consequences of cystitis Cystitis is one of the most commondiseases, which today is found in almost every fifth of the fair sex. There are a lot of reasons for the occurrence, and it is possible to list all the factors indefinitely. But the result is one - inflammation of the bladder, accompanied by pain, cuts and discomfort in the abdomen. It is not so easy to be cured of cystitis. This will take time and patience. But even if there is an improvement, the risk of recurrence is high enough. Therefore, it is so important to do everything under the prescription of a doctor, constantly visit a specialist and not engage in self-medication. Otherwise, the consequences can be sad, down to infertility.

Who is at risk?

So, first we need to find out whichthe category of girls most often has cystitis. At risk are women who do not pay proper attention to hygiene. Not many people know, for example, that after defecation it is necessary to wipe the perineum from the pubis to the coccyx, and not vice versa. The same applies to undermining. Also, some ladies take a shower just once a day, forgetting that you need to bathe after each bowel movement. Another point that very few people pay attention to is the wearing of gaskets. Ladies do not always change their schedule on schedule, both daily and ordinary. Think about half an hour longer like. As a result, bacteria begin to multiply on the surface, which very quickly and easily get through the urethra into the bladder. The next category of girls who are at risk of developing cystitis are lovers of passionate, diverse and unusual sex. First, the frequent change of partners is dangerous. This does not mean that you have to put an end to your personal and intimate life. Just use condoms. Secondly, it is undesirable to engage in usual sex after anal. All bacteria that are contained in your intestines, immediately get inside. Therefore, every time after such experiments you and your partner should take a shower to wash your genitals. But even if you comply with all the above rules, relax before the time is not worth it. In some cases, cystitis occurs because of a sedentary lifestyle, a malfunction in the body, wearing uncomfortable things, permanent constipation, hypothermia and many such factors. cystitis consequences

Diagnosis of the disease: when to see a doctor

Note: if already that day you constantly run to the toilet (more than 3-4 times per hour), while experiencing discomfort during urination, you have a strong, sharp or pulling pain in the lower abdomen, it is urgent to begin treatment. It is worse if the blood is found in the urine or it becomes a murky shade. Women, first encountered with cystitis, often at first take it for other diseases. And only after all the symptoms become too obvious, they turn to the doctor. Of course, there are units that because of work, lack of finance, strong employment at home or because of fear of diagnosing sexually transmitted disease, do not want to go to the doctor. And this is one of the most serious mistakes they make. After all, in the future, cystitis becomes chronic. And now let's talk about what is dangerous for the lovely ladies chronic form of the disease. This means that even if you feel good today, tomorrow there can be an exacerbation. Infection will spread throughout the bladder, and sometimes even goes beyond it. As a result, all nearby organs are affected. Therefore, it is so important to pass tests (blood from the vein and finger, urine) in time to diagnose the disease. The lab technician will conduct tests to determine the number of white blood cells and protein, as well as detect microbes. If the indicators are quite high, the diagnosis is confirmed and the full treatment begins. In some cases, doctors also prescribe an ultrasound examination, an X-ray. Medications are prescribed for a reason, but based on the results of the crop, which determines which antibiotics the bacteria react to. The fact is that microbes are completely indifferent to a certain category of drugs. In this case, the pills only harm. Therefore, it is so important not to engage in self-medication, even if you know for sure that you have cystitis.

What is dangerous cystitis or why should I be treated?

Do you still hope for luck and luck? Do not want to spend time on trips to specialists who constantly require to take tests? Then you need to stock up on finances, patience and courage. Because you will have to face complications, the treatment of which will take more than a dozen years. So, the most dangerous consequences of cystitis:

  • Infectious diseases of the kidneys

If you do not cure the disease to the end, the infectionwill not go anywhere. It is worth a little cold, worried about how a relapse occurs, and with serious complications. Disease germs enter the bloodstream and are carried throughout the body. In the first place, the kidneys suffer. Infection affects them, causing kidney failure or pyelonephritis.

  • Hematuria

Hemorrhagic cystitis is a certainan anomaly, when an impurity of blood is found in the patient's urine. As a rule, this is quickly eliminated in the initial stages. In some cases, as an additional treatment is prescribed abundant drink. Sometimes in women, because of antibiotics, bleeding begins. If this happens, all medicines are canceled, and sometimes even a transfusion is prescribed. the effects of cystitis in girls

Treatment of cystitis in the polyclinic and at home

During an exacerbation the patient must observebed rest. That is, no walks with friends, work in the workplace and domestic affairs. The patient in such cases is recommended to drink as much as possible ordinary liquid (weak tea, water without gas). Also have to sit on a strict diet. Thus, you can not eat spicy, salty, smoked, fried foods, as they can provoke a deterioration in your condition. In addition to the treatment, decoctions of herbs are prescribed. In pharmacies, you can buy kidney fees, which do well with the task. Please note: they are diuretic, so you should not get too carried away with such a drink. Otherwise, it is fraught with dehydration. In addition, you will be prescribed drugs that relieve spasms. They will help get rid of unbearable pain, which even moves around the apartment. And, of course, do not neglect antibiotic treatment. All - only according to your doctor's prescription. With chronic cystitis, the first thing you need to do is restore the normal urine flow, remove the inflammation. Then you will be given a bunch of tests to identify the affected organs and foci of infection. In this case, antibiotics are prescribed only after conducting urine culture tests. In the future you will have to take precautions: to monitor your own hygiene, use special products, in time to empty the bladder, avoid contact with strangers and eat right. Plus, every six months - to visit the attending physician.