Skin care Every year on the Earth's ecological mapthere are more and more contaminated areas. By the beginning of the 21st century, mankind realized that the damage done to the environment can not but affect the people themselves - the perpetrators of the deteriorated ecology and depleting resources. Land contaminated with nuclear waste and landfills, as well as the mountains of debris of human civilization, can become unsuitable for life after a couple of centuries. Today is called the dirtiest inhabited locality of the planet recognized. It is the city of Benhy in China. Because of the fog from the gases and soot it is barely discernible on satellite maps. The thing is that more than 420 of its factories operate around it. Also the most dirty river is known. It is located in the heart of Europe - it is the Rhine, flowing in Germany. The river was contaminated by the release of chemical waste that occurred in the 1970s. It's not a mystery to anyone that the number of clean corners on earth is decreasing every year. There are brands that are equally responsive to both nature and their consumers. When creating waste funds, they use only natural components - extracts and oils of plants grown in the cleanest regions of the planet. In addition, such brands are trying to make the most of all the natural resources spent for production. One of the regions, not yet spoiled by civilization, is Morocco, located on the northern coast of Africa. There, according to the millennial tradition of manual wringing, Berber tribes extract argan oil - a source of valuable polyunsaturated acids and vitamin E. For its unique properties, the oil was called "Morocco gold". A few years ago, NIVEA established trade relations with Berber farmers on the Fair Trade code (fair trade). According to him, the farmers supplying oil receive a decent payment for their hard work, as well as all the necessary resources to restore the natural balance - re-planting of argon trees. Bio-argan oil became the basis of the formula cream-gel for the shower Pure & Natural from NIVEA, together with bio extract of aloe vera. Feel the care of nature itself and take a step to take care of it.