positive thinking Do you know a lot about what is positivethinking? Almost every person heard something about him, but he did not see it in person and was not personally acquainted. And it's a pity, because positive thinking has great opportunities, and if someone does not use them, he deprives himself of a heap of vital benefits. Do you want to become happy and achieve your goals? Then the power of positive thinking is at your service!

What does positive thinking consist of?

Do you think the world around you is what it is? Bad or good? In fact, both thoughts will be correct, as in the example with a glass filled in half: we can say that it is half empty, or it can be - that is half full. The world is different, and the way it turns to you depends entirely on you. This is precisely the power of positive thinking. But what is its essence? If you dig deeper, positive thinking is a special attitude to yourself, to life, to the events that have occurred and to those that are yet to happen. Using various methods and psychological techniques, you can tune in to the right wave and improve the quality of your life. And it will start to change for the better as if by itself! What things include positive thinking? First of all, it manifests itself in expectation of pleasant and good things from life: health, joy, happiness and the successful completion of all situations that are happening to you. You just respect yourself and believe in your own strengths and capabilities. However, simple faith is sometimes not enough - you need activity. And it manifests itself in the search for opportunities, solutions and inspiration. All this can be called creative thinking. Choosing positive thinking, you choose happiness for yourself and your loved ones. Such a person, as a rule, knows what he wants and how he can achieve it. He understands that everyone on the way meets with setbacks and obstacles, and perceives them as a gift of fate that helps to grow and become stronger. A positive way of thinking can help you faster and easier to succeed in all your endeavors. He fills you with energy and brings happiness - unlike the negative. Positive thinking gives you tremendous internal resources and power over yourself and your life. You inspire and motivate yourself and your loved ones to conquer new horizons. People begin to feel respect for you, but difficulties go away. Simply put, life begins to smile at you. the power of positive thinking

Principles of positive thinking

You have probably already realized that a positive imagethinking is the key to happiness and longevity. But what is its essence? In principles - magical formulations that magically (apparently, by the power of thought!) Change your life for the better and bring you happiness. What principles of positive thinking can it do?

  • The most important thing in the universe is love. It is she who, in all its manifestations, creates our world: love for oneself and for others, love for one's work and peace. Look closely and you will see that it is really everywhere. For example, why do people go to work as doctors with a small salary? Because they really want to help others, and that they were healthy. Almost every person, choosing between doing good or bad to another, chooses the first, and this is love. This is the basis for positive thinking.
  • The universe is infinitely abundant, and resourcesenough for all. Affirm yourself in this thought, because it is it that is given to us with great difficulty. And this is not accidental, because since childhood, we are haunted by thoughts and ideas about the limited resources, for example, a small number of budget places in the institute or one gingerbread that needs to be shared with other children.
  • Each of us is a wizard capable ofcreate yourself and your life. The power of this thought is truly immeasurable! You, of course, can ask: "What about those people who live in poverty and suffering?". Again, positive thinking works, but with a minus sign: the universe fulfills their desires and ideas in the same way, for example, "I am unworthy of all this" or "I should never be happy."
  • We need to love ourselves in this world. So our mind works, that if in our head there are thoughts about our worthlessness, then this idea is transferred to everything around. The world immediately begins to appear in front of us in black, and it never seems like positive thinking.
  • The relation of the universe to man is directly related tothe relation of a person to it. You probably noticed that if you sympathize with someone, does it respond to you the same? The same happens with the world. He feels and feels your attitude. If you are friendly, he helps you, if you scold him and get angry - he turns away from you. But the last is so unpleasant! A positive way of thinking resembles an investment: you invest in the world your kind attitude and get your own benefits from it.
  • The universe is fair. It sounds shocking, does not it? In the world there is always a huge amount of things that seem terrible, disgusting and unfair to us. But, at the same time, do not forget that we do not know the highest plan, and everything that happens in the world, for some reason, someone needs. Each of us has unlimited possibilities to realize all our expectations. And if he prefers to create only problems for himself, then this is his right, but do not blame the world for this. The situation in which you are, you are worthy, and it is your thoughts and actions that created it.
  • The universe is admirable. It happens that all the good things that happen to us in life, we take for granted, and we take offense at the bad and get angry, saying to ourselves: "Yes, this world is disgusting!". But this is fundamentally the wrong position! We need to rejoice in the world here and now, and not when he will give you what you want: an apartment, a car or a loving husband. This is a positive thinking, not trading in the market!
  • Concentration on the positive aspects of life. Of course, it's much easier to slip into despondency and celebrate all the bad things that surround us. But it does not give anything, except to get rid of the shock when confronted with this. It is much more correct to focus on the good and develop it in and around yourself. Do not savor the negative, but think about how you will feel good when you get rid of it. Simply put, always seeing a glass half full, and not empty - this is a positive way of thinking.
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    Development of positive thinking in oneself

    All this is very good, but how to implement itthe above wonderful thoughts? Of course, using simple techniques of positive thinking. You can apply them every day in your everyday life and admire the results achieved. First of all, positive thinking is to allow only good and useful feelings in your life: joy, strength, success. Ignore negative thoughts, replacing them with ideas of happiness. In this regard, it is very useful to reduce the time for viewing news and serious documents, as well as communication with dull and negative people. Watch how you build your speech. Speaking to yourself, try to use only words that carry a positive charge: "you can," "I'll succeed," "I can," etc. ... To illustrate your speech, choose positive and joyful images that you associate with happiness and achievements. Include in the conversation such definitions that have a positive meaning: "beautiful", "smart," joyful, "" cheerful, "" bright. " Do not be lazy to use the technique of visualization. Before engaging in any business, clearly and in all details imagine a final positive result. But it is very important to do this not for a "tick", but really to believe in what you see and recharge it with energy. Identify yourself with successful and pleasant people, and do not notice how their luck will come to you. Remember the sources of inspiration. Positive thinking must from somewhere feed on energy. See good and good films. Read at least one inspiring book a week. Go in for sports and go for a walk in the fresh air. Travel and go in for sports. In a word, release yourself and your spiritual impulses and allow yourself to be filled with joy and complacency. And, of course, try to find as many reasons as possible to smile.

    How do we limit ourselves?

    There are a lot of tricks and ways that wewe restrict positive thinking and do not let it unfold in all its glory. They seem small and insignificant in comparison with all that we do, however, as is known, big things are made up of small things. Let's try to analyze the typical mistakes of modern man, who do not allow him to use positive thinking to "full extent":

    • Propensity to generalizations. The habit, which was initially useful to a person and contributed to the development of his thinking, in some people acquires a hyperbolized form, as a result of which they begin to row all under one comb. A typical example of this inclination is the saying: "All men are bastards." Therefore, the use of the words "all", "always", "nobody", "never" and the like is rarely appropriate and useful for you.
    • Wrong words. Sometimes we think about some things in absolutely negative terms. For example, a mother can not punish a child who has committed a misconduct. However, if the word "punish" is replaced with "teach that it can not be done", then the message completely changes. The same goes for the love of the word "problem" - try to use it as rarely as possible, replacing it with more positive synonyms.
    • Disguised as positive negativestatements. Well this feature illustrates the common phrase: "You look great today." Women usually take offense at her - and that's right! That is, yesterday I looked bad, but today - it's good? Or another example: "We need you healthy. Quickly get well! ". That is, I do not need you sick? This is very unpleasant.

    All these things are a great obstacle to the development of a positivethinking. However, you can get rid of the harmful effects by transforming negative thoughts into positive ones. To do this, you will have to question the usual ideas, for example, one that says that the world is unfair. Agree, it is much easier to get rid of what you doubt, rather than from what seems to you unshakable. And do not forget to fill the void formed with ideas that embody positive thinking. Live in harmony with yourself and the world is not so difficult. Positive thinking can be used by everyone, and if you do not get it, there may be two reasons: either you have few tools, or you are too accustomed to using inefficient models. However, you have no more barriers, since our article has everything you need. Use positive thinking and be happy! We advise you to read: