beautiful hairstyles collected on medium hair One of the most chic and romantic optionswomen's folds are gathered hair. It does not matter if it's a tail or a bundle, the collected hair is a special chic and glitter. Many girls believe that most of the folds are designed for long hair. But in reality there are many varieties of female hairstyles for an average length. The average length is the most optimal and convenient for creating magnificent both evening and daily styling. Hairstyles for every woman can look different. Moreover, they can be selected to the side by side. To the collected hairstyles, all kinds of hairpins and hairpins can be an excellent addition. Evening variants of collected hair, as a rule, are performed by professionals in hairdressing salons, while daytime styling can be performed by any woman independently. It is necessary only to have patience and great desire. Immediately, of course, it can not turn out as well as we would like, but each time it will only get better. The main secret of the ability to do laying, both the evening and the day, is simple. It is necessary "to get a hand". At this time, for medium length, all kinds of pigtails have become very relevant. Hairstyles made from plaits are particularly elegant and elegant. Pigtails are an element of childhood that adds naivety and playfulness to every woman. Very often there are such situations in life when it is necessary to assemble the hair in packing very quickly. It is for such cases of life that it is extremely necessary to have in your head a couple of easy ways. For such cases, such options as a bundle, a shell, a tail inside out and a cone (the same bundle, only as a basis for taking spikelets or strands), a bow, a volume beam at the vertex are ideal. You can come up with a lot of variations on these hairstyles, just decorating them with accessories and using your imagination. A beautiful hairstyle can be made with elastic bands and hairpins. When creating these styles, it is necessary to take into account that the hairstyle was not only beautiful, but also stylish. bundles on medium hair

10 most simple hairstyles for medium length hair

These hairstyles are ideal for morning gatherings, when a woman, as a rule, is short of time.

  • We need a beautiful bezel, invisible orunobtrusive gum and hairpin. We put the bezel in such a way that the bangs remain uncollected. After the rim is dressed, we collect a bunch on the vertex, and fix it with an invisible rubber band. For more confidence that the beam will hold, we fix it with a beautiful hairpin. This hairstyle is suitable for everyday life. It looks very simple and feminine at the same time.
  • Collect the hair in one, preferably a tight braid. Next, the scythe must be assembled into a bundle at the back of the head in such a way that a peculiar "spiral" from the braid is obtained. We fix this bundle with pins from different sides. A suitable option for serious women.
  • We bang the bangs and collect invisible so thatit was voluminous. To ensure that the bang does not lose volume for the whole day, squirt a small amount of varnish. The remaining hair is collected in a tight "horse" tail. This styling is suitable for women who prefer to wear classical costumes.
  • On each side we take one middle strand above the ears and fix them on the back of the head with a small elastic band. Hair does not fall on the face and does not interfere throughout the day.
  • We put on the bezel, then divide all the hair into 2 parts. Each part is wrapped in a flagellum and fixed slightly below the nape of the hairpin. Peculiar "bagels" on the head look very nice.
  • We comb the bangs upward, giving it a volume. We collect the upper part of the hair in a small bundle on the back of the head and fasten it with a small elastic band. The remaining strands are combed, giving them a little volume.
  • From the middle of the forehead we begin to braid the pigtail in the form of a spikelet. We bring our pigtail to the middle of the head and we kill with invisibility. The braid imparts a special chic to the styling.
  • We collect hair in a cockleshell on a head, hiding tailsinto it. The shell must turn out to be tight so that it does not dissolve during the day. We fix it with studs along the entire length. Very simple and beautiful styling for medium length.
  • Begin to weave a pigtail from the middle of the forehead. We collect the remaining hair in the tail, which is fixed with an elastic band. We pass the pigtail through the base of the tail. No one will guess how your tail is assembled.
  • We begin to collect hair from the ends on the nape of the invisible so that they are half as long.
  • simple hairstyles for medium hair

    Advantages of medium length of hair

    The average length is universal. It's easy to take care of such a length, and most importantly, it's easy to make an excellent hairstyle. Collected hair is good because it opens the face. Even from the usual bundle with the help of your imagination you can come up with a lot of other, equally beautiful hairstyles. The girl's hair is wealth. Remember the Russian folk tales: there was not a single beauty who did not have beautiful hair, fascinating all around. For a woman, hair is very important. To preserve the wealth given by nature and improve it, it is possible with the help of masks, balms and conditioners.

    The choice of laying depending on the type of face

    Hair slightly higher or slightly below the shoulders -The universal length, which is preferred by most of the fair sex. This can be seen by looking at photos of Hollywood stars, colleagues at work or girlfriends. Correctly selected hairstyles can perfectly emphasize the dignity of your face and neck, at the same time correct all the shortcomings in such a way that they are less visible. One of the main features of a correctly chosen hairdress is to emphasize your outfit and give it some "zest" and charm. Choosing a hairstyle directly depends on the shape of your face. If you are the owner of the oval contour of the face and your middle lines are clearly delineated, you just need to experiment. In your case, any styling will look beautiful, playful, and most importantly, harmoniously. If you have a face of a rectangular shape, haircuts with a graduation along the length and not very thick bangs will certainly suit you. Doing your hair or styling, try not to comb the hair back, but give them a certain volume in front. This will help to make a less emphasis on the minuses of your face. But girls with a triangular shape of the face can be advised to leave strands on the sides, which, in turn, will pass to the cheeks. This kind of hairstyle will emphasize your correct forms. Chubby girls are better off giving up direct selection and do oblique. Be beautiful and please the beauty of the people around you! Beauty, as we know, saves the world.