The Montessori group is a reasonable helper The first significant achievements of children are alwaysan occasion for pride of parents. However, while some people are proud of the first book they read, a decided example, others consider great progress simply the opportunity to sit, take toys, speak individual words. Especially important are these imperceptible, at first glance, achievements for mothers of "special" children, whom doctors diagnosed as "lagging behind in mental development." Any achievement of such children is almost a feat, the result of joint work of the child, parents, teachers. Modern methods of early development make it possible to socialize these children more quickly, give them a chance to subsequently receive a normal education. The best way to meet the needs of special children is the Montessori method, which teaches the children to think independently. Initially, the technique was designed specifically for children who are mentally retarded. Time has confirmed the effectiveness of the methodology of the talented Italian teacher Maria Montessori. Later, the Montessori system was used for all children. The Italian teacher blurred the boundary between norm and backwardness. Psychiatric defects are a matter of cultural encirclement. Potential opportunities are a matter of proper upbringing. The Montessori group is a reasonable helper The main advantage of Montessori -independent choice of classes. The child gets the opportunity to develop at a suitable pace on an individual schedule. There are no compulsory exercises, preconceived plans. Everyone is guided by the pupil himself. Enough to consider the child an unreasonable being. The child's brain can separate the "grains from the chaff". Adults tend to underestimate kids. The child's mind, uncomplicated by the excess baggage of useless information, is able to remember as quickly as possible everything that is happening. A half-hour thematic game, selected crumb alone, will be more useful than a one-hour lesson with an expensive teacher. An adult will sooner or later be released. So, focuses on the future. Accustomed to think, solve problems, be responsible for the deeds of the cub will become a mature, full-fledged, successful member of the society. Molding, beading, quilling will develop tactile sensations, spatial thinking. Classes of painting, music will instill a sense of beauty. The alternation of intellectual and physical development will make the immature baby smart. Preschool child development centers, a practicing Montessori approach, will be the optimal solution for busy parents. A source