Two months ago, my husband left ... Simply to nowhere, to my motherlive. He said that he wants to live alone. He is 39 years old, together we are 4 years old, 2 years are married, there are no common children. I have a son about the first marriage for 12 years. Of course, I understand that our relationship is complicated. A year and a half ago my mother died with my sister and we became very close to her, very ... I must have forgotten that I have my own family and paid very little time to my husband, in general, the roof has slipped from grief ... Now I do not know how to return it, but realized late ... he does not believe me that I want to be with him only ... As a fool I call him I promise to correct myself, and he says that he has cooled to me completely, I do not believe he loved me very much, experienced with me very much ... it happens? And things are still at home that he did not take away and the key to the apartment he has ... and he calls his son, he answers my phone calls, but he does not want any more. And I know for sure that he is alone and he has no one ... He often asked me to change, and I said ,,, Do not like looking for another ... What should I do? I really want that he would return ... Author: