causes of asthma Bronchial asthma is quite seriousa disease that can be caused by a variety of causes, most often by irritation of allergens. The medication for asthma can be different, as are the methods of the treatment itself, but the decision, which ones to take the funds and which do not, the timing of taking, dosage, can only be determined by the doctor after the study. You can not stop taking drugs after they are prescribed, do not observe the schedule without reason, instead of prescribed medications use only methods of traditional medicine. The patient should always have an aerosol with him to stop the attack. At the question of what means to take, we must take into account the severity of the form of asthma, its course, the specifics of the state of health and many other points.

Methods for treating asthma

Today, a variety of asthma medicines and treatments are used:

  • anti-inflammatory basic therapy, which is often referred to as inhalation;
  • emergency aid in case of an attack (aerosol is used, if the attack is severe, in some cases hospitalization is necessary).

There are strictly individual methods of treatment:

  • use of immunostimulants of bacterial origin;
  • application of allergen-specific immunotherapy;
  • non-pharmacological methods;
  • non-traditional methods (breathing exercises, etc.).

When deciding which medicines should be taken, it must be remembered that their appointment is strictly individual, only the observing physician can do after the research. inhalant for asthma

The main drugs for treatment

All drugs for treatment are divided into two large groups: Prophylactic

  • bronchodilators (sulfur, formoterol);
  • hormones for inhalations (beclomethasone, fluticasone, budesonide);
  • combined and long-acting hormones, bronchodilators, means for inhalation (fliksotid, beclomethasone, formoterol and others);
  • Membrane strengtheners for immune cells (tileed, intal).

Means from attacks

  • for relief of muscle spasms (most often these are inhalants, atrovent is used);
  • fast bronchodilators (berotek, ventolin, salamol, astalin).

Today for the treatment of asthma not onlyhormonal drugs, but also nonhormonal. One of the most popular is intal (cromoglycate sodium). In pharmacies this product can be sold under other names. Intal allows you to prevent allergic inflammation in the walls of the bronchi, removes it at the very beginning of the process. Many consider this tool the best prevention, which helps to avoid an attack. Intall is sold in capsules, which are put in an aerosol, the so-called spinhaler, where the capsule is pierced, and the patient is able to inhale the powder. Appointment of the drug can only a doctor, when using it, you must observe certain characteristics:

  • before taking intala, you need to inhale some bronchodilator drug so that the drug can get into the fully opened bronchi;
  • you have to make two or three sighs;
  • when inhaled, the head should be thrown back;
  • if after the reception of the agent in the mouth remains a taste of powder, then the mouth must be rinsed;
  • Dosage may be prescribed only by a doctor!
  • intall usually does not work immediately, it should take about a week to show its effect;
  • at the onset of an exacerbation on the background of the use of intala, it is necessary to stop the reception immediately and contact the observing doctor.

Today you can buy not only capsules, but alreadyready-to-use aerosol, which is very convenient. In addition to intala, today there are offered such drugs as kropos, tayled, that is, the so-called cromones. When aspirin asthma is recommended to take antileukotrievye drugs for chronic rhinitis - teopek, theotard and others. All these drugs are auxiliary, they are used as an addition to the basic therapy. Inhalation hormones Hormonal drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of bronchial asthma include such names as pulmicort, tayled, inhacort, berotek, aldecin, budesonite, becotide, and беклазозон. Such drugs are also called symptomatic, they start to act when a severe attack occurs, a few minutes after taking. Hormonal drugs are aimed at treating asthma in everyday life, preventing the development of seizures. The use of inhalations makes it possible to remove seizures almost immediately after their onset, tablets and others are used according to a prescribed by the doctor scheme. They can reduce the swelling of the bronchi, remove inflammation, significantly reduce the sensitivity to allergens. Specialists usually prescribe corticosteroids for treatment of asthma, antileukotriene, bronchodilators. In certain cases, the prescription of biological agents is acceptable, but this is very rare. The most commonly prescribed is the administration of inhalation. on examination with a doctor

Specific immunotherapy

When the question is, what are the means for treatment?asthma, there is often a need for monitoring therapy. This is a specific hypo-sensitized treatment, which is required mainly for children. Especially effective is the treatment with asthma and rhinitis, when the patient has an allergic reaction to various plants. In this case, aerosol can not always help, other means are required. But with severe forms of asthma, the use of such treatment can be dangerous, so constant monitoring of the doctor is necessary. There are no definite terms of treatment, everything depends on the course of the disease. For chronicles it is good, if every three to six months you can reduce the dosage of drugs, with worsening, immediate cancellation is needed. What drugs should not be used in case of exacerbations? There are a number of drugs that are used during periods of exacerbations are strictly prohibited, since they can only exacerbate the general condition. Be sure to make yourself a list of what to take and what does not, have it available:

  • You can not use antihistamines;
  • soothing and hypnotics should not be given to the patient, even if it is required to calm him. It is better to use respiratory gymnastics, which helps no worse;
  • phytopreparations, herbal remedies, since they can cause severe allergic attacks;
  • banks, mustards are not recommended;
  • It is impossible to take magnesium sulfate, calcium preparations, mucolytics, prolonged bronchodilators, antibiotics (if not prescribed by a doctor in the presence of bacterial infections).

Measures for exacerbations With exacerbations of asthmaapply measures that help relieve seizures. The basis for this treatment is the use of a fast-acting beta-2 agonist. A remedy is applied up to three times during the first hour. This requires monitoring not only the patient's well-being, but also the data of peakflowmetry. Cholinolytics are often added, a large dose of hormones is given in the form of inhalants through a nebulizer. It may be necessary to introduce high-speed methylxanthines (usually it is euphyllin), if other methods are not enough. Introduce drugs intravenously. The rest of the treatment depends on the outcome of the therapy. But after stopping the attack, you need to contact an observing doctor: you may need to be hospitalized. Severe exacerbations can not be removed at home on their own, after taking medications to alleviate the attack the patient must be taken to the hospital. For very young children this is especially important, since every minute counts. In any attack, it is necessary to take such actions:

  • stop contact with the allergen;
  • use aerosol with medicinal product, additional funds prescribed by the doctor in the recommended dosage;
  • If the attack is on the wane, then it is necessaryput the patient, provide him peace for an hour. At this time, it is necessary to observe the patient, his condition, and a number of aerosols. If breathing has returned to normal, then the attack can be considered docked.

Be sure to consult a doctor in such cases:

  • a normal aerosol does not help or relieves the attack on time. Inhalations are clearly not enough;
  • if symptoms such as rapidpalpitation, fingernails and lips become blue, it becomes difficult to talk, the nostrils are swollen, in the intercostal spaces the skin is strongly retracted. Habitual inhalations are not enough, they do not have their usual action. In this case, the intervention of a doctor is simply necessary, an ambulance should be called.

If your child has such seizures very muchfrequent, do not forget that, in addition to constant observation, there must be an aerosol with it to relieve the condition. Even with properly prescribed treatment, severe exacerbations are possible, which are especially common for such a risk group as:

  • in patients who already had severe exacerbations in the past. Often they always carry with themselves a means for inhalation;
  • with newly abolished hormonal drugs or with the continuation of their intake;
  • in patients who do not use inhaled hormonal drugs;
  • when taking more than one inhaler per month;
  • when abusing sedatives, hypnotics;
  • with non-compliance, violation of treatment plans appointed by a doctor.

immune pill for asthma

Nontraditional methods of treatment

Today we offer non-traditional methodstreatment of asthma, they are always expected some miracle, but how effective are they? Will they do more good than prescribed, for example, hormone drugs? The problem is that so-called folk methods do not suit everyone, their effectiveness has not been proved, although they continue to be studied. Before starting such treatment, it is necessary to go through the examination with a doctor without fail, to consult about taking certain measures. The most frequently recommended methods are breathing exercises (Buteyko methods, yoga, etc.), acupuncture, asthma herbal treatment, homeopathy and others. Respiratory gymnastics is recommended most often, it has its numerous supporters, it is the primary method of restoring the upper respiratory tract, so it can not be called a panacea. Buteyko's method, for example, is effective only for patients with hyperventilation (this is a special neuro-psychic variant of asthma development), but this is not observed in all patients, so it can not be said that it can be applied to everyone. Yoga is not contraindicated in asthma, but it can not replace medication, only supplement, and then not in all cases. Herbal medicine can be very dangerous if the patient has signs of pollinosis, that is, allergic reactions to pollen. Therefore, this method of treatment is not recommended for asthma, it can cause serious complications. In bronchial asthma, we must remember that even natural, natural remedies can be very dangerous, the absence of toxicity in this case does not guarantee not only cure, but also safety. Therefore, if you want to apply additionally various methods of traditional medicine, without fail consult the supervising doctor! This is especially important for very young children, whose immune system is not yet fully strengthened. Of all the methods of treatment, unconventional methods usually recommend only breathing exercises that restore the work of muscles. The simplest means is a deep breath through a straw for drinks, dropped into a glass with water. This exercise should be done 4-5 times a day for 10-15 minutes. You can also apply exercises for the diaphragm, which improves the spitting of the sputum. Excellent means - hardening. There is a special hardening technique, which is suitable for patients with bronchial asthma, but in this case, it is still necessary to supervise a specialist, since conventional hardening with gradually decreasing temperature is not suitable, in addition, it is quite dangerous. Do not use hardening in the presence of such concomitant diseases as diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, genitourinary systems. Treatment of bronchial asthma is a very responsible, complex process, which must be approached very carefully. Today, a variety of products are offered, including not only medicines, but also some methods of alternative medicine. When choosing a remedy, it is necessary to proceed from the form of asthma severity, the presence of concomitant diseases. Obligatory consultation of the doctor, which will appoint the exact dosage, the type of the drug. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a positive dynamics in the treatment of bronchial asthma.