hair loss in women with folk remedies Thick, shiny, healthy hair isthe real decoration of a woman. However, metabolic disorders, stress, fatigue, chronic diseases and a hereditary factor can lead to their loss. And there is no woman in the world who would be calm about such a problem. Usually, seeing on the comb in the morning a little more hair than before, the fair sex begins to sound the alarm. What kind of nightmares do not sweep before a woman's eyes! Here she, completely bald, tries to cover her head with a handkerchief. The husband leaves her. From work expelled. And no one needs it without hair. The notorious female logic sees on the comb not a couple of extra hairs, but the end of its carefree life. Jokes are jokes, but the problem of baldness still exists. It is believed that if you lose 30-50 hair per day, then this is quite normal. If more, then it's time to start treatment. The chemical industry came up with a lot of newfangled means to combat baldness. But this is not the only way to stop hair loss in women - treatment with folk remedies is sometimes more effective than medication. So do not rush to run to the pharmacy, but rather get ready for the city. And now let's define which plants we will collect. hair loss in women treatment

Several folk ways to combat hair loss

  • Broth of nettle

Remember how in childhood you were afraid of nettles? Some played catch-up with a bunch of burning grass in their hands, and someone went around the terrible bushes side. But today you have to go to the nettle thickets. As it turned out, she is good at hair loss. For treatment, a young nettle, cut before blossoming, will do. It is necessary to prepare a broth and cool it to 40 ° C. The remedy against falling out is ready. Rinse the hair with this broth after each wash, and they will become much stronger.

  • Castor oil

About a beneficial effect on the hair of castorMany people heard the oil. But not everyone can correctly use this tool. To strengthen hair, heat castor oil in a water bath and rub into the scalp with a toothbrush. Then carefully wrap the head with a towel and leave for 5 hours. After this procedure, you should thoroughly wash your head with shampoo containing natural herbal extracts. Repeat the procedure once a week for 1-2 months. Try, and your hair will not only stop falling out, but will grow faster, become thicker and stronger.

  • A mixture based on birch sap

It is also useful to treat hair loss with a mixture ofbirch sap, honey, aloe juice, chicken yolk and garlic. Take all the ingredients in a teaspoon, mix and carefully rub the resulting mass into the scalp. Hold the mixture on your hair for 1-2 hours and wash your hair. By the way, rinse your hair best with a strong infusion of birch leaves.

  • Linden blossom

No less effective in the treatment of baldness willand a lime color. Dilute 8 tablespoons of lime-colored in 0.5 liters of water and boil for 20 minutes. With such a decoction you need to wash your hair for a month, and then, according to folk medicine, baldness does not threaten you.

  • Castor Oil-Based Mixture

This recipe belongs to the famous Bulgarianhealer Ivanka. Mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of glycerin and a teaspoon of table vinegar. Blend the resulting mixture and rub into the scalp. After that, it is necessary, covering your head with a warm towel, to hold your hair over the steam. Wash your head. As the healer assures, after this procedure your hair will become shiny, more dense, stronger and will begin to fit better.

  • Decoction of the field herbs

But what kind of treatment of hair folk remediesour grandmothers preferred. Flowers of chamomile, leaves of plantain and sage, grass of nettle and oregano carefully mix in equal quantities. The resulting mixture pour boiling water from the calculation of a glass of water on a tablespoon of herbs. Insist the resulting broth for 1 hour, then gently strain, add crumb of black bread and bring to a mushy condition. Strike a warm mask of bread and herbs in the scalp and hold under the cellophane cap for 2 hours. Such a compress should be washed off with warm water without soap.

  • Decoction of thistles

If hair loss is associated with educationdandruff, will help the roots of a large burdock, or burdock. Roots put in a pan, pour water so that the liquid only covers the contents, and put in the oven. Boil over medium heat until the roots are completely softened. Broth cool, strain and daily rub into the roots of hair. Those who plan to extend treatment until the winter period, we advise you to make a small workpiece and freeze the roots of plants. So they are guaranteed not to rot until a new collection.

  • Burdock (or castor) oil

Strengthening hair folk methods are not alwaysinvolves the use of plants and herbs. A good recipe will be for all city dwellers (who do not always have the opportunity to go to the forest or in the field), where the main ingredients are burdock (or castor) oil and alcohol. Mix the ingredients in equal parts and rub the mixture once a week for 1-2 months. The procedure should be done half an hour before washing your head. After that, rinse hair thoroughly.

  • Strengthening the roots

If you notice that the hair remains on the combwith a small seal at the end, it means that it is necessary to strengthen the hair follicles. After all, hair loss with the root means that in place of the lost hair, nothing more will grow. How can this be avoided? Will help all the same castor oil. But this time it appears in the composition with a bulb and a chicken egg. To strengthen the hair, you need to squeeze the juice from the middle bulb, add an equal proportion of castor oil and 1 yolk. Mix. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the roots of the hair 45 minutes before washing. After applying the onion-castor mask, cover the head with a cellophane bag and a terry towel.

  • The course is kerosene

In Russia, healers advised the girls to strengthenhair with kerosene. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret. It is necessary to mix equal parts of purified kerosene and burdock oil, and then wash your head with beer. How exactly the hair smells after the procedure, folk medicine is silent, but the fact that they become stronger and thicker is a fact.

  • Onion against dandruff

If the doctors have diagnosed you as fattydandruff, "do not rush to run to the pharmacy. From this misfortune will help the following folk recipe: 2 tablespoons of vodka mix with 1 tablespoon of onion juice. Rub this mixture into the scalp for 10-15 minutes before washing. The procedure should be continued for 3-4 months until the hair is fully strengthened.

  • Egg yolk and butter

Another method for urban ladies,suffering not only hair loss, but also the lack of environmentally friendly vegetation nearby. (By the way, all plants and herbs for the above-described methods of treatment need to be collected outside the city.) Where exhausts of the chemical industry do not reach, exhaust gases from numerous cars do not reach and preferably where the human foot has not stepped. If you can not get to an ecologically clean area, do not despair. Use the following method: mix the egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of refined vegetable oil. Stir and carefully rub into the scalp. After this, every 40 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water (in order to wash off excess fat from them). Do hair loss in women eliminate folk remedies, which they prescribe for themselves? Every woman will answer this question based on the result. But one thing is certain - harm from such treatment will not be, unlike the attempt to solve the problem by a medicamentous method. After all, traditional medicine uses only natural ingredients for all its methods. And this is always useful.

Reconsider your habits

Finally, I want to note that in the treatmentloss of hair alone herbal fees are not enough. Often the problem of baldness is associated with hard work, frequent painting of hair (especially blondes that achieve a light color with the help of ruthless hydrogen peroxide) or malnutrition. Do you see that more and more hair is left on the hairbrush? Analyze this problem. Maybe you should rest? Or limit the color of hair? Or go on a diet, which will prohibit all flour, sweet and fat? Do not delay treatment in the long box. And if folk remedies do not help, consult a doctor. It is possible that hair loss is associated with some kind of disease that progresses while you rub the next decoction into the scalp. We advise you to read: