Bad look in the morning? Skin separately from the rest of the body does not happen. Moreover, it is an indicator of our state. It will necessarily show itself all the problems of internal organs. What happened at night that it took a day cream? And at night your skin lost moisture and wrinkles appeared on your face, especially if you were always sleeping on your stomach or tossing and turning in your sleep. At that time the face swelled and rubbed against the pillow. The top layer of the skin dried up during the night, but the middle and lower layers of the skin were oversaturated with moisture, since you were in a horizontal position all night. The eyelids became swollen, bags appeared under the eyes, the cheeks became puffy, the face oval - it is better not to look. The body overnight tried to compensate for the undistributed moisture and began to narrow the subcutaneous vessels, so you and the pallor of the face is visible in the mirror. And on the pale face you can see everything: all the wrinkles and pimples stand out, leading you into frustration. They were just before in the normal color of the face were invisible and you were not disturbed. Do not panic! There is also a day cream, it's time to put it on your face. He quickly removes the result of night swelling and pallor of the skin. Day cream generally needs to be considered morning, in the afternoon it is useless. The skin responds to its effect only in the morning, the components of the cream realize their program to bring the person back to normal, moisturizing and protecting it, at the same time the sebaceous glands work normal, the face will not be treacherously shining. Morning cosmetics is applied only an hour after sleep. Criteria for choosing a day cream are always produced by its contents. In the cream, there should be special bioprotectors in the form of mexoril. It protects against the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers. In the cream should be an SPF-factor, beeswax and vegetable ceramides. Then your skin will have protection from the sun and wind, tobacco smoke and dust, from atmospheric precipitation and exhaust gases of passing cars. With skin care, it is important to adhere to the regimen. It is best to use creams of one line, they will complement each other, and the effect of the action will be strengthened. Do not confuse day and night cream, because they have a different effect. The composition of the active components of each cream is specially selected. Only in this way they can bring the maximum benefit, justifying your costs. Day cream, it is a moisturizing and skin-protective preparation, while the night cream nourishes and restores the skin. Regular use of creams will give you the opportunity to keep your face in a natural state for a long time. We advise you to read: