Comfort in home The house should be such that the whole family would like toin it to return after a hard working day. Some landladies understand this definition in their own way and set themselves the task of preparing a lot and tasty. But the man is not the only one who does not eat the food. Any of us after a delicious dinner will certainly want to fall apart in a warm armchair. And if the TV is still on the opposite side, it's all about beauty. Add to this the console from the satellite dish in your hands, and realize that happiness can be complete. And just everything is needed - comfort in the house and maximum thoughtfulness of the situation. In addition, in a beautiful house and live nicely. It's not for nothing that construction markets are full of insane amounts of different wallpapers, carpets and other materials for housing. Meanwhile, the appearance of your apartment depends not only on the layout and arrangement of furniture, but also on decorative finishes, choice of curtains, lighting fixtures and much more. Are they intrigued? Then let's learn to bring comfort in the house without the help of professional designers.

Curtains and curtains

Curtains on the windows are one of the most importantelements of home decoration. They can mitigate the shortcomings of windows, lengthen or expand them as needed. For example, if you want to visually expand the window, you need to hang curtains on both sides of it, taking a piece of the wall on the right or left. If the window needs to be visually narrowed, the curtains are hung on the cornice corresponding to the size of the window opening, and the length of the curtains is brought to the floor itself. Any curtains look very nice when they are draped in bulk folds or assemblies. To do this, the width of the panel should be one and a half times longer than the width of the window opening. If the walls are painted or covered with monophonic wallpaper without a pattern, then for the curtains, you can (and even need) to use a patterned fabric, and the figure itself or the background of the fabric must match the color of the walls, i.e. was with them of the same color, but of a different shade. For rooms in which wallpaper has a picture, curtains are made of smooth or finely-cut fabrics. Straight, narrow drapery curtains made of dense fabric give the room a chinny and austere look. Lush assemblies of thin fabric will give the room lightness and airiness. It should be remembered that viscose or shiny silk fabrics for curtains, hung in a modest room, will look too elegant. nice cosiness in the house


Today it is very fashionable to lay on the floorcarpeting around the perimeter of the room, or stir very large carpets on the floor. They visually increase the area of ​​the room, especially if they are a small picture or they are monotonous. Carpets of small size are placed near the table, sofa or armchairs. Their task is to visually divide the room into several zones. One should avoid in one room several small rugs or tracks, especially if they differ in color and style. Bright colorful carpets look good in a room with monophonic walls. If your room is long and narrow and you want to visually divide it into two parts, you can put two carpets in different groups of furniture. The same effect can be achieved by putting in the room carpeting two or more colors, but, again, with monochrome walls. If you have a carpet that covers all of the area, well, or almost the entire room, then for walls, use one of the main colors of the carpet, but a lighter shade. cosiness

We decorate the interior

If you want to decorate your house with paintings, thenremember that a good cloth should be hung in the most lit place of the room and not devalued by its proximity to other decorative objects. Decorating the room, whose walls with a picture, please note that the picture should have a fairly wide frame. Especially spectacular pictures look on solid walls. But you will agree that it is stupid to paste the wallpaper for the sake of even the most beautiful canvas. Now as to the arrangement of the canvases. Hanging pictures should be at eye level or slightly lower. Painted oil paintings and large format canvases usually hang higher and slightly inclined. For sure with a cozy home, a cup of tea or a glass of good wine, many people associate a fireplace. Tales by Hans Christian Andersen and the legend of Santa Claus made the fireplace an integral part of a cozy home. So why not bring the fabulous atmosphere to your city apartment? Of course, the real fireplace in the apartment is difficult to equip, but it is possible to put an electrical option. He will also warm you up on cold winter evenings and bring a touch of romance and comfort to your home. But in fact, the beauty and cosiness of a house depends not only on the color of your walls or curtains, how your apartment is decorated, but also on the tenants who live in it. If curses and cries are heard in the house, then there will never be warmth and comfort. Therefore, it is up to you to "weather in the house." We advise you to read: