And another year of my love is already passing .... It all began from the moment I saw him at the prom. He was from another city. I came to my friend's on the prom. He was drunk and I too, and despite the fact that the whole evening we did not take our eyes off the arch of a friend, none of us decided to come and meet. After that wonderful evening, a month passed. I broke up with my boyfriend and decided to start a new life ... But here's the problem: I could not decide what to start with. And then I remembered that pretty guy who was looking at me all evening. I took out his phone number and decided to write him a text message. In the message, I wrote that we saw him at the prom. And he replied that we already know each other. He was the witness's brother at my sister's wedding ... We started to communicate with him. With him it was quite interesting and not boring. He was cheerful and fervent, however, like me. He admitted that I liked him right away, but went. We talked with him for two months. Seen often. Then he went to study and we became less and less likely to see each other. The sex of the year we talked with on the phone, in social networks, etc. I fell in love with him ... Constantly told him that he came at least once to meet ... He promised, promised and did not fulfill. Half a year later, I was tired of all this. And I just stopped calling him. And he did not particularly worry, because he himself did not call ... It was summer again. We accidentally saw him on football and again began to communicate. But this time we still started and meet. But it was literally a week and we quarreled because of a trifle, which I do not even remember. While we communicated with him, I had many acquaintances with him who told me that he has a girlfriend in another city (where he lives). But I did not believe, and Nika did not dare to ask him. After parting, I kind of forgot it, met with another ... But on a cold autumn evening there was a ringing and in the phone's tube I heard him, to a pain, a pleasant voice: "Do not want to meet?" I certainly came to him like a fool. We talked the whole night, walked ... Again started talking, but when he hinted at renewing the relationship, I left the answer, because it hurt me once again to feel all that. I did not want to "step on the same rake". Once we celebrated together with his company the May holidays and I realized that I can not forget him. We agreed with him that we would meet again at the graduation, he was going to come with his brother. When he arrived, they got out of the car: he, his brother and another girl. He introduced me to her as a sister. Well, my sister and sister, I believed ... A week later I learned that it was not my sister, but the girl who was in his town. I cried, I cried. I told him that I did not want to know him. He rushed with apologies, though not immediately, in 2 days, and I forgave him, since we did not meet at this time, but were just friends, but he knew about my feelings. He said that he would think with whom he should be ... In the end, he chose me. There were 3 months, he was my first intimate. Then he abandoned me because his ex-boyfriend told him that I insulted her, although this was not really there. I cried for a long time, explained to him, but he did not believe me as a stubborn ass ... And after half a year, we parted, and I can not forget it. Then he let go, and he bang-rang, I sent him. Then he will let go again - and he bam - "Let's meet", again sent. And so he holds me on a leash for 4 years. That pulls to itself, then defunct, like a dog chain. And I did not have anybody after him, in the literal sense. And I know 100% that he loves me, but I can not help it. He does not call to himself and does not let go. What do you advise? Author: