how to succeed in everything Who of you would not want to be successful? Certainly there will not be a single girl who would respond positively to this question. But we always think that success is about someone else, and not about us. Successful women marry class boys, give birth to healthy children, get good jobs and earn a lot of money. Apparently, they are just born lucky, and there's nothing to be done about it. And here not! Each of us can become happy, and we will tell you how to succeed in everything and what is the true secret of the success of these people.

Secrets of success in everything

What are they? Millions of people every day puzzle themselves over this issue, although the answer is actually very simple. "If you really want to, you can fly to space," - so sound the words of one famous song. And, indeed, so it is: in the basis of achieving success in everything lies the inner intention. It's not just your ardent desire or thoughtful purpose - it's much deeper. Desires and goals are controlled by the mind, but emotions and intentions are the soul. It is the latter that contains the energy that is so necessary for success. Of course, it's good when there is a purpose and desire - this is the first step to success (many even do not dare to it, considering that it is shameful to wish success). But from lying on the couch and dreaming of success it is necessary to move on to actions - and this is the second most important secret of achieving success in everything. You must be prepared to take certain steps in the direction you have chosen, achieving what you need. Of course, you must really want to achieve the goal so that your desire turns into intention. And here often there are personal obstacles. Most people find it convenient to live the way they live. At heart they like to be lazy and do nothing, because success is not just achievements, riches and other pleasant things. Success is hard work, endless generation of ideas, setbacks on the way to their embodiment, responsibility and many other efforts that these people do not want to undertake. In general, hard work is another secret of success in everything. Remember the most famous and successful people: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison - they all spent thousands of hours to realize their dreams. Persevering and painstaking work from early morning until late at night led them to this, and by no means dreaming and lying on the couch. Of course, sometimes it was hard for them, but they overcame all obstacles due to the energy that the desired goal gave them. They saw it in perspective and were not afraid to process it. Another thing that underlies any successful endeavor is confidence in yourself and your goal. You should know that you will definitely succeed. The universe is built on the principle of saving energy and resource, and luck is a living embodiment of this idea. It sounds amazing, does not it? If you look at nature, you will see abundance, which can be called success. But why does man have it differently? Because of the mind. It gives rise to obstacles and contradictions, and any deviation from the planned plan perceives as a collapse of all hopes and gives a signal for surrender. However, it is worth remembering that the universe is unlimited in terms of its capabilities, and everything can happen - even a million in your bank account. Even not so - it will surely be with you, if you are sure of it and will begin to take steps in the right direction. It is important to say a few words about the correct setting of the goal - it is the basis of any success. Try to imagine what it is incarnating for you? Wealth, family, love, friendship, career, fame - all these things are much more concrete than abstract success. This is exactly what your goal should be - concrete and positive. First you have to imagine it in all its details, not yet thinking about the ways to achieve it. Then think about what you are in this wonderful future: strong, courageous, educated, cunning or analytical. It is these qualities that you need to develop in the present in order to succeed. Finally, think about what might help you in achieving your goal. The path of a thousand steps begins with the first, so start at least a small matter that will bring you closer to the goal. For example, go to school. This is a well-known fact, but the repetition, as you know, is the mother of the teaching. In order to succeed in everything, a constant flow of new knowledge is needed. So read, read and read again. If you do not like reading - go to courses and lectures. If you do not like going to courses and lectures - travel. If you can not travel - communicate with as many different people as possible. Look for any information on an actual topic for you and absorb it every second of free time. Knowledge does not happen much, and you never know what turns out to be useful and what is not. And yes, do not spare money for your education, because this is the only one hundred percent competent and effective investment. And, finally, the last big secret is the opportunity to become the author of your life. What distinguishes successful people from losers? The fact that they themselves are creating their lives, not reconciling themselves with fate and other external circumstances. When there is an obstacle or difficulty in their life, they ask themselves two questions: how and why did I do it? Try it. At first it will be difficult, but soon it will become a habit, and you will not notice how you will begin to reap the first fruits of your success. Author's position in relation to life does not allow long and plaintive explanations why you do not get something right - you just have to find a way to overcome the obstacle. And this is another secret of success in everything .. Each of them is important, and you will certainly take them all into service if you really want to achieve your goals. how to succeed in everything correctly

How to succeed in your personal life

However, many of us believe that the basis for successlies a simple happiness in his personal life. And this is not so far from the truth, given that for women, love and family are perhaps the most important things in life - at least for most of them. The strategy for finding happiness in personal life, of course, can be the same as we described above, that is, aggressively pushy, and maybe soft and meek, that is, purely feminine. In many respects it is with femininity, to be more precise with its lack, all the problems that relate to relationships with men are related. You just do not feel your female part and do not perceive yourself as a woman. As a rule, this manifests itself in such character traits as perseverance, rigidity, aggressiveness, rationality in deeds and thoughts, and others, usually masculine qualities. Representatives of the strong half of humanity simply do not see in you a woman and therefore do not seek to establish a relationship. What to do in this case? To develop femininity! Now there are a lot of courses and all kinds of schools dedicated to strengthening their women's part. You can also watch the one who is for you a model of femininity, and try to adopt some external features of her behavior: facial expressions, gestures, postures, gait and so on. See what her actions most "cling" to the surrounding men and try to do the same. How do you feel? If it's comfortable, then femininity for you is a matter of training. And if not, then it is worthwhile to think: what prevents you from being feminine? Perhaps it's about some of the settings that you learned in childhood, for example, "all the girls are fools" or "flirting - it's stupid and unworthy." Sometimes it is enough to discover such an idea and realize its contradictory reality, and sometimes the help of a psychologist is required. Often self-doubt is a source of failure in personal life. Sometimes it happens that a woman comes to the psychologist, and she is clever, and beautiful, and prepares well-and her relations with men do not develop. Gradually it turns out that she simply does not believe that she is a good and worthy real man. Work on yourself in this case can take some time, because it is impossible to radically change the personality of a person in an instant. But there is a way out: do what works well for you. Achieve small and intermediate successes - they are not so noticeable, but they can give you strength and confidence. Come up with, or rather, find your zest. For example, you have visited different parts of the world or you know everything about the device of a tram. Awareness of this will help you to believe in your own attractiveness, and there and interest from men is just around the corner. Many women continue to communicate with men hampered by a traumatic past experience. For example, the previous chevalier deceived you and twisted the affair with your best friend. Or for several years he resisted building a serious relationship, and then simply fled to my mother. No wonder that in such situations a woman thinks: "All men are their ..." and puts an end to his personal life. But it's not right! It is necessary to understand the reasons for failures on the love front: it's possible that you just were not lucky, and in this case it is worth paying attention to examples of successful relationships. However, unfortunately, it also happens that the woman herself subconsciously chooses "the wrong men." She, of course, likes the family idyll of Masha's friend, but for some reason she herself "pecks" exclusively at handsome men without a penny in her pocket and intelligible plans for the future. In this case, you need to realize the problem once and for all and choose what you want: family happiness, Latin American passions, fresh stability or something else. And to communicate with men, corresponding to your goal, and not with the opposite. And, perhaps, the failure in his personal life is due to the fact that you are afraid of a serious relationship? And every time when business starts to go to them, you go backwards, look for disadvantages in your partner and burn all bridges with a proud look? This also happens, and it's not surprising, because a long relationship with a man - it's not just happiness. It is also responsibility, changes in life, the need to compromise and emotionally invest in communication. Not every person wants this, but someone is simply afraid. In this case, awareness is again the key to success. Only realizing how you purposefully tear relationships, you can change your life for the better. And to accept the expected complexities as inevitability, having thought up a way of coping with them. Understanding of man's nature is another important condition of success in his personal life. Do not approach men as well as women - they are different. They have a different mindset, life priorities, and they react differently to everything that happens to them. For example, it is widely known that men are naturally hunters, and they like the process of courtship and conquest of a woman. Therefore, girls who have written on their foreheads "looking for a partner" may have problems on the love front because of ... their own accessibility! Or take another example. The woman tells her partner the story of the evil boss, and instead of regretting it, he begins to give some advice. It's disgusting, is not it? And here not! Men are so arranged that they prefer to immediately find a solution to the problem. They are not accepted to support and sympathize with each other. The result of such a contradiction between the sexes is alienation and the severance of relations in the near future. The way out is in the ability to understand and feel each other. And then success in your personal life will not take long. how to succeed in everything yourself

How to succeed at work

Not for every woman the status of a beloved wifeis the limit of all dreams. Since the middle of the twentieth century, we have the same rights as men, including the right to work and build a career. That is why for many of us success in everything is identified with success in the professional sphere. What you need to do in order to achieve it? In this case, all the secrets of success from the first part of our article are relevant. Career growth has long been considered a privilege of men, and aggressive-assertive male behavior is quite appropriate in this matter. But you can connect it with a purely feminine ability to establish contacts, and then you will not be equal in the professional field. Perhaps the most important secret of career success is the ability to interact with other people. Either way, in any job, properly organized communication is up to ninety percent of efficiency. You just have to be able to find a common language with a variety of people: noisy and quiet, smart and stupid, quick-tempered and calm, specific and a lot more. Of course, if you really need professional self-realization. At the heart of this skill lies the understanding and acceptance of other people as they are, and this is a certain personal maturity. It is intolerance that causes us to condemn, which breaks the contact. In addition, here the edge raises the question of the effectiveness of communication: you, of course, can abuse and reject the behavior of another person, but then what can you get from it? But any interaction is aimed at achieving a certain goal, and if you can not get along with a partner, you are expected to fail and fail as a consequence. Agree, not the most joyful prospect! Communicative abilities can be developed on all sorts of psychological training, but the most interesting material for learning is provided by life itself. Try different ways to interact with others, monitor their effectiveness and leave only the best in your arsenal. Think about which post will become a symbol of success for you. What do you lack to get it? As a rule, this is a lack of experience and some special knowledge, skills and abilities. That's the first landmark for success! Begin to learn and in parallel get the experience you need so much. Statistics show that human resource managers give a much greater preference to people who have tried to do something in practice than to those who studied at the institute. Therefore, do not shy away from the posts of assistants and all kinds of assistants - this is an excellent chance to acquire the necessary competencies and draw the necessary connections. Do not be afraid to engage in new projects and take on new responsibilities - this is a useful experience and an opportunity to master non-standard skills. Now the employer seeks to buy for his money a multifunctional specialist, for example, an HR manager with education in both psychology and economics. Such cadres are especially appreciated, because they can understand all the subtleties of the work process and perform their functions qualitatively. And do not forget that for the sake of career success you will have to give up something. For example, from the opportunity to leave work at exactly six - as a rule, these heights in the profession reach exactly those who worked a lot overtime. In addition, in the process of career growth, you, most likely, often have to go to their goal, despite the aversion and condemnation from the outside. In our country, people are not very fond of active and energetic people, especially when they achieve some success. Therefore, you have to put up with oblique glances in your address - they are inevitable companions of success. how to succeed in everything for a long time

Some useful tips that will help you in everything

We hope that after reading our articleyou will not have any questions about how to succeed in everything. To the above, we would like to add a few more recommendations that will significantly facilitate your life and increase the effectiveness of your activities:

  • Make a plan before you start anythingdo. This is not a waste of time, but an attempt to structure your activity. Do you remember the famous metaphor that an elephant can be eaten in pieces? Its essence boils down to the fact that when you break one big and complex business into many small ones, the achievement of the final goal is much easier for you. Your plan should be sufficiently developed and understandable: it must clearly identify the intermediate cases and objectives, their sequence, as well as the timing of their implementation. It also disciplines, because when you ask for a framework, you can not be lazy with the ease that was before the plan was drawn up.
  • Use swot analysis. What it is? This is an analysis of a problem, situation or project that includes the description of the following points: the strengths and weaknesses of the object (its internal characteristics that give it an advantage or weaken it in front of others in this area), as well as opportunities and threats (external factors that improve or complicate the achievement of the goal). This is another way of structuring the problem, allowing to get a detailed description of it and, accordingly, to solve it.
  • Go to meet other people and give themsmall services. Remember, we wrote about the importance of establishing contacts with other people? So, this is a great way to get the connections you need. Usually people do not forget favors made by others, and they tend to somehow repay them in the future. And who knows, at what point and in what form will you need someone's help?
  • Ability to receive feedback. Of course, each of us likes to listen to flattering reviews about herself. They bring undeniable benefits: they increase our self-esteem and add self-confidence. Compliments and praise must be able to take right: do not reject them and translate everything into a joke. On the contrary, you should hear what a good person says about you, and thank him for the feedback. But negative feedback about your work is even more useful than positive. The latter only indicate what you already have, while the first ones indicate what you need to acquire for success. Agree, this is very valuable information, and you can provide it for free! Therefore, when someone criticizes your work, do not take offense at him and, especially, on yourself. It is better to listen carefully to what he says, and make a list of points for growth.
  • Always hold back your promises. This rule number one, if you want to have a good reputation in your professional environment. Taking upon yourself any obligations, remember that the person counts on you and will remember, if you fail him, and this is not good. But the fulfilled promise will add bonuses to you in karma and, possibly, will bring you some fruits in the future. Therefore, never try to do what you can not do, however you feel embarrassed, because it will be much worse then when you do not justify the natural expectations of this person. Everyone knows that there are situations when it is simply impossible to make the promised, and in this case it is your duty to warn it in advance and explain why this time everything went wrong.
  • Find your mentor. Do you remember the internship at the institute? It's one thing when you are explained something in theory, and quite another thing when you learn something in practice, and under the strict guidance of a person who can give you a qualitative feedback. Although it also happens in another way, when you simply learn from someone whose success is desirable for you. It is such a person who really knows how to go from the idea to the achieved goal, and what are the pitfalls that await you.
  • Look for fresh ideas. Do not sit and wait for something good to fall on your head - you have to get up from the couch yourself, find it, and if you can not, then do it yourself. The probability of finding something worthwhile rises if you are constantly on your guard: rummaging on the Internet, brainstorming, reading autobiographies of successful people, at worst. And do not forget to try everything, otherwise it will remain just ideas!
  • As you can see, there is nothing magical about these secrets. The most important thing that distinguishes a written text from real success is your actions. No one will do for you what you must do yourself. A dish with a blue border is only for the children of rich parents, and even then not for everyone and not for long if they do not make any effort to achieve success. Luck accompanies you only when you do not think about it. Therefore, you should rely on yourself and your forces, not on luck, to go straight ahead to your goal, and after a while you will be able to say: "I did it! I was able to achieve my own success! ". We advise you to read: