how to lose fat from the stomach "How to lose fat from the abdomen, left afterchildbirth? "- this question is asked by most young mothers. Fat mass, recruited by a woman during pregnancy, is usually distributed precisely over the abdomen and thighs. Excess weight from the buttocks usually goes away in a few weeks, but your tummy will continue to hang over your trouser belt until you resort to cardinal measures to get rid of it.

Proper nutrition

To lose weight from the abdomen, keepspecial diet. For breakfast, eat one orange, grapefruit or pineapple. Fruit acids contained in them, quickly saturate the body and contribute to the burning of fatty tissue. However, such breakfasts are contraindicated for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. In this case, you can replace the fruit with a glass of unsweetened tea and rye bread or low-calorie yogurt. If you are accustomed to snacking chips or crackers between basic meals, forget about getting rid of unnecessary weight. Replace a glass of cola and fast food with dried fruits, nuts or fresh berries. Instead of your favorite lemonade drink green tea or herbal infusions - for example, chamomile pharmacy, mother-and-stepmother, yarrow or calendula. And strengthen your health, and throw off the hated pounds. Lunch is the key meal in this diet. To the feeling of hunger did not make itself felt until the evening, eat a plate of tasty vegetable soup. For example, tomato, pumpkin or cabbage. For its preparation finely cut 250 gr. vegetables, pour 500 gr. water, add salt and spices. Bring to a boil, cook over low heat for 5 minutes. Have dinner no later than two hours before bedtime. Everything that you eat later will be deposited on your sides and waist. The ideal dinner is a bowl of buckwheat, buckwheat, millet, rice or corn groats boiled on the water. If you were hungry and can not fall asleep, drink a glass of kefir or eat a green apple. how to lose fat from your stomach yourself

Cosmetic abdominal skin care

After giving birth, the skin of the abdomen often looks flabby andon it there are violet-blue streamers. Tighten the tummy, as well as get rid of the stria can with the help of special cosmetics. In pharmacies and stores full of creams, lotions and gels with modeling properties based on caffeine and menthol. These substances activate the process of fission of fats, and also return the former tone to the sagging skin. Radically lose weight with their help will not work, but remove 2-3 cm from the waist is quite real. Similar in composition, but completely natural cream can be prepared at home. Take 100 gr. Of sour cream, add 2 tablespoons. fine salt, 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and 10 drops of lavender oil. Stir well and apply to the skin of the stomach after the shower. Let the agent soak, then pat dry skin with a towel. Repeat the procedure on a daily basis. Good results also give the use of such a composition: 200 g. glycerin, bought in a pharmacy, take 10 gr. essential oil of sweet or bitter orange. It helps to remove toxins, perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes stretch marks less noticeable. Useful properties of fruit acid can be used not only for proper nutrition. Chemical peels on their basis simulate body contours and stimulate blood supply in the upper tissues of the epidermis. Regularly using a peeling, you will reduce the waist and lighten the stretch marks. This cosmetic product can be bought in any store of professional cosmetics, and if desired - cook at home. 4 large lemon grind, squeeze the juice, add 4 tablespoons. vegetable oil and apply the resulting mixture on the skin of the stomach for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with a jet of warm water and shower gel, soften the skin with a nutritious cream. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a month. If there is no allergy to turpentine 2 times a month, take turpentine baths. In the pharmacy you can buy yellow and white turpentine emulsion. Yellow strengthens tissues and speeds up lymph flow and circulation, and white strengthens toxins and brightens striae. In order to quickly lose weight, alternate both. For the preparation of a bath add 200 gr. turpentine in hot water (which you can only endure). Each time, increase the time spent in the bathroom for 2-3 minutes. For the first time, sit in it for 10 minutes, in the second - 12 and so until 30. Every evening before going to bed, take a contrast shower, during which it is useful to rub your tummy with an anti-cellulite masseur-mitten and a special salt-based scrub. Mix 100 gr. large salt, 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 3 tablespoons. thick cream. Apply the resulting mass to the loofah and massage her body until all the scraping particles are completely dissolved. Reduce body volume will also help wrap. During this procedure, a semblance of the greenhouse effect is artificially created, and together with the released then toxins and extra pounds go away. Apply liquid honey or any anti-cellulite cream to the body. Wrap the stomach with several layers of polyethylene film and leave it for two or three hours. Then the composition can be washed off. You can prepare a mixture for wrapping from vinegar: 50 gr. Vinegar should be diluted with 2 glasses of warm water and grease this liquid with the stomach.

How to lose fat from the stomach with a massage

A tempting prospect of getting rid of the tummy withoutdiets and physical exertions are promised by the developers of a special massage. It is not necessary to contact a cosmetologist - it's easy to repeat the technique of doing it at home. It's simple: during the procedure, you will carefully massage the fat deposits accumulated on the abdomen, activating the fat burning process. If during the procedure you use essential oils or anti-cellulite cream, then reduce the waist size much faster. Lie down on the bed, laying a small pillow under your waist. Apply on the skin of the abdomen a massage oil diluted with essential oil of cedar, wormwood, ylang-ylang or patchouli. Do not save: the oil should be enough to lightly slip your fingers over the skin. Start with a slight pat on your fingertips. Then put both hands on your stomach and start vigorously rubbing it, moving back and forth. After 5 minutes, change the tactics: massage the folds, roll them under your fingers, pinch and knead like a dough. Complete the procedure with a 5-minute vacuum massage - during it the skin is treated with special "jars", which can be bought at any pharmacy. If you are not afraid of bruises and redness, do honey massage twice a week. Apply on the stomach 100 gr. honey, heated in a water bath to 45-50 ° C. Put your palm on the problem area, abundantly greased with honey. Stroke the skin for 5-7 seconds, then sharply tear your palm off the surface of the abdomen. The procedure is rather painful, but very effective. By the end of the session on your body should remain gray "spools" of honey and dead skin cells, if you did everything correctly. how to lose fat from the abdomen correctly

Physical exercise

The ideal physical load after childbirth is a hoop. Twist it for 30-40 minutes a day, at any time convenient for you. Best of all, of course, in the morning - then you are hungry, so your body is forced to spend not only what you eat calories, but your own fat deposits. After you finish twisting the hoop, jump 5-10 minutes on the rope to speed up the coveted weight loss. If you perform exercises with a hoop right after eating, do not be surprised that nausea or heartburn will appear. To relieve the tummy, you need to swing the press. Do this with the mind - performing the wrong exercises, you will increase muscle mass, without skipping a gram. Depending on the location of the "dislocation" of fat deposits, choose the load for the upper press or the lower one. Twisting is used to remove fat from the upper abdomen. With the help of the press, lift your body by 40 degrees and turn to the left. Fix the body in this position for a few seconds while holding hands behind the head. Down, repeat the exercise, the next turn - to the right. And so 20 times. Bend your knees, lying on the floor. Straining the abdominal muscles, tear off the body from the body. Raise it by 30 degrees, stay in this position for 5 seconds, try to breathe deeply. Down, repeat 30 times. The lower press is easy to pump, regularly performing the following exercise. Lie down on the floor, bending your knees. Raise yourself and reach for your toes with your fingertips. Lower the body to the floor, climb again and try to reach the toes. Every day - 40 approaches. To drop excess fat from the abdomen can also be surgically done. However, liposuction has many contraindications and side effects. Much easier to lose weight at home, you just have to stock up perseverance and patience. We advise you to read: