Serious work and the victory of Sophia Arzhakovskaya Among the huge number of famous people you cancourageously singled out the ballerina, actress and singer Sofya Arzhakovskaya. This young and beautiful woman has a very interesting fate, in her twenty-four years Sophia Skaya (it is under this pseudonym she is known in Hollywood) has a rich experience in the Russian Ballet Theater and on the set. Since her early childhood Sophia began to take a serious interest in modern dances, and then in ballet. Since the age of nine, the young ballerina has already entered the Elite Academy of Russian Ballet. A.Ya.Vaganova. Parents have always supported Sophia, although they were not very enthusiastic about the fact that her daughter chose a difficult path . After graduating from the choreographic school. Rudolf Nuriev in Ufa, already at the age of sixteen, the ballerina participated in such productions as Swan Lake, Snow White, Raymonda, La Bayadere and Esmeralda. And in almost all productions she performed solo parts. In addition, for the simple curiosity of Sophia decided to participate in the beauty contest. Without waiting for the ballerina to become a laureate of the international beauty contest "Mrs. World 2006". But the victory in the contest did not become the final stage in its development, but rather the opposite - she decides to become an actress and in 2008 she enters the acting school of Los Angeles, where she masters the art of improvisation in the studio of Larry Moss. Not everyone could get such an acting education. A huge influence on Sophia always had a mother, she was and remains for her the ideal of a woman. Probably, therefore, the Russian ballerina is characterized by generosity, diligence and kindness. From any situation, she will find a way out and make the right conclusions. In 2006, Sophia in a plane crash tragically killed her mother, but this did not break the young talent. She moves forward with even greater perseverance, reaching new heights in acting and dedicating victories to the memory of her mother. So in 2008 she gets a sign for her role in the film directed by John Kent Harrison "The Brave Heart of Irena Sendler." To play the role of Sophia's mother is not difficult, because whoever knows what mother love is capable of. In 2009, the actress takes part in the filming of the comedy "Club of Happiness". It was thanks to this comedy that the actress became known in the world of Russian cinema. Sophia Arzhakovskaya, does not stop there. After graduation from the school of singing and singing, she began to try herself as a singer. It seems that everything she manages to do easily, but this is far from the case, behind all the victories is hard everyday work. We advise you to read: