame for. (Yu. Tatarkin) Female intuition is a parable in the language. People talk about it, know how to use it and assign themselves the status of wise, subtle women. And what if you have this very intuition - the cat cried? If most of your assumptions are wrong, and the first impressions that you make about people are completely wrong? Do not you have an important gene responsible for your sense and insight? Of course, no - intuition is available to everyone. And if you can not figure out the right numbers on a lottery ticket or answer questions in the "Battle of Psychics" before the participants - it does not mean anything. Your creative flair sits somewhere deep in you, and you just need to understand how to develop intuition within yourself to the desired limit.

Is it necessary to be baptized when "it seems"?

Sometimes we ourselves do not notice glimpsesown intuition. What seems to us conjectures and accidental coincidences, can turn out to be exactly what we are looking for. Most often, such feelings are manifested in that sphere of life, where we feel more self-confidence. Sometimes it's a job, and sometimes just a home life. For example, you work as a secretary, and your boss gave you an order. After completing it, you feel that something is missing - for example, an additional document or a call to the client. Having trusted the instinct, you quickly, without hesitation, perform the necessary actions - and you are right. Of course, we can say that this is not intuition, but professionalism. But in fact you without someone's clues felt that the task was given not exactly. You literally predicted to yourself the probability of problems in the absence of other important securities. And no matter how professional you are, your enlightenment served as a manifestation of intuition, and not an established system of working rules. Or another example. You are fond of sewing and decided to make a new thing for your daughter. Bringing the magazine with the right pattern, for some reason you decide to change the pattern and cut your fabric elsewhere. As a result, all the seams converge, and next month the magazine apologizes for the mistake in the pattern. What would the woman who would have asked about the reason for her behavior respond? She would have shrugged and said: it seemed to her, it would be better. She simply believed herself, her feelings, and not the pattern on the page of the magazine. It seemed ... All of us sometimes seem to something, but, having got used to act in strict accordance with logic, we do not pay attention to the sixth sense in ourselves and pass by remarkable opportunities. After all, all our forebodings and conjectures are not mysticism. It's just how our subconscious works, ahead of thought processes. What we have not yet had time to think of, already lies on the surface of our intuition, guiding the decision in the right direction. Therefore, you should never ignore your intuition and not believe yourself and your feelings. develop intuition

How do you know that intuition still exists?

In fact, intuition is most often manifested instressful and critical situations, when the issue of life and death costs an edge and a decision must be made quickly. But if you did not manage to develop or realize your extraordinary qualities at this fatal moment (pah-pah), then the desired moment of illumination may not come. Or be fatally mistaken. So how do you determine if you have the beginnings of this magical feeling? Or should you think how to develop your intuition from scratch? Try to answer a few questions:

  • If you are offered to solve a new puzzle, howquickly do you find the right solution? Perhaps, you give the right answer, without using any arithmetical actions, or mental permutations of objects? Or do you need time, a calculator and a forehead? If your option is first, then you definitely have the intuition. It's just that you take it for your genius and your polished logic.
  • Do you happen to foresee the words of yourthe interlocutor? And not because he always says the same thing, but simply feel the course of his thoughts? It's not so important how long you know it, sometimes it happens to unfamiliar people. If yes - this is a sure sign of the work of your subconscious. And this means that for intuition you are not hopeless.
  • Do you have prophetic dreams? Not those where the watermelon had dreamed, but the dream book prophesies to you a forced marriage. There are dreams in which you make illogical actions that lead to certain consequences. And after repeating the entire journey in real life, you are surprised to understand that you did right. Remember the same Mendeleyev, who dreamed of his table. If you see such dreams, then the gift of intuition in you is present.
  • Was there a case in your life when you suddenlyremembered a friend he had not seen for several years? And literally the next day he calls you or you meet him on the street. If so, then do not be scared, you are not a medium or a witch. Just your intuition made itself felt.
  • Are there people in your environment who you do nottrust for no apparent reason? It seems that nothing bad has been done to you, and the rest respond well to them. But the heart does not allow them to entrust them with something important, and that's it! Most likely, the point here is not in excessive suspicion, but in your discernment. Despite the opinions of others, such people can quite easily give you a couple of problems. So trust yourself and your intuition, not these rascals.
  • Have you ever woken up at night from anxiety forpeople close to you? Was the heart beat faster and did you rush to the phone to call them immediately? If yes - then you have a strong connection with your loved ones and a good intuition. Even if nothing catastrophic happened (and thank God!), Your friends can feel anguish, depression at these moments, they may just be bad! So your call has certainly brought them at least a bit of relief and understanding that they are remembered.
  • For all 6 questions, "yes"? Yes you are just a sorceress! Although, seriously, already a few positive answers indicate your ability to intuitively think, and you can be given a positive answer to the question whether it is possible to develop intuition. It is not necessary to strive to feel absolutely everything (unless you are planning a career as a witch or fortune-teller). It is enough to use such abilities for everyday life and making important decisions.

    O ladies! You can not be fooled ...

    As we know, the beautiful half of the ancient timeswas famous for its intuition. No one is surprised that it is more difficult to deceive a woman than a man. For example, the husband comes home late and says that he stayed at work. A smart woman at the moment will see through a lie about his behavior, the slightest gestures and looks. Do you think she specially took a course in the study of facial expressions and gestures? Hardly. After all, she does it intuitively. Since primitive times, in a weak field, the ability to recognize lies, danger, signs of anxiety has been strengthened. This happened because the spheres of activity of women and men were different. The ladies were focused on gathering, caring for children and home life. That is, they solved mostly creative tasks. Men also took up hunting, fighting and survival - for this we had to focus on the analyst. It turned out that for centuries women did without the need for sophisticated logic and developed in themselves that part of the brain that is responsible for intuition. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is not at all easy for a candidate of science to fool a woman: just look at his running eyes to understand: something is wrong! Do not believe it, but scientists even calculated the number of key points in the brain of both sexes, responsible for deciphering gestures, words, changes in voice. So, in women they were from 14 to 16, and for men only 4 to 7 points. So they need it! Unfortunately, in our world a lot has changed. Divorced too many infantile men with a complete lack of logic and many strong women, extremely confident in themselves and taking on their shoulders duties of men. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult for a beautiful half of humanity with intuition, it is replaced by clear thinking and flawless logic. In general, no one condemns it, just sometimes I want to foresee something or feel (at worst, guess!) Really? intuition how to develop

    Storm the development of intuition!

    But if there is no intuition, then something urgently needs to be donedo! It's not a century to live with your eyes closed, without understanding what is going on around you. In the end, if you were lucky enough to be born a woman, then you should use this luck to the fullest! There are several interesting ways to develop this quality yourself. You only need desire, creativity and curiosity. Well, have you decided to develop intuition? Then go ahead!

    • As you know, for the logical thinking of womencorresponds to the right hemisphere of the brain (if you are left-handed, then the left one). And there is one interesting way to develop your intuition, using this particular feature. Try to do ordinary things not with the right hand, as you are accustomed to, namely with the left. Stir the soup with your left hand, draw, write, sew, iron the cat. Anything. In this case, your smart head will switch from the usual analysis of what is happening to a subconscious search for causes and effects. After a few days of such training, you will feel that you start thinking differently and that you often notice previously unavailable things to you.
    • Try to live a little with tightly knottedeyes or ears. Do not be scared, no one calls you to a week of blindness or deafness, just start with a few minutes a day and bring the time to several hours. Victims demand not only beauty, but also other useful things for life. In general, the temporary restriction of the organism is the most operational principle of the development of intuition in man. You have probably been surprised many times, watching how absolutely blind people bypass obstacles in unfamiliar places? Without a guide and a dog, they intuitively feel the walls, thresholds, furniture. Having lost one of the senses, they simply have to develop their intuition - because this becomes vital for them. Remember the famous prophetess Wang - she was blind. Try and you go around blindfolded. Over time, you will necessarily feel the changes in yourself.
    • Practice on the technique of Nikolai Denisov. Prepare for this several sheets of paper of different colors, on each of which are drawn geometric figures, letters, numbers. Carefully study each of them, taking turns in their hands. After close your eyes, take any leaf and try to feel the color and the image. Do not worry if it does not work out right away: without effort, you will never get your intuition! If you are persistent, then in a couple of weeks you will succeed.
    • Try watching TV offsound. This is not only useful, but also very exciting. Looking at the expressions on the faces of the announcers, it's so fun to guess the news they've told! Here you will need all knowledge about gestures and facial expressions, inherent in you by nature.
    • If you receive a letter, do not rush to openthe envelope; try to imagine what is written there. It is desirable that the letter was not from the pension fund or tax, in these cases even the cat is predicting the contents.
    • In general, in many spiritual schools intuitiondevelops with the vow of silence. After all, the more you talk with your tongue, the less time remains for serious reflection, development and understanding of the essence of things. So, think more with your head and talk less. Develop intuition, but at the same time you will be a smart woman.

    Do not be afraid that you do not have a natural instinct, itis present in each of us from birth. In general, all children have a very developed intuition, because it is not for nothing that they say that “through the mouth of a baby, the truth speaks”. And since you once had it, then developing it is a matter of time and effort. Don't stop wanting this gift, improve your life and personal relationships. After all, as Mikhail Mamchich used to say, "intuition is a guide dog in the darkness of life." Own, use and be happy! We advise you to read: