removal of scars There is a well-known expression that scars adornman. For any woman, the scar is the reason for the decrease in self-esteem. And it does not matter where it is located. Removal of scars becomes the main goal of the suffered woman. Scars or scars (this is the same thing) occurs after burns, injuries, various diseases and surgical operations. When the wound is healing, the wounds begin to contract, the tissues change shape. If the scar becomes denser with time, turns pale and becomes invisible, you are dealing with a normotrophic scar. If the scar is below all surrounding tissues, it is an atrophic scar. When a scar protrudes above the surface of the skin - this is a hypertrophic scar. The most difficult scars occur after burns. In medicine, they are classified as keloid scars.

Removal of scars and scars in modern medicine

There are different ways to deal with scars, butBefore you start this fight, you must clearly realize that it is completely impossible to save a person from a scar, you can make the scar imperceptible. In order to understand what method of removal of the scar is more effective, determine its type. Atrophic and normotrophic scars are not operated. Other methods are used to remove them. Hypertrophic scars are successfully removed with the help of surgical intervention. Keloid can not be operated, as this provokes their growth. If it is necessary to start work with atrophic scars as early as possible, then with keloid and hypertrophic scars one can start work when they come to a calm state. To remove atrophic scars can be using chemical peeling and, when filling a lack of tissue, special preparations using hyaluronic acid. Laser abrasion is used to remove hypertrophic scars. The most complex - keloid scars - require a phased application of various methods. Electrophoresis with lidase, hydrocortisone is widely used. In the rumen area injections of hormonal preparations are made, they are affected by cold and radiotherapy is used. removal of scars by laser

Using a laser

To date, this is the most effective wayremove any scars. Laser nanoprobeing consists of several sessions. If you decide on this method, then you will be surprised that the sessions pass almost painlessly and after them there is no long recovery period. Treatment begins with an effect on scar tissue. It must be deleted. For this procedure, an erbium laser is used, which carefully evaporates the scar layer by layer. Erbium laser is also used for rejuvenation, wrinkle removal. With the help of it, the effects of acne and various benign formations are removed. Next comes the technology of contactless laser coagulation of vessels that feed the scar. The scar tissue ceases to grow, and the surrounding tissue grows healthy and, thus, the scar begins to shrink. Mesotherapy is often used to stop the growth of the scar. It is often called the "targeted delivery of youth." With the help of injections, the drug is injected into the problem area and gradually, within 7 days, provides the tissues with all the substances necessary for regeneration. Mesotherapy facials are often used by cosmetologists for a rejuvenating procedure. That the patient does not have painful sensations, a special anesthetic cream is applied and the injection is carried out in comfortable conditions. Such cocktails contribute to faster resorption of scars. There are no age restrictions for the use of mesotherapy. To work with atrophic scars apply contour plasty of the rumen. Recall, the atrophic scar is below the level of the skin and, in order to work with it, it is necessary to "pull out" it. To do this, special injection-fillers are made, based on hyaluronic acid. The filler, filling the cavity, "pushes" the scar to the level of healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid increases tissue density and resists re-shedding. Also, these injections have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin, make it well-toned and moisturized. Very often they are used for age-related skin changes. When using a laser, chemical and mechanical peels are not used. Under certain circumstances, peelings can cause growth of the scar and have such unpleasant consequences as hyperpigmentation of the tissues around the scar. The use of laser removal of scars and scars is extremely effective. You will notice improvement after the first session, and after completing the entire course, you will forget about this problem forever. This method has no contraindications over age and is completely safe. peeling for scar removal

Mechanical removal of scars

Mechanical skin polishing -microdermabrasion - is done to make scars less noticeable. This removes the upper layer of the skin using abrasive particles that have a microscopic size. Aluminum oxide is most often used. This method is used to remove scars formed after surgical operations. This method is popular, since in addition to combating scarring, it is used in cases of pigmentation disorders or with age-related skin changes. If we consider this method as a means of removing scars, it is not effective enough. Not all scars, according to medical indicators, can be processed in this way. Recovery after such sessions takes a long time. The skin really becomes more smooth and smooth, but it takes 4-6 weeks for the skin to return to its natural state.

The use of steroids and cryotherapy

Remove scars and scars with injectionssteroids is considered very effective, since steroids strongly slow the growth and activity of the building element of scar tissue. Scars decrease with time and become less noticeable. But the effect of this method can occur only if these injections occur regularly. The frequency of injections is 30-40 days. It's a long way to deal with scars and scars. However, there are few side effects of this method. The most common - at the injection site, pigmentation of the skin can change. The effect of cold on the skin with the help of liquid nitrogen or cryotherapy is an independent direction in cosmetology and medicine. Liquid nitrogen, freezing scars, softens them. The combination of the two methods at the same time, namely injection of steroids with the use of liquid nitrogen, gives the long-awaited effect. After cryotherapy sessions, the skin can peel off, itch, but these symptoms quickly pass. removal of small scars and scars

Application of grinding and peeling

Laser resurfacing is a more traumatic methodstruggle against scars. The scar by layer is destroyed by the laser, but in this case the patient does not lose the tumor within 14 days and there is a soreness in the scar area. In these procedures, antibiotics and medications that improve blood circulation are prescribed. This is due to the fact that there is a risk of getting an infection. Usually, after peeling, a peeling is prescribed. First, a superficial peeling is done, when the skin is processed with fruit acids. The skin becomes more elastic, its relief is leveled. The scar becomes less noticeable. Only after this, chemical peeling is prescribed. It is directed against the growth of scar tissue and to improve metabolic processes in the skin.

Folk remedies for scars

People's means can help ifthe scar is not deep and fresh. But folk recipes favorably influence the condition of the skin, nourish it and help make the scars soft and more pliable.

  • Very good helps tincture from the root of the althea ormint. Acquire herbs preferably in the pharmacy, it guarantees quality. The required amount of root (following the instructions) should be filled with cold boiled water and left for 7-8 hours. Scars should be treated with this infusion 5-6 times a day for 2 months. Instead of marshmallow you can use mint.
  • The ointment made from anyvegetable oil with beeswax. On a water bath, warm up any vegetable oil and in a ratio of 1: 1 add the wax. After holding for another 8-10 minutes, remove, cool and smear on the scars in the morning and in the evening for 2 months.
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