1 Choose a stroller for your baby with the currentthe assortment would seem simple. But there are some nuances that need to be considered. And on how correctly the stroller will be chosen, it depends, whether your walks with the baby will turn into a continuous flour or in a pleasant occupation. Carriages are divided into three categories:

  • Classic
  • Stroller-transformer
  • Stroller

Stroller Classic is designed for toddlers up tohalf a year. Transformer will last from 0 to 2 years. A stroller is designed for children from six months to 2 years. If there is an elevator in your house, before you buy a stroller, you need to measure the width of the opening doors of the elevator and the dimensions of the elevator from the inside. Note that the widest part of the stroller, usually the projecting axles of the wheels, must pass through the elevator door. Just keep in mind that when the stroller will be in the elevator, there must also be room for the mother. If in your house there is no elevator, when choosing a stroller the main parameter should be its weight. There is not always an assistant who can lift and lower a heavy wheelchair. Often, mothers have to walk alone, and with a stroller - a transformer, even a few steps leading to the entrance may become a problem. After the child learns to sit, you can buy a stroller. Strollers are much more compact and lighter than classic or strollers - transformers. Such a stroller easily fits in the trunk of the car, you can take it with you on travel. If the stroller with swivel wheels, when walking, you can easily travel around all obstacles. It is most convenient to choose a stroller with three positions of the back: sitting, half sitting and lying down. When choosing any wheelchair, pay attention to the wheels. Large wheels provide good cross-country ability, inflatable wheels - smooth running. If you are planning to put the wheelchair at home, for example in a corridor or in a room, choose a model with wheel covers. So do not have to wash the wheels after every walk. What would be during the walk the baby did not shake on bumps, choose a stroller with a shock absorber. If you buy a stroller with a rotary handle, then you can turn the child away from the wind. On sale there are strollers, which include a car seat, such strollers allow you to save money on buying car seats for a child. It is very convenient when the stroller has a bag for the mother, for example, like a stroller . There you can always put the necessary things forbaby, for example, food, drink or toys. The last thing you need to pay attention to when choosing wheelchairs for children is the color and design. Today a huge assortment of baby carriages of various designs and colors is on sale, choosing a wheel chair will not be a problem. Author: