Sunflower Salad If you are preparing to host your guests orcelebrate a family celebration with your loved ones, then, of course, think about how to make a holiday bright, memorable, fun and ... tasty. After all, from what will stand on the table, and how it will be designed, and depends in many ways on the mood of those who celebrate. Therefore, the dishes you cook should not only please the stomach, but also the sight. In addition to those snacks and salads that have already become traditional in your family, try to cook which we offer you. Surely you already thought it would be unusual to decorate ordinary dishes. And the easiest way to do this is with puffed salads. For example, many herrings are served under a fur coat, having issued in the form of a fish, and Mimoza salad is trying to give the appearance of this spring flower. The name of the proposed salad already says that it should look like the head of this solar plant. And even if you do not read this article further, you will probably have ideas in your head how to do it. After all, to think of something you need only from what to make the petals and the core of the flower, and what will be under them - is not so important. Indeed, a lot of options, from which you can prepare a salad Sunflower. The recipe is not one, there are many. Probably, because everyone has different tastes, but everyone likes the original design. Variants of salad recipes Sunflower:

Salad Sunflower, recipe with chicken

On a flat plate lay in layers: 200 g chopped boiled chicken breast, 200 g fried with onion mushrooms, 3 grated on a large grater, 100 grams of grated cheese. Apply a brush of mayonnaise on each layer. Then sprinkle the salad with three yolks rubbed on a fine grater and decorate with the black olives cut. After holding the salad for several hours in the fridge, spread the large chips by the diameter of the plate, inserting twigs of greens between them.

Salad Sunflower, recipe with crab sticks

Products are stacked the same way, in layers. The first layer - grated on a large grater proteins, the second - fried on vegetable oil onions and carrots, the third - boiled meat or mushrooms. Now these three layers must be saturated with mayonnaise. Then lay the grated yolks, again fried onions and carrots and finely chopped crab sticks. Another layer of mayonnaise. The last layer will be canned corn. When the salad is saturated, it should also be decorated with chips and dill sprigs.

Salad Sunflower, recipe with cod liver

The first layer - grated on a large graterpotatoes and mayonnaise. The second layer is chopped green onions. The third is a can of cod liver, mashed with a fork. The fourth and fifth layers are proteins and yolks of hard-boiled eggs. Layer of proteins also lubricate with mayonnaise. The top of the salad is decorated with a thin mesh of mayonnaise, and in each cell a piece of black olives is cut, cut along. Petals are crisps. : We advise reading: