how to choose curtains for a bedroom The bedroom is a place of solitude and rest. It is in a dream a person spends a third of his life, so the furnishings of the room should be placed in comfort, peace and tranquility. Every detail of the interior of your bedroom needs careful selection. A big role is played by the overall color solution, and the arrangement of furniture, and the decor of the bed. Feng Shui gives some tips on how to make your bedroom cozier. For example, furniture should stand so that its sharp corners are not directed towards the bed. If the bedside tables are close to it, it is desirable that their edges are rounded or draped with a cloth. Not the best bedroom decoration and mirrors. If they are still there, then arrange them so that when you wake up, you do not see your reflection. This can cause trouble in relationships with loved ones. The sleeper should be beautiful, comfortable and durable. Say "no" to swinging metal structures with a stretched mesh. The bed in the bedroom should stand on the legs so that the energy circulates underneath it. For the same reason, in no case can not be hammered available space with various trash - boxes, suitcases, books and other things. The bed should be placed so that, lying on it, you can see the door and the people entering it. But in no case you should not sleep with your feet to the doorway, the best location for a place to rest - diagonally from the entrance to the bedroom. The bed, located in the middle of the room, creates a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. If the windows of the bedroom look sharp corners of neighboring buildings or branches from trees, then you need to hang blinds or thick curtains on it. And this article is devoted to the decoration of window openings. how to choose curtains in the bedroom

Basic tips for choosing curtains

Since this is a place for recreation,lighting in the bedroom is best done muffled, nice looking. Enormous spreading chandeliers replace the floor lamps and sconces with dim lights. In addition, the room should be available for rest, even during the day, so you should choose curtains that will not let light from outside. With this task will cope both curtains with a special lining, and single-layer, but made of fairly dense fabric. Therefore, when buying carefully take a closer look at this feature of the curtains. But having installed blinds or a special roller blind on the windows, you can forget about the density of tissues and choose what you like. Much attention should be paid to the cornice, because it should harmoniously place not only all layers of curtains, but also withstand the overall style of the interior. Classics means, as the main material, a tree with which the heavy curtains perfectly match with brushes, fringes and lambrequins. Oriental style requires metal elements framed in brocade or silk. Eclecticism is the least whimsical, so the interior of this type fits well with a plastic cornice and simple curtains. Of great importance is the color prevailing in the decoration of the window opening. After all, what a person sees when he is awake is very important. It can be a favorite painting on the wall or some object pleasant to the eye. A nice view from the window is good if you do not get direct sunlight on the bed. And to avoid this always help properly selected curtains. Therefore, give preference to pastel shades, for example, beige, pink, blue and light green. Look good in the bedroom and curtains of muted dark colors (burgundy, brown, green, blue). Look closely at curtains that have unusual powdery shades. Avoid red, orange and yellow colors - they overload the nervous system and cause irritation, which in the bedroom is not the place. Remember, besides the color, the quality of textiles is also important. Therefore, in the room for rest, usually choose curtains made of cotton, linen and other natural fabrics. If you still tend to mixed materials on the composition, it is better to buy those of them where the percentage of man-made fibers is lower. Designers advise to decorate the windows so that the curtains do not merge with the color of the wallpaper, but harmonize with them, giving the bedroom interior perfection. how to choose bedroom curtains correctly

Types of curtains that are appropriate in the bedroom

To the question of how to choose curtains in the bedroom,did not seem too complicated for you, you need to imagine the most popular ways of decorating windows that exist today. I must say that there are a lot of them, so any buyer, even the most demanding, will be able to find the most suitable option for himself. So, in what style can you decorate the windows in the bedroom? First, it can be classic curtains. They are a combination of fine tulle curtains and straight curtains on both sides of the window. Depending on what kind of interior you plan to choose for a bedroom, you can decorate this kind of curtains with ruffles, cords, fringe or flounces. It is important to adhere to the measure and do not overload them with similar elements, so that as a result, the decor of the window does not fall out of the overall concept of the bedroom design. If you are a happy owner of an apartment where the sun illuminates the bedroom from the early morning, pay attention to the Italian curtains. They do not move apart until the end and are conceived specifically to always cover the top of the window. This drapery looks particularly good in arched and bay windows, as it slightly "extends" the windows in height. Italian curtains have a modern look, so with their help you can easily decorate the windows in the entire apartment. Minimalist lovers choose Roman curtains, which work on the principle of blinds, that is, they gather and fall, revealing only a certain part of the window or completely closing it. They are a kind of drapery, which consists entirely of stitched even and rather wide folds, so that your window will always have a neat and laconic appearance. Especially popular now are curtains in the Japanese style. They are panels of fabric, in the figure of which geometric and avant-garde elements predominate. Use also material with a pronounced texture and prints. This type of drapery is ideal for large windows, it creates the illusion of transparency and freedom, and the absence of folds gives the fabric panels a resemblance to the paintings, since the picture and texture on them are very clearly visible. If the bedroom in combination serves as an office or carries some other function, the working area and rest area should be separated. Beat it with the help of Japanese panels, and your rest room will be transformed. English curtains in appearance slightly resemble the Roman version. However, in them the canvas only forms a crease when it is raised, so that you create an illusion of voluminous buffers, rather than a laconic plane. This kind of decor is made from light fabrics with a traditional pattern for the country in a small flower, strip or cage. Such curtains necessarily will please those who likes to combine in an interior different kinds of textiles. French chic guarantees your interior curtains, called the "marquise". It is a fabric that is divided into vertical bands, each of which is draped in semi-circular folds, regardless of whether the curtain is lowered or raised. Silk is used as the material, which forms beautiful flowing waves. Add French curtains can be lambrequins and curtains, so that the window looked particularly bright. Slightly reminiscent of the "marquise" Austrian curtains. However, in them only the lower part is executed in the form of festoons and thanks to the mechanism controlled by the cords, it rises, revealing a part of the window. For a bedroom, it's better to choose Austrian curtains made of taffeta or silk - they will add elegance. If you want your window to become airy, then pay attention to the light veil tissue. If you love to experiment and strive for natural and natural materials, try bringing a tropical element to the interior. For this, designers choose bamboo curtains. They are perfect for a bedroom decorated in the style of "minimalism" with an oriental accent. The control system for this type of curtains resembles a blind, but there are other options. But when choosing, consider that bamboo is a natural material, so in time it can change its original color. As you can see, there are a lot of options for decorating the bedroom windows, because modern manufacturers do everything to satisfy the needs of customers. The choice of curtains is limited only by your preferences, financial possibilities and an interior bedroom solution. Certainly, fashion trends dictate certain conditions, but do not forget that in the first place should be your own comfort. Therefore, choose the option of decorating windows in the rest room and sleep, which is most compatible with your inner sense of harmony and beauty. We advise you to read: