hot manicure Hot manicure is one of the most popularprocedures in beauty salons. This is a great way to return the skin to the hands of softness, to smooth out age wrinkles and to improve nails. The uniqueness and efficiency of such care determines its high cost. However, you can save on the services of a master professional by doing such a manicure at home.

Features of hot manicure

The technology of hot manicure is in many ways akinclassical. Hands are immersed in a special lotion or liquid cream for 10-15 minutes. The steaming liquid is preheated to 30-40 degrees to "activate" the active ingredients of the formulation. Palms and fingers degrease, massage, then rub the nourishing cream. After a hot bath you can start cleaning your nails, polishing and processing the cuticle. Classical manicure is contraindicated if you have a fragile and nascent lamina. What can not be said about hot - it restores porous nails, moisturizes the epidermis and even helps with joint pain. It easily copes with peeling and microcracks, arising from low temperatures during the cold season. Another significant plus of hot manicure: dermatological diseases, cuts and scratches are not contraindications for this procedure. hot manicure technology

Method of performing cream manicure at home

To prepare for a beauty session, carefullyWash your hands and remove any lacquer residue, if any, on your nails. Medicinal and colorless compounds also need to be removed, since they interfere with the penetration of medicinal ingredients into the cuticle and nail sinuses. Use liquid for this purpose without acetone - it causes irreparable harm to the nails. To file wet fingernails or nails it is impossible in no event, therefore in advance process their file. Hard, thick nails are suitable saw with a large abrasive, a thin and brittle "shown" glass instrument with a spray of fine fraction. To steam up the upper layers of the skin and nail plates will require a special device. The device for hot manicure can be purchased at any store of professional cosmetology equipment or ordered via the Internet. The standard device provides two modes of operation: heating and maintaining the temperature regime. Do not forget to also buy disposable bathtubs, in which you will pour the solution for manicure. A similar device can easily be replaced with an enameled basin or bowl. A suitable lotion is poured lotion or liquid cream and heated in a water bath to the desired temperature. The disadvantage is that the liquid will have to be heated periodically, because it cools down quickly. Yes, and the time interval necessary to absorb the cream into the hands, increases to half an hour. But a hot manicure will be much cheaper. A few minutes after you put the brush in the bath, proceed to massage. Without taking your hands out of the lotion, begin alternately to mash the wrists and wrists. Tap lightly with the fingers of one hand on the back of the palm of your hand. Stretch and stretch the tendons, "tortured" with daily "communication" with the keyboard. Complete the massage with intense "tingling" of the carpal-metacarpal "membranes" between the fingers. As a next stage of nail care, a hot manicure involves softening the cuticle. It is often combined with the so-called "European" type of removal of excess skin in the hollow of the nail - by shifting with the help of an orange stick. Do you prefer classical manicure? Then cut the steamed cuticle with manicure tweezers, previously disinfected in 95% alcohol to avoid infection in the formed hole. Before removing excess skin on the nail, rub into it a couple drops of essential oil of orange or bitter almonds. Blot your palms with a tissue napkin to remove excess cream. Polish the nails to make them look healthy and well-groomed. Hot manicure usually includes "sealing" of nutrients in the nail plate. If you have a special cream with minerals and vitamins, carefully rub in each nail for 1-2 drops of funds. The last step is applying a base coat and a colored varnish. The use of the base in this case is necessary, since useful substances that have absorbed into the nail plate, otherwise it will not have a positive effect. To accelerate the drying of the nail, covered with varnish, use a special spray-fixer. hot manicure technology

Hot manicure: folk recipes

Purchase lotion or emollient creamit is easy to replace the product prepared at home. As the main component, glycerin, a solution of furacilin, vegetable oil, lanolin or melted beeswax are usually used. Prepare a decoction of 3 tbsp. chamomile, 2 tablespoons chamomile yarrow and 2 glasses of boiling water. Melt 3 tablespoons on low fire. beeswax, add 2 cups of olive oil and infusion of herbs. Stir thoroughly and boil. This lotion has an excellent moisturizing and healing effect. 200 gr. Melt butter or high-quality margarine melt with 2 tablespoons. oil extract of vitamin E. In the resulting mixture, drip a few drops of essential oil of geranium and eucalyptus. This composition, with regular application, smoothes fine wrinkles on the hands and strengthens the nails. However, if you suffer from excessive sweating, be careful not to use it too often. A hot manicure for oily skin of the hands will be useful if you use lemon, sweet orange or lime oil when making lotion. If you do not have money for expensive essential oils, boil dried citrus crusts in salted water. Cool the infusion and store it in the refrigerator for 1 month. For one session, it is enough to mix a glass of orange broth with 50 grams. lanolin and warm in the bath. Hot manicure is not accidentally called "royal". No therapeutic varnish will return your nails a healthy and well-groomed appearance faster than luxurious baths and proper massage. Moreover, it is not necessary to pay money for this. We advise you to read: