present to mom with her own hands on March 8 Most adults consider Mom to be one of the mostthe most expensive people for themselves. And what can we say about children? While the child is very small, the mother for him is the center of the universe. Adolescents begin to experience conflicting feelings toward their parents. But no matter how prickly the character of teenagers is, deep down they all the same selflessly love their one and only mother. Express their warm feelings of growing up children are often shy, and moms are upset and worried. However, there are days when the manifestation of love is considered not just normal, but necessary. For example, the holiday of the Eighth March. It is clear that children do not always have money for a gift, which you can congratulate your mother. But all without exception have the opportunity to make a gift to their mother on March 8 with their own hands. Believe me, it is simply impossible to think of the best congratulations. After all, a gift made with your own hands says much more than a souvenir on duty. Therefore, we offer you some simple options for such a man-made congratulation.

The Mysterious Letter

Let's start, perhaps, with the most simple and accessible andmake a mysterious letter as a gift to my mother. For such a gift, you do not need money for materials for its manufacture, and all you need for this mysterious letter, you probably have. So, for this man-made gift, prepare:

  • plain white sheet of paper;
  • milk;
  • paint or gouache;
  • brush.

First you need to arrange a letter as beautifula postcard or an old manuscript. You can paint a decorative beautiful frame, flowers and a congratulatory headline "Happy March 8!". But after this we proceed to the most interesting. We put the colors aside, carefully wash the brush and take the milk instead of the paints. Yes, with ordinary milk we write our message, where we congratulate Mummy on the holiday, we address her warmest wishes and the most sincere declarations of love. Let the milk dry completely, and our letter is ready! On the eve of the eighth of March we give our mother a letter. First, talk about how you can read the mysterious message is not necessary - let her mom herself try to guess. And if she does not understand what exactly is the secret, then help her. Let him read the mysterious letter, holding it over a candle or over a light bulb. From the heat invisible ink will begin to darken and my mother will find with surprise the manifesting inscription. gift to my mother on March 8 with my own hands

The Bird of Happiness

This we will have a man-made souvenir-talisman. For such a bird, we need:

  • white cardboard;
  • multicolored corrugated paper;
  • a cover from a plastic bottle;
  • salty dough
  • cotton buds;
  • gouache;
  • toothpicks;
  • glue:
  • scissors.

We prepare the salted dough from one glass of flour,half a glass of fine salt "Extra" and a quarter of a glass of water. Mix the flour with salt, and then, pouring water, knead the dough. From the dough we mold the trunk of our bird of happiness in the form of a cone and a ball-shaped head. We make a beak and eyes and attach them to the head. We take a cotton swab, cut it and cut off the top of the head, make a few depressions, which then insert the wadded sticks in the form of a crown. Now we put a toothpick on top of the trunk and put a head on it. We send the bird to dry in the oven. Drawing on a cardboard a large circle, using an ordinary saucer. Inside it, using a glass, draw a second circle, placing it exactly in the middle. Now cut out a large circle around the outer contour first, and then inside it we cut out a small circle. As a result, we get a large ring and cut it into two equal parts. From the colored paper we cut the stripes two to three centimeters wide, and then we tear them into pieces and roll the torn pieces into balls. Balls combine by color and paste on a semicircle (half of the ring). Pattern choose an arbitrary, pre-drawn it outlines on the cardboard. The ready torso of the bird is colored with gouache, we also paint the cotton buds, which we shorten beforehand. We make a crown on the head of the bird, dropping a little glue into the recesses and sticking the painted cotton buds. On the lid of the plastic bottle with glue we attach the bird's torso, and behind it we glue the tail. Our bird of happiness is ready! By the way, if you do not know how to handle a salt test or just do not want to sculpt a bird from it, then instead of the test you can use ordinary clay. Then make the craft will be much faster.


Many mothers love to cook, they pamper theirhome with different delicacies and collect culinary recipes. If your mother is also fond of cooking, then give her a book to write recipes. Yes, not simple, but made by own hands. To make such a cookbook you will need:

  • A special notebook with ringlets on the inside of the back cover (called a notebook with removable blocks);
  • monophonic thick fabric (laziness, thin sacking, canvas);
  • thread for embroidery (mulina, iris);
  • embroidery frame;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • white cardboard.

From the fabric, cut out a rectangle with sidesabout eight centimeters more than the size of the cover of the notebook. Now we use the embroidery frame and make embroidery on the front side of the fabric cover. We will embroider embroidery, but it's up to you to decide which one. You can write "Cookbook", "Recipe book" or simply "Recipes". The inscription is embroidered above, leaving a place for the creative decor of our gift. Now we do the marking by drawing a pencil with two vertical lines on both sides of the place where the spine of the tissue cover will be located, that is, in the center of the workpiece. On the sewing machine, the zigzag stitching or using embroidery frames with any decorative seam makes embroidered lines on the marked lines. Under the inscription on the front side we place our creative decor - it will be an ordinary, but beautiful spoon, which we just sew, taking in threads in the spirit places - at the bottom and top of the handle. And then just paste the finished fabric cover onto the cardboard cover of the notebook, wrapping the inside of the fabric stock. We do not need to twist the edges of the fabric, since we will cover them with two more details of cloth. To do this, we cut out from the cardboard two blanks of the same size as the inner parts of the large cover. We tighten these two cardboard blanks with rectangles cut from the fabric and glue it back down. Everything, the book is almost ready. It remains to put on the sheets of paper. that my mother will give on March 8

Other gifts yourself

We offered you very few optionsmaking a gift for mom on the Eighth of March. In fact, the options for what to give mom on March 8, much more! It all depends on your craftsmanship and on what kind of needlework you are fond of. Flowers from paper Here are just a lot of options! Origami, quilling, contour cutting, paper-plastic. You can make a decorative floral ball, making for him flowers from napkins or corrugated paper. In the technique of origami, you can make a variety of flowers, schemes for which it is easy to find on the Internet or in special magazines. Of these flowers then make up bouquets or decorate them with postcards. From corrugated paper are obtained unusually beautiful flowers, which also make up bouquets or even make bouquets of chocolates. With the help of contour cutting, you can also make a smart greeting card, and in the quilling technique you will be able to make not only a postcard, but a whole panel. Sewing and knitting If you know how to knit, then prepare a beautiful scarf for your mother. It's quite easy to tie it, and my mother will like this gift. Crochet or knitting can not only be a scarf, but, for example, kitchen potholders, a pillowcase on a sofa cushion, a case for a mobile phone, a cosmetic bag. And the possession of sewing will allow you to make the same potholders, kitchen towels or an apron. And especially elegant will look gifts, made in the technique of patchwork sewing (patchwork). Jewelry Beading and mastering the skills of sculpting from plastic will allow you to make a gift to your mother an exclusive ornament: earrings, brooch, beads or necklace. By the way, today knitted beads and brooches are very fashionable. Colors of fabric, felt or leather your mom will also be very fold. After all, such colors can decorate and dress, and a bag, and a hairdress. Silk flowers in the technique of tsumami kanzashi, an air ornament made of organza or chiffon, a brooch with florets of felt - all this will become a welcome and pleasant gift for the mother. Frames for photos A simple wooden or plastic frame can be originally decorated with any materials. Use for this purpose salty dough, beautiful braid or cords, seashells, beads and beads, textile flowers. A beautiful frame, by the way, can be crocheted, made voluminous and quilted or just cut out of a thick cardboard and decorate as you like. Believe me, any gift made by yourself will please your mother much more than the souvenir on duty bought in the store. After all, you spend your time on such a gift, do it with soul and love. And this is not just a sign of attention, but also a confirmation of your sincere and warm feelings. So, considering what to give to my mother on March 8, do not forget about your skillful hands. A handmade gift for mom is the best thing she can get from you on this wonderful spring holiday. We advise you to read: