1 Today, like several decades ago, the mostTwo-compartment refrigerators of a separately standing type remain a popular type of household refrigeration equipment. They are very convenient, practical and take up little space compared to multi-compartment models and side-by-side refrigerators. One is far from all the two-compartment refrigerators are of the same quality as consumers would like. Exceptions may be made by models produced by the German manufacturer Liebherr. If we compare ordinary budget models with two-compartment refrigerators Liebherr CN 3033, then the advantage will be on the side of the latter. The fact is that due to the presence of the automatic defrosting system No Frost and the use of antibacterial coating applied to the internal walls of the refrigerator, the model is very convenient to maintain. In addition, it is worth noting that the Liebher models use a dynamic cooling system that allows you to maintain a certain temperature at any point in the camera. At the same time, the cooling of the refrigerator is carried out by dosed supply of cooled air, which significantly reduces the load on the compressor system. Particular attention deserves super-cooling and super-frost systems, which are designed to quickly lower the air temperature. These systems in the Liebherr CN 5156 double chamber refrigerator operate in a fully automatic mode and are switched on with significant cold spills. Leaks themselves are a consequence of the long time of the open door, as well as the result of the loading of non-refrigerated products. Also it is worth noting the qualitative system of thermal insulation of refrigerators of premium class. It consists in the fact that when a malfunction occurs or when the power supply is disconnected, the model is able to maintain a low temperature for a long time. As a rule, depending on the model, it fluctuates in the range of 20-40 hours. By the way, this result of prolonged cold retention affects low energy consumption, which corresponds to the economical "A +" and "A ++" classes. Particular attention deserves models that are equipped with an additional zone of freshness. For example, when working with Liebherr KBes 4260 refrigerators equipped with this zone, many note the convenience of saving certain product groups. In the freshness zone, frost is not used, and the storage time is three times longer than the shelf life in the refrigerator. This is realized by humidifying the air due to the development of two types of cold: dry and wet. At the same time, each of the boxes related to the freshness zone is individually adjusted for a certain type of products, which allows to ensure optimum storage of products with preservation of all flavoring qualities. Author: