I've decided to bring out the black colorsmiley (Her hair color was light brown, she painted 3 years old in black color). Has deducedsmiley first was orangecrying Redhead! now it is not clear whatfrown what do I do not even knowsad in general, even I regret that I took up this matter, but still I want ashy curls))) angel My story is suchsmiley I found a hairdresser she agreed to work with me. appointed a time, and I came. Of course she promised whole mountainsyes That for one day she will bring me black, and I will go home the same day, already with the desired ash colorlaugh It was hard for me to believe, but everything was so ugly. In general, she made me a wash, her hair was three-colored))) but more bright than they were) can be seen on the photosmiley After that she tried to lighten me, 2 times probably. nothing happenedsad Hair as was after washing, tricolor andremained. And I was generally in shock. It turned out to be dark red, sometimes lighter, in places in general black. and they told me nothing more to do today, we can not come in 4 days. let the hair restdevil I was very angry and upset. but nothing resigned. I thought more to them with my foot, but went for the second time, in these 4 days. Has come me have decoloured 1,5% and have decided to paint in ashy, nifiga did not leave. Even once have become discolored and I have left here such already) as on a photo. Red hair))) But her hair was much lighter. I already did not care for the color anyway it's she let her hair rest for a week, and took care of them herself. The hair is so not spoiled like and to the touch smooth and all that. but when the wet washcloth washclothangry so I liked the red) but I wanted itashy)) and the length is one color and the roots are all over the head for 1.5 centimeter white white))) horror. Tired so to walk, then went to buy everything and desiccated 6%, once and painted with ash-colored pallet) and tin))) the paint did not take at all, only on the roots is not much. and so that's what happened (photo attached) Pleases that they became lighter))) It's straight even hope appeared that when I still get to the desired resultindecision What now I do not do the mind) and do not want to remain bald) I want ashy), or at least a solid color throughout the head, but also light) frown Decided for myself that the hairdresser is no longer a footno More promise! Lies! And they can not do anything, from the promised. We would say right away that we do not vouch for the result, that there will be a desirable color. devil In general, do not say, you need to do something. But do not know what, can folk remedies like that? or to become discolored once again more than a few to take a clarifier? Girls helpfrown Maybe someone already had this, and there is an experienceangel I think all the same, that I am not alonesmiley Who conducts such experiments over his headsmiley original hair color black original hair color black the original hair color after the first trip to the hairdresser's after the first trip to the hairdresser's after the first trip to the hairdresser's after the first trip to the hairdresser's After the second trip to the same specialist After the second trip to the same specialist After the second trip to the same specialist After self-discoloration after self-discoloration Here already tried or tasted tonic ashy (TONIKA) but efekt only on roots of hair, and that what with green. frown After self-discoloration After self-discoloration After self-discoloration Author: