causes of labia hypertrophy Women are very sensitive to theirappearance. The beauty of their intimate parts of the body, they pay no less attention than the state of the skin, hair and figure. A lot of worries for women and girls are delivered to the hanging labia. An unofficial canon of beauty is the structure of female organs, in which the small labia are covered with large ones and do not protrude outward. But in some representatives of the fair sex, they noticeably hang over the border of the large labia. Their length in the elongated state can reach 4 cm and even more. There are times when the genitals are asymmetrical and only one lip "pops out", while the second one has no complaints. In medicine, the imperfect structure of female intimate organs is commonly called hypertrophy of the labia.

Suspended labia: causes and effects on the life of a woman

Although the sagging of the external genitalia is not considereddisease or any deviation from the norm, women are often complex because of this. They try not to visit saunas, swimming pools, massage rooms and other public places where they need to undress. Because of the hypertrophy of the labia, many women feel uncomfortable during sex, and sometimes even avoid it. In addition to psychological discomfort, hanging lips give their owners physical problems - because of large genitals often there are unpleasant sensations when sitting, playing sports, wearing thongs and tight pants. In most cases, the labia is hypertrophy congenital, but often the genitals are stretched, lose their tone and become flabby under the influence of external factors. These include:

  • pregnancy and childbirth;
  • excessively active sex life;
  • injuries;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • age changes.

Some men like it when they havesweethearts or wives small lips hang - they consider a similar structure of the genital organs piquant and exciting. But, despite this, women are often very worried about this peculiarity of their body and are embarrassed once again to bare their partner. Solving the problem of sagging the labia is possible with the help of intimate surgery. The operation to eliminate the hypertrophy of female genitalia is called labioplasty. Every woman makes a decision about her individually, proceeding from her own understanding of the canons of beauty. correction of the labia

Correction of labia: preparation for surgery and its conduct

Thanks to the labioplasty, you can reduce the length andthe dimensions of the labia, correct their shape. This operation is recommended for all women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their external genitalia. As with any surgical procedure, labyoplasty has its own contraindications. The operation should be delayed if a woman has inflammatory processes in the organs of the reproductive system or an untreated venereal disease. Do not rush to do the plastic surgery of the labia to young women who in the future plan to give birth to a baby. Before the operation, the woman is sent for examination. She must take blood tests for hepatitis, syphilis and HIV, a smear on the flora. Immediately before the operation, the patient needs to shave off the hair from the genital area and empty the bladder. Usually, labioplasty is performed under local anesthesia in combination with a weak sedation. The operation does not take much time, its duration rarely exceeds 40 minutes. Before starting a surgical procedure, the doctor takes a picture of the labia. This will enable the patient to compare the look of her own genitals before and after the operation. During labyoplasty, a woman should lie on her back with widely divergent legs, which for convenience are fixed with special supports. The hanging lips are treated with an antiseptic preparation, and the area of ​​the body around them is covered with sterile underwear. A plastic surgeon, using a V-shaped or a linear incision, excises excess tissue in the labia minora, so that they stop hanging and become attractive. Very often in women giving birth, along with the stretching of tissues in small lips, deformity of the labia majora occurs. Operative intervention will help here. A plastic surgeon will perform circumcision of the hanging parts of the skin in this area. After removing excess tissue, the doctor applies the sutures with self-absorbable threads to the wounds, which after a while dissolve independently and leave the patient's body. If the operation to correct the hanging labia has gone safely, the woman on the same day is released home. life after labioplasty

Life after labioplasty

To prevent complications, the patient is prescribedantibiotic therapy. Wounds must be treated independently with antiseptic solutions until they are completely healed. In the first time after surgery, a woman can experience pain in the genital area. To ease the condition, she is prescribed pain medication. It is forbidden to wear tight underwear, take baths, sit and lift weights for 7 days after the labiaplasty. Intimate life should be excluded for a month. Correction of the hanging labia does not affect the quality of sexual life. On the contrary, after removing excess tissues on the genitals, the clitoris becomes more open and sensitive, and the woman begins to get more pleasure from the intimate caresses of the partner. Having received perfectly beautiful labia, the ladies become liberated in bed, because they no longer have an inferiority complex about the imperfection of the genitals. Labioplasty should be done only when the hanging lips bring a physical or psycho-emotional suffering to a woman. If the hypertrophy of the external genitalia does not affect her life in any way and does not give her any discontent, then the operation is not needed.