how to develop the imagination Imagination, which can still be called internalsight, is a gift of nature, which has many positive aspects of application. But, unfortunately, very often we do not know how to correctly use this quality and do not always know how to develop it. Few people have the ability to control the power of their thoughts. They allow their imagination to draw the most fantastic pictures, and mental images appear on the "screen" of their inner vision. Selecting the best ideas, they direct their thoughts in the right direction and find the most optimal solution from all possible. Most people do not really try to change something in themselves. And in vain! The lack of control over one's thinking leads not only to disorder in thoughts, but also to the lack of control over one's life in general. Do not you want to live in chaos? Then let's talk about how to develop the imagination and change your life according to your desires. But first, let's try to understand what imagination is and how it can work.

The evolution of man and the imagination

People at the dawn of their appearance by nature receivedpotential for the development of a powerful creative imagination - to use it in their own interests and for the benefit of the whole human race. Everything that humanity has achieved in its lifetime has become possible thanks to the work of his imagination. The ability to internal vision is unique and given only to man - no other beings on the planet are gifted with such power of thought. This is what makes us human. Imagination is the ability to visualize ideas in our minds; and visualization, in turn, allows us to bring our ideas to perfection and then to implement them. The result of this process is the improvement of our life. Developing this ability throughout the history of its existence, humanity derives from it a huge benefit for itself, using its unique opportunities to create a variety of innovations that you can imagine. Human imagination carries a special meaning, which gives people the opportunity to realize much more than our senses allow - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. We know that these feelings were given by nature to all higher living beings to help them survive. But in the time interval from fifty to one hundred thousand years ago, for some reason that we can only guess, the human brain evolved, and as a result, millions of new cells appeared. This evolution created a new, improved, powerful human brain, which eventually allowed people to know themselves and the world around them. We began to think creatively, and it was imagination that allowed us to go beyond the very narrow animal into a huge new world. Today we learn the nature and the universe with the help of a microscope and a telescope, we study the exotic secrets of the world around us and learn to interact with the wonders of nature. Already about forty thousand years ago, creative people began to leave indelible marks in our history, which the achievements of archeology allow us to see. They began to make new tools and artifacts, carrying the aesthetic representations of ancient people about beauty. The first "art galleries" appeared on the walls of the caves, and it became a strong proof that even then the person with the help of imagination began to learn radically new ways of life. Throughout the ancient history of mankind creative people used their imagination to create new languages, arts, customs, religions, adaptations and much more that made life more progressive. Those tribes in which there were more innovators, as a rule, prospered, as they were able to overcome all adversity and achieve better living conditions. People invented such innovations as bow and arrows, wheel, farming, cattle breeding and many others, and their inventions helped them to achieve greater prosperity. Weak tribes were assimilated into more prosperous, civilizations appeared. Great civilizations gained strength through the innovations of their citizens. They flourished, while others did not invent more advanced technologies and did not win them. This took place throughout the history of mankind, and the engine of history can be called, from the very beginning, the ability of man to the creative flight of thought. Creative imagination allowed humanity from the valley of ignorance to rise to the heights of the mountains of knowledge, where all the wonders of nature lay before it. It allowed a person to think in abstract images and convey his thoughts and ideas to other people. Imagination has provided great opportunities for creating magnificent art, engineering, philosophy, new sciences and much more - all with the help of our human imagination. Of course, now there is no question of survival with the ability to think creatively, as was the case with Neanderthals. But the Neanderthals even though there was creative potential, but they did not have the appropriate conditions for its rapid development. And we have such an opportunity. Because, unlike the Neanderthals, we know about the existence of the imagination and understand what it is and what it can give us. the imagination of how to develop

Imagination is our inner vision

So what is the imagination, or internalhuman vision? It is the ability to see mental images of what actually exists, as well as the ability to imagine objects, situations or circumstances that do not currently exist in reality. Moreover, the imagination is not only the visualization of mental images, it is not only limited to the reproduction in the head of some pictures. It includes the reproduction of all feelings and sensations. You can imagine the sound, taste, smell, physical sensations, feelings and emotions. Some people find it easier to see some images in their minds, others are easier to imagine their feelings, and some feel more comfortable, imagining physical sensations. To one who learns to control his inner vision, it becomes available to develop in himself and unite all kinds of imagination. If you try to analyze, you will see that you constantly and differently use your imagination. You apply it, thinking about the past or the future, planning something, thinking over a letter to a friend. You can use the imagination by telling someone how to find the right street, reading a book or dreaming. Do you write poetry, draw or do some other work? Do you cook delicious and beautiful dishes, sew, decorate old or do yourself new things for your home? If so, then you too use your imagination. When you are worried or afraid of something, then the imagination works. In such moments, you automatically visualize some unhappiness or unpleasant events for you. By the way, if you constantly will be engaged in visualization of misfortunes, you can eventually involve them in your life. We can say that imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived by the senses. It is the ability of the mind to construct images of feelings, objects or events that are not present now and have never been in the past. Even our memory (that is, the re-creation of really past events) is a manifestation of our imagination. Everyone has some ability for imagination, only for some this ability can be highly developed, while for others it can appear in a weaker form. Different people - different powers of imagination. But there is it at all. The inner vision allows the whole world to embrace the power of its mind, allows us to mentally examine the past and the future and provides an opportunity to look at any situation from a different perspective. Another form of imagination is a dream. Excessive daydreaming, of course, can lead us away from reality, but sometimes it is useful to indulge in dreams: this state for a time provides us with a sense of happiness, peace and freedom from stress. In your imagination, you can travel anywhere at the speed of light (even more correctly, say - at the speed of thought), without experiencing obstacles. This can make you feel free - albeit temporarily - from problems, difficulties and unpleasant circumstances. A developed and strong imagination does not make us impractical dreamers with pink glasses in front of our eyes. It strengthens our creative abilities and is an excellent tool for recreating and reconstructing our world and our better life.

The power of imagination

It is really a great force capable ofchange our whole life. She is the creator of new circumstances and events. And if we know how to work with them, we can make sure that all our cherished wishes come true. Imagination is a creative force that plays an important role in achieving success in any field. What we imagine (brightly and with faith in the possibility of achieving), sooner or later appears in our life in reality. How does this happen? Visualization of an object or situation, when the image is mentally reproduced quite often, attracts this object or situation into our life. This opens up new, great and exciting opportunities for us. This means that we should only think in a positive way about all our desires, otherwise we can create and attract events, situations and people that we do not want to face in our lives. And if we do not recognize the importance of imagination, then our life can not become as successful and happy as we would like it to be. The lack of understanding of the power of imagination is responsible for the suffering, difficulties, failures and unhappiness experiences of many people. Unfortunately, most people tend to think in a negative way. They do not expect success, expect only the worst outcome of any events, and when they suffer another failure, they think that fate itself is opposed to them. But such an attitude towards one's own life can be changed, then life, too, will change for the better. There are people who believe that they have no imagination. This simply can not be! Imagination is with any person, only it - we already talked about it - may be stronger or weaker. And if a person has a really weak imagination, how can one develop it independently? We want to please you: the ability to visualize the development will not be difficult, and at times even can be fun. By exercising this ability, you will at the same time improve your ability to concentrate; and as a bonus you will gain power over your thoughts, which you can use to shape and improve your own life.

How to develop an active imagination: starting with a simple

If you are still reading this article, then youare really interested in increasing their potential and will be able to develop their creative imagination. Find at least fifteen minutes and proceed with simple exercises:

  • Visualize something simple, something thatyou can really get or do: go to the movies with your boyfriend, walk with your girlfriend along the alleys of your favorite park, the cap you are about to tie.
  • Think about the smallest details, includingit is a matter of visualizing all five senses. If you "went" to the cinema - imagine a cinema hall, the beginning of a movie, the credits at the end, a buffet in which you buy popcorn. "Listen" the conversations of people before the session, "feel" the cold or warmth in the hall. Imagine the taste and smell of popcorn or the drink that you will drink.
  • You may find that you can imagine some of the sensations easier, but some feelings are not given to you. Continue the exercises, most of all training exactly what works worst.

Do these exercises every day, and youYou will see how you will find it easier to imagine something every day. Sometimes you can find out that your consciousness instead of creating images will begin to create a verbal description of the conceived picture. Be on the alert - you need to use the colorful image created by your imagination, and not the verbal portrait. how to develop the imagination

We continue to develop a strong creative imagination

  • In order to go in the development of the imaginationFurther, try to be as inquisitive as possible. Strive to learn as much as possible about the world full of amazing wonders. Your new knowledge will be a good source for new ideas and fantasies.
  • Faced with the need to find a way out of some difficult situation, try to imagine various solutions to the problem. Try to find new, unusual ways for you.
  • Start communicating with other creative people for whom your favorite topics of conversation are discussing ideas, and not chattering about other people.
  • Be always in search of new innovations thatcould be improved. Each new product, as soon as it is invented - is already ready for improvement. For example, look at the images of the first sewing machines - and compare them with photos of modern machines that can not only sew, but also embroider and process the edges of slices. Such a wonderful transformation was made possible only thanks to a thousand new innovations, and one can imagine what a sewing machine will be like in ten or twenty years! (By the way, here's another exercise for you!)
  • Be determined, and start writing some kind ofsomething artistic story. Think of a plot, images of heroes, a description of the surrounding environment. Write first about one day in the life of the heroes, and then gradually expand the story for a longer period of time. Specify and change your story if you want. Do not rush, new ideas will come gradually, sometimes quite unexpectedly. This is your creation, and you can do with it whatever you want. The main thing - let the will of your imagination.
  • If you are already fond of any creativity -develop your interests and natural talents. Learn as much as possible about the subject of your hobby, and then improvise, expand it. Look for a non-standard approach!
  • Lean on the ideas of other people, at the same time improve them and create on their basis their own ideas.

Improving the skills of imagination

Following our advice, you will feel likethe developing active imagination becomes useful in many aspects of life and creativity. At this point, you need to complete four steps that will help you understand how to develop the imagination even more:

  • First of all, it is necessary at the time to give yourself a ban on logic, in order to give more chance to your subconscious to enter the game.
  • The subconscious will start to prompt you with new ideas and images. Be ready to write down your fantasies at any time. Carry a notebook and a pen.
  • Disable self-criticism. All that you come up with, it turns out you just great! Then it will be even better.
  • Summarize and go further!
  • Our mind always tries to suppressfantasy, preventing you from seeing different options for action. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to control yourself and not give the will to want to look at your actions critically. Just calmly watch how your fantasy develops and grows stronger. Do you want to know what your desire to treat yourself critically is like? Then imagine (here's to you and another exercise!) That you planted a whole alley of young trees. But it seems to you that they do not grow at all, and then you start digging them in turn to check if their roots grow. Do you think, will your trees grow faster from this? Once you learn to resist your critical ego, from now on we will be able to talk about having an active imagination. Playing and fantasizing, as in childhood, we came to an understanding of our inner life, and now the imagination helps us make informed decisions to lead a more fruitful, inspirational life. Jung Karl Gustave, a famous Swiss psychiatrist of the last century, wrote: "The creative activity of the imagination frees a person from slavery." This is exactly the state that we have tried to learn. If you follow our advice and develop the power of inner vision, you will more and more see how useful it is and how often a good imagination helps you in a variety of situations. You will be surprised to find that almost everything you have learned to visualize now comes true in your real life. Understanding how to properly use your imagination, and applying this knowledge in practice will guide you along the path of success, satisfaction and happiness. We advise you to read: