where to start repairs in the apartment The acquisition of a new apartment is, of course,a whole event for each family, and if the apartment is, in addition, bought in a new building, then this purchase becomes doubly enjoyable. But, as soon as the euphoria of the possession of new housing disappears, happy new settlers come to the conclusion that for them now the real urgent need is to repair a new apartment, no matter how strange it may sound. But the reality in this case dictates its laws, so it is necessary to be puzzled and plan to repair the house. With what and how to start repairs in the apartment? What materials and where exactly to purchase? What is most important in repairing an apartment? All these questions begin to occur one after another more quickly than you finally decide on them. As a rule, stories experienced by this event say that it presents no special difficulties. Especially often one can hear a common misconception that everything basic in the new house has already been done, and for this reason it is possible to reduce the repair in a new building to the minimum required. After all, not major repairs have to do! But in reality the situation is often far from the case.

Possible complications

So, with what exactly to begin repair of an apartment innew building? To begin with we will find out, what is the difference between repairing long-exploited housing from repair in a new building? Surprisingly, but only one thing - the new building shrinks within two years. That is why inevitably there are cracks on the walls, there are streaks in the heating and water supply system, "swelling" the floor and the rest are not the most unpleasant consequences of the inevitable shrinkage. When choosing any finishing materials for repair, one should try to give preference only to those who have the ability to transfer the deformation of ceilings, floor, walls, and, in general, shrinkage of the house without any significant changes. So the choice of such materials for decoration is the necessary and the very first condition for starting the renovation of an apartment in new buildings. This is not just an important point, the cornerstone of the whole problem, if you undertake to repair a new, newly built housing. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money, and two years later you will again face a new need, if not a major, then a cosmetic repair. where to start repairing

Floor Repair

With what to start repairing an apartment, no matter how from the floor, butmore precisely from the solution of the question: is a screed necessary? After all, the building is good enough. This question torments almost everyone who decides at the same time another question: how to start repairing an apartment with your own hands. If you look at it from the practical point of view, you should not leave the construction screed without elaborating it, for two main reasons.

  • The first reason. The smoothness of the screed is almost always not as good as it should be, because the screed often crumbles under your feet, and you have to sweep the dirty concrete dust every day.
  • The second reason. The roughness of the screed will cause problems when you lay linoleum or laminate. And if you still manage to properly place the floor covering, the concrete dust that accumulates under the floor will begin to penetrate your home and poison your body.
  • So, the final screed will "kill" the dust left overfrom builders, and will achieve an acceptable flat floor, where without any problems it will be possible to put any covering. It is best to use natural parquet for a floor in a new building. He is almost not afraid of any deformations.

    Wall repair

    But with what to begin repair in an apartment ina new building does not need at all, so it's with the installation of tile in the bathroom. It is better to pack it later when your house gives a full shrinkage, and you can make a complete overhaul. But, if you are impatient, then choose the most simple tile, so that without further pity you could remove it and put a new one in its place. Another controversial issue affecting the issue of repair in a new building, are the walls or, more precisely, their alignment. Most often, they appear to be even at first glance. If you make measurements using a water level or a plumb line, it suddenly turns out that all the walls have their irregularities and misalignments. Of course, this does not affect the strength of the wallpaper sticker. However, if you need to fit the rolls when painting the wallpaper, then the picture does not match, as it should, and all your works will be in vain, the cost of expensive wallpaper is unjustified. That is why the repair in a new building must necessarily include finishing the walls before you glue the wallpaper. Glue expensive wallpaper on the walls, too, do not need, because they are likely to burst or swell. Though, if your choice has stopped on fabric wallpaper, then the reasons will not worry. The same temporary measure can be the installation of panels. Of course, there are other possible variants of wall decoration.

    Repair of the ceiling

    The third common misconception in the dispute over theThe theme of repair in an apartment in a new building is a ceiling repair. As a rule, most of us tend to an inexpensive and angry option. Almost all newly-minted owners of brand-new apartments agree that the ceiling should be glued with a tile that will well hide all the existing construction flaws. Naturally, such an output makes sense. Just do not forget that the polyurethane ceiling coatings, despite all their decorative value, tend to turn yellow with time and are an excellent magnet for dust, and sometimes they can fall off in almost whole rows. So this option is considered as a temporary measure. As an alternative to polyurethane foam in recent years, when repairing apartments in new buildings, more and more often apply drywall. After all, the ceiling of this material can be mounted even by someone who has no experience in construction work. In addition, painting or gluing wallpaper on such a ceiling will be very easy and even enjoyable. And, incidentally, the visual perception of a perfectly made drywall ceiling can exceed all your bold expectations and will cause a feeling of deep satisfaction from the result obtained. Stretch ceiling is also very suitable for repairing an apartment in a new building, because when shrinking the house, it will simply take the desired shape. To date, this option is not so expensive, and given the long service life and immunity to deformations, will be the most optimal solution. The system of water supply and heating during repair is better to be made immediately from plastic pipes. In addition, they are much more durable than their other counterparts, they are also not afraid of deformations that are possible when shrinking the house. Repair windows and soundproofing By the way, where to start repairs in the apartment, no matter how the installation of plastic windows. They can be installed immediately and permanently. Just before installing plastic windows, notify the company that is installing them, that the house is new and shrinks. In this case, installers will leave the necessary gaps in the seams to avoid deformation of the windows. Doing repairs in a new building, you also need to take care of reliable sound insulation. The usual practice has shown that within 4-5 years after settling all tenants necessarily are engaged in active repair, and some begin major repairs of their home. Therefore, for your peace of mind, you should spend a little on soundproof materials. In this regard, the best cork panels are suitable, because they reduce the noise level, and again are not afraid of subsequent shrinkage at home. The most optimal variant of repair in new buildings is when you entrust it to a specialized company. And at the time of repair, your family, for example, can go on vacation. This option will solve several pressing issues at once: the specialized company will do all the complex repairs and install the plumbing and wiring, and also you will not be in the house where one day something is drilling, painting and knocking. repair where to start

    Repair by own hands

    How to start repair yourself? If you decide to independently repair the house, then you need to start with your own project for the construction of a new home. To begin with, you should forget for a while about rest and make a list of the necessary building materials that will be needed to repair the apartment. We recommend that they be divided into separate rooms. For example, a corridor, a kitchen, a bathroom and so on. Of course, you can buy building material right away for the whole apartment, and you can also step by step: in the course of repairing the next room. Here, as whom it is more convenient. But here's how to start repairing an apartment with your own hands really need, so this is with the calculation of costs separately for repairing the floor, ceilings, walls, as well as the cost of doors and windows. Such calculations will greatly facilitate the task of planning the improvement of your home. If you are going to do cosmetic repairs, then your plans should not include the redevelopment of the apartment and some global design solutions. Because it should only go about painting, whitewashing, pasting walls, doors, windows, as well as renewing linoleum or laminate or chopping and varnishing of parquet coverings, facing the walls and flooring with tiles. Also, as part of its cosmetic repair, you can change the platbands, window sills and plinths. It should be noted that even cosmetic repair is an extremely laborious procedure and, naturally, deserves respect and attention. In particular, if all repairs in the apartment are done by themselves. But for whatever repair you are not going to undertake, you will not be able to do everything with "bare hands". If you hire a construction team, then, of course, you can not even think about this moment, but if you are going to repair yourself, then first you need to purchase a fairly large number of construction tools. In this case, the usual levels and roulettes, pliers and screwdrivers list is far from being limited. In any case, you will need to master various paint devices, a perforator, a drill, a screwdriver, a saw and many other simple and not very simple repair devices. Before you start repairs in the apartment, you will need to prepare all the premises in which you will do it. To do this, first of all you will need to free rooms from furniture or move it to cover the remaining furniture. It is also necessary to protect all surfaces that you do not plan to include in the repair process, otherwise you can cause serious damage to them. Another should be glued all switches and sockets with a special paint tape and then remember that when working with electricity, you should observe all the necessary safety rules. Quite a lot of time you will take away the removal of old coatings before applying new ones. As a rule, they should be removed from the top down: from the ceiling to the floor. The technology for removing such coatings can vary quite a lot - they depend on the materials used in the previous repair of the apartment, if there was one. Only all of the above points, unfortunately, are only private. If you have a desire to make repairs at home with your own hands, if you want the result to be kept long enough, you should go through this before complete information training, which will help you learn how to start repairing properly. And cosmetic or capital is a matter of urgent need and material possibilities. Successful repair to you! We advise you to read: