what you need for a newborn Hassle associated with the appearance of a baby -the most exciting and enjoyable for any woman. And it is very important to provide all the important points and buy everything you need. There is a sign that you can not do things in advance for a baby. However, imagine the situation - you gave birth to a crumb, and the pope frantically rushes to find the necessary things for the heir or heiress. It is not hard to imagine what the newly-born pope will gain. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to leave all these prejudices and start buying things for crumbs yourself. But inexperienced mom to cope with this task is also very difficult. And no wonder - try to go to any children's store. Do they really run away? Therefore it is recommended to make a list of what is needed for a newborn for the first time. And we will help you in this. Of course, our advice is advisory. Some things you might not need, or you would prefer to buy something above the list. Yes, and the financial situation of each specific family also need to consider. But you will get a general idea of ​​what you and your baby will need. But let's get to the point.

What do you need a child in the hospital?

After the appearance of crumbs in the light, he is inmaternity hospital about 7 days. It is for this period and stock up on things. Of course, some of the things can be brought by relatives, but it's better to take everything at once, so as not to worry in case of unforeseen circumstances. After all, your mother can get into the car "traffic jams", and her husband can be detained at work. First, ask the maternity home beforehand if they have any requirements or recommendations. The realities of our life are such that very often in the maternity hospital they give out whole lists of things that need to be brought to the hospital. Often this list includes medications, and even clamps for the umbilical cord. All this is necessary to have with you during admission to the hospital, so buy the required in advance. Next, take care of the clothes of the baby. Most often in the maternity home they use diapers and ryazhonki. In most maternity hospitals an unlimited number of diapers are issued, but most often they are old enough, so moms prefer to buy their own. The number of diapers depends on whether it is permitted to use disposable diapers in the hospital. But in any case, "experienced" moms are advised to take at least 20 pieces. Warm or thin diapers - depends on the time of year. And, of course, from the air temperature in the ward, in which the mother and baby will be. In some maternity hospitals, they are allowed immediately after birth to wear blouses and sliders for crumbs. When buying, choose clothes made from natural materials, without gross seams. But do not forget that blouses and sliders should also be taken no less than 10 pieces each. Pampers, of course, a good thing. But a child can regurgitate, turn around in such a way that the diaper moves - but how much can happen? You do not want to ask the dry sliders of a neighbor in the ward until your relatives come to you? All of the above applies to disposable diapers. The old saying "the stock of trouble does not repair" is more relevant than ever. In the end, you can always take home the remaining unused diapers. Diapers should be bought the smallest size - from 2 to 5 kilograms. But only one large pack, which you need in the hospital! Because it may very well be that in a month your crumb will need diapers of a larger size. Do not forget about the hat - it must also be taken to the maternity hospital. It goes without saying that the caps should be seamless, but experienced moms recommend buying hats in the hospital and without strings. They are much more comfortable to wear than the usual cap with ties under the chin. Hats need at least 3 - 5 pieces. In the event that the sleeves in the blouses and underpants are not sewn, be sure to purchase several pairs of cotton mittens. They will help protect the child's delicate skin from scratches. In addition, not too hot will be superfluous - in newborn babies the feet are very cold. So, with clothes, we decided. Next, care must be taken for hygiene products for the baby. They will also require a lot:

  • Baby soap

Baby soap is the most reasonable to buy liquid, withdispenser. This measure will help you to facilitate the procedure of washing the baby - you will wash it with one hand, as the second one will have to keep it. Do not buy an ordinary soap - it can lead to irritation on the skin of the child. Buy only a special baby.

  • Wet wipes

Napkins should also be designed exactlyfor children's skin. For the first time it is recommended to purchase without any flavoring, even without the extract of aloe or chamomile. Thus, you insure the child from the appearance of allergic reactions.

  • Sterile cotton wool and cotton wool

Cotton discs can come in handy at any time,as a child, and mother. A sterile cotton wool will be needed to make flagella, which can clean the ears and spout of crumbs. Some mothers use cotton swabs for these purposes, but doctors do not recommend this.

  • Baby cream

In the event that you use disposablediapers, be sure to purchase a special protective cream. In the event that you do without diapers, it will be enough to buy the most ordinary baby cream. Remember that in no case can not use both children's cream and powder - very often inexperienced moms do it. And as a result, the child on the skin appear scuffed and intertrigo. With kits on the extract, as a rule, there are no problems, because the store can be purchased already ready. It often includes two turtles, two diapers, two hats, an envelope. There are both summer and autumn, and demi-season sets. The only thing you need to take care of is to prepare a disposable diaper and ribbon in advance, if you are adherents of the old traditions. what you need a newborn

Toddler at home

So, what you need a newborn in the first days afterbirth, we found out. Let's now talk about what needs to be prepared for the baby's arrival home. Let us remind you once again that this list is exemplary, and you can correct it based on your desires and possibilities.

  • Crib

Baby cot is the first thing you needtake care of parents. Sometimes a crib is used as a crib. However, this is extremely inconvenient, and it is unsafe - the children grow very quickly. And who can sit a child in any case can not be left in the wheelchair, since it can fall. Therefore, first of all get a crib. Some prefer to buy beautiful and cozy baby cradles and cradles. Of course, for the crumbs of the first few months of life, these options are ideal. But, before you buy such a cradle, think - are you ready in a few months to purchase a baby cot as well? If the financial side of the question does not scare you, then why not? When purchasing a crib, do not forget about the mattress. The stores have a very wide selection of a variety of mattresses - wadded, spring, with various fillers. Doctors - orthopedists advise to purchase mattresses with coconut filler. Although, of course, in this case it all depends on your financial capabilities.

  • Mattress mattress

Even if you usedisposable diapers, an oilcloth for protection of a mattress is simply necessary. It is most convenient to purchase an oilcloth provided with fixing elastic bands - they will not slip off the mattress. Modern oilcloths perfectly pass air.

  • Bed dress

Do not forget to purchase several setsbed linen - at least 4-5 pieces. They will have to be changed often enough. Bed linen should be made of natural materials - cotton, linen. The blanket is necessary at least two - for winter and summer time, and the pillow for the first year is not needed at all. In recent years, very often parents acquire protective borders and canopy. In principle, the question is quite controversial - on the one hand, the sides protect the baby from possible drafts, and the canopy muffles the light. But on the other hand, they are the real dust collectors. Therefore, you will have to wash them at least twice a week.

  • Nightlight

Very often parents completely overlookedsuch a small thing as a nightlight. And very much in vain - at night the nightlight will have to come in handy. Although it can be replaced - for example, cover a diaper with a table lamp.

  • Bath

A newborn baby needs to bathedaily. And it is much more convenient to do this in a baby bath than in a large bath. If you plan to bathe the child yourself, without the help of relatives, get a special slide. It reliably fixes the baby in the bath and makes it easier for you.

  • Towel

Do not forget also about the towel for the baby. Very often parents do not buy a separate towel for crumbs. And very vain - pediatricians are reminded that the child's towels should be individual. Very comfortable special towels with a hood.

  • Baby carriage and car seat

For the normal development of the body to the childfresh air is needed, so daily walks should become a part of life crumbs. So, without a wheelchair can not do. The choice of strollers is huge, therefore all depends only on your taste and material possibilities. The main thing - remember that you need to buy a stroller that corresponds to the age of the baby. The same is true of the child car seat - do not buy it "for growth". Such a car seat can not adequately protect the child. what you need a newborn for the first time

Want to eat!

Regardless of whether you are breastfeeding, or with artificial milk formula, you will need the following things:

  • Breast Pump

The breast pump is the main assistant to the nursing mother,especially in the first month after the birth of the child. And in the future, my mother can easily express the milk, if she needs to leave. There are a variety of breast pumps - it all depends on the material capabilities of the family.

  • Bottles

They will be needed anyway - feed youbaby breast, or not. You may need to give your child water, give him expressed milk, or some medicine. Preferably buy anti-bullet bottles.

Pleasant trifles

Modern humanity has invented enoughmany adaptations that facilitate the care of the baby. Buy them or not - it's up to you, because you can do without them. But we all the same tell about the most popular of them.

  • Bottle Preheater

The heater allows the mixture to be heated to the desired temperature.temperature, defrost expressed milk. Yes, and maintain the temperature of the finished mixture heater is within reach. Many parents do not imagine life without a heater.

  • Baby Monitor

You know what your baby does when you are not inroom? And those who have a baby monitor - they know. Let them not see the child, but they will not miss the crying in any case. It is very convenient in case you live in a big house.

  • Heat exchanger for diapers.

Yes, yes, even such a thought! Although, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that it can be successfully replaced with an ordinary plastic bucket with a lid. Of course, you will want to buy many more. However, we told you about what the newborn needs for the first time. So meet the baby fully armed! We advise you to read: