light brown hair color for green eyes The absolute majority of all girls and womenconstantly or periodically dyes his hair. Someone in order to look more attractive, fashionable, and someone slightly tinted them with paints of natural colors, in order to hide the gray hair. From this, as we all know, no one is immune. Therefore, the demand for such a paint will always be high. Manufacturers try to keep up with it and offer more and more options for paints. This sphere has long been dependent on fashion trends, and with each new shade there is a large number of customers ready to repaint. However, few people take into account the fact that when staining it is necessary to focus, first of all, on the color of the eyes. This is not a problem, because in any wig shop you can try on a great variety of not only flowers, but also haircuts. Such services are provided by beauty salons. you can look at yourself with a bang or without, taking into account the length, as well as see your reflection in the mirror, being a blonde, brown-haired, brunette or red. Do not ignore this remark stylists, because hairstyle (in which, among other things, not the last place is just the color of hair) is able to give the eyes expressiveness, depth and necessarily draw the attention of others to your eyes. And how to choose a hair color for green eyes? red hair color for green eyes

Rules for choosing a shade of hair for green eyes

A fascinating, enchanting and enigmatic greenthe color of the eyes is the cherished dream of a large number of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. It is not for nothing that a lot of songs, old tales, epics and mystical traditions are devoted to this shade. It is quite widespread that the green-eyed go red hair. In this there is some truth, but not all the same girls with green eyes are the same. In order to choose the right hair color for green eyes, you need to take into account also the shade of your skin, as well as the hair before staining. In addition, the brightness of the color matters. The best guide to choosing a paint is your natural color. Nature rarely makes mistakes. Sometimes just a little adjustment, and a spectacular image is ready. Too light natural tones can be diversified by using coloring with a shade of a few tones darker than natural. Another option is the popular today lightening tips. In this case, you will not only easily change your appearance, but also make it according to the latest fashion trends. Green eyes are able to transmit a variety of its tone: emerald, green, sea-green and even several combinations in one. It depends on the size of the eyes, on their shape, and also on the weather in which you look at the person. If we consider different combinations of skin tones with green eyes, then there will be plenty of staining options.

What color is suitable for green-eyed girls with fair skin?

This combination is very advantageous, since itsthe owner will use absolutely any colors for dyeing hair. And even in spite of the fact that too extravagant combinations can look artificial, do not abandon the bold experiment. One of them can become fiery red hair. Do not be afraid of this combination, since the pallor of the skin here will be compensated by the brightness of the hair. And if necessary, you can always resort to this or that variant of makeup. For example, you should choose peach or caramel shades of contour pencils and eye shadows. Honey shades of curls, too, can reflect the uniqueness of the owner of green eyes. If on your skin there are some imperfections, then your option is golden light shades. If the staining is for the first time, then try to use the services of the stylist, because he knows how no one else knows exactly how this or that shade of hair will react to the new variant. If you like to change, then do not forget about the existence of shading shampoos, which are washed off after several procedures, and you can safely embark on a new image. And if the girls with other skin types are ashy and platinum shades are contraindicated, then light skin suits best for such hair in the best way, especially when your own hair is very light. light shades of hair

Hair color for combination of green eyes with olive skin

The best option for staining for such warmshades of the skin are bronze and caramel colors, the shade of which should be a tone and a half darker, deeper than the shade of the skin. With such data, you can easily become a brown-haired woman or a brunette. Such colors fill the image with mystery, and are also able to make their possessor a fatal, daring beauty. Experts in any case do not advise to decolour and transform into a blonde. This will give you a shabby, and all the former expressiveness will sink into oblivion. For those who like to sunbathe or have a swarthy skin, absolutely all shades of brown are suitable: from beige to dark chocolate.

The basic rules for combining green eyes with hair of different colors

Dark green eyes in combination with the skin of anyThe shades require staining in a dark chestnut or chocolate color. Light brown hair rarely adapts to green eyes, but if you have this natural hair color and you do not want to use artificial coloring, then you can use coloring with the addition of a golden hue. This will create a flickering effect of the hair and will give the image a playfulness and lightness. Many stylists hold the opinion that the lighter the color of the eyes, the brighter the hair should be. But this applies exclusively to green eyes. Nevertheless, cardinal discoloration should be avoided. After all, more often than not, girls with green eyes from nature have light shades of skin. Therefore, if the hair color is too light, the face will be completely pale and no cosmetic products will help you. And even in the case when, it would seem, the ideal, universal hair color for green eyes is matched (all shades of red), exceptions still exist. This applies to the eyes, in the coloration of which, in addition to the green, there is a marshy color (usually an inclusions along the outer circumference). Just in this case, red hair is contraindicated. In this situation, you will have to make a choice from fewer options: from a neutral brown to a shade of black tulip.