cocktail party We have long been tired of traditional feasts,when standing in the middle of the room the table is bursting with treats, and the holiday eventually turns into banal and boring gatherings. Of course, there are situations when something else will simply not be appropriate - a grandfather's jubilee, for example. But, if you celebrate a housewarming party, a meeting of friends or a long-awaited Friday, an ordinary feast can be turned into an unusual party, it is only slightly imaginative. A cocktail party is exactly the option that provides the owners with a flight of fantasy in the organization of the holiday, and guests a lot of positive emotions and unusual photos that will decorate not only the albums of social networks, but will remain as a memory.

A party about ...

The scenario of the cocktail party dependsfirst of all from celebration. For example, you decided to have a birthday party or a housewarming party. Such holidays are celebrated on a grand scale, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to think everything over and prepare in advance. So, on hot and salads you obviously save, so you can afford to order a colorful show of bartenders - flairing. This popular idea lately consists in the competition of bartenders (or in the performance of one professional) who demonstrate their art of making cocktails by juggling glasses, shakers and bottles, exposing them to a pyramid or simply rotating them. Many bartenders use fire in their performances, which, of course, looks very impressive. Flairing can be ordered at any holiday agency. Of course, do not apply to the first one, be sure to consult your friends or at least read reviews about the agency that you trust your holiday. So, with the nail of the program figured out. What else needs to be considered? Muted light, music, you can add lighting effects. For example, disco ball - like a minor detail, but the kind of room where the celebration will be held will become much more original. Among the competitions are popular cocktail preparations according to their own recipes, for sure each of your guests has a favorite drink. And in the end - tasting and determining the winner. You can hold a contest for the best name for cocktails. And if you still ordered flaring, you can help the barman, for example, he will hold a master class on making cocktails or building pyramids. Guests will not notice how time will fly by. cocktail party at home

A party without a reason ...

If the cocktail party is organized by less thangrandiose occasion, for example, just a meeting of friends, such a wide scope is not necessary. But here it is necessary to think over the details, so that no one is bored. First of all, the dress code. You are the hostess and you choose in which form you want to see your friends, but since the cocktail party and your guests are most likely young, let it be bathing suits. And if your meeting takes place in a country house with a swimming pool - fun will be a success, believe me! After all, this kind of appearance in itself has a relaxed conversation and fun. Since there is no special occasion for the meeting and there is no culprit of the celebration, it is possible to agree with all to come with symbolic gifts, a set of wine glasses or a funny scarf, for example. Fold all these souvenirs in one big bag, like that of Santa Claus, and let each guest draw his own hand a small gift. In this case, guests usually display miracles of imagination, so everyone will be satisfied.

What to submit to the table?

The cocktail party at home is good becausethe hostess will not have to mess around in the kitchen for a day, circling around the slab and the cutting boards. You only need to take care of snacks. The most optimal option was always thought to be canapés - pieces of cheese, olives, sausage or fruit, sticks on a stick. Also today it is important to cook sushi, although you can order them. You can also make a lot of small sandwiches with different ingredients. Do not forget about the sweet - cookies, sweets and ice cream will not be superfluous. The choice of cocktails can depend, for example, on the time of the year. If the holiday passes during the cool season, no one will give up the hot fragrant mulled wine, if the window is warm - there is nothing better than the mahito. You can also prepare such non-complex cocktails as pina colada and margarita, or create your own original recipe. Never rule out the possibility that one of your friends will not consume alcohol. Juices, mineral water or non-alcoholic cocktails will be appreciated by everyone who is driving. In conclusion, I want to add that the theme party is a win-win option for many holidays. Of course, originality is not without responsibility, but you will be forgiven of any shortcoming and will be grateful for the fun spent in unusual surroundings. After all, instead of once again, obevshis, lean back in the chair and dream about the bed, your guests will actively communicate and dance.