styles of clothing If you meet on the street a former classmateand she tells you that you have not changed at all, this is not always a compliment. Often, this phrase means that you were wearing the same short square in the tenth grade, and your pleated skirt is fit to be scrapped. No, we are not trying to offend you. We just want to explain that not only the date in the calendar changes with the years. Over time, the styles of clothing, hairstyles and makeup that you wear must change. Therefore, do not rush to spend half a salary on a new spinning for your husband. Better update your wardrobe so that you will not recognize on the street former classmates, and colleagues would try to find out the secret of your attractiveness. Of course, to turn from a young woman into a bright-haired punk is not worth it, but you can choose another direction in clothes. Let's first figure out what kind of clothing styles are there. fashion style

Clothing Styles

  • Business style Do not confuse it with the classics,although most of the clothing is borrowed from there. The business style of clothing is present in the charters of all serious companies and is called a dress code. Identify some common features is difficult, because every boss has his own requirements for how his employees should be dressed. One thing is for sure: there are no excesses in business style, everything is strict and ... modest. Therefore, you can put off the jacket with ryushechkami until better times. By the way, bright varnish also have to be erased. But a strict suit will be very handy. Moreover, we will again mention it in the next description of the style in clothes.
  • Classic style If you immediately came to mindstrict jackets and stiff England, then you are thinking in the right direction. Classical style in clothing is headed by a strict English suit. If you are confused by its clear forms, do not worry. An ordinary classic jacket can be turned into a real work of art, adding accessories and colors. Moreover, the costume does not necessarily have to be gray. Red shades also have a right to exist. But with ryushekami again have to wait.
  • Sports style It's all that you usually doput on jogging or before fitness classes (you're in fact doing your figure, right?) Only now the styles in women's clothing are so confused that the sports suit is appropriate not only on the treadmill, but also on the city sidewalks. Plus, you can mix two different styles (like thousands of girls in our country), creating your own unique image.
  • Country This style is dedicated to all those who area hot fan of incendiary westerns. From now on, everyone around you can become heroes of the wild west themselves. (By the way, feature films very clearly demonstrate different styles of clothes, so from time to time take your time off the plot to pay attention to the costumes of the characters). But back to our country. In order to match this style, you need to wear a checkered shirt, simple cut jeans with bright leather inserts and high boots. To complement the ensemble can suede vest, colorful trim of fringe, and, of course, cowboy hat (the dream of many girls of the last century).
  • Military Here is a beautiful floor slowly but surelyturns from a cowboy into a seductive soldier. Of course, it will not be necessary to shoot (unless only with eyes), but it is possible to dress up in clothes remotely resembling a military uniform. And do not say that these styles do not paint modern girls. This is confirmed only by those who did not see the style of military on the streets of the city. As from the military form in this direction there were only color (gray, green of all possible shades, brown, yellowish-sandy), simple cut and freedom in movement.
  • Style "Vamp" Here everything in the female image is builton the contrasts. Therefore, if you are not afraid to be bright, then boldly put on the clothes of the fatal diva. Suits all: smooth skin, "bestial" print, deep neckline, all shades of red, an abundance of costume jewelry and dizzy heels. After all, the main task of the "vamp" style is to attract attention to a woman.
  • Romantic style This direction is created forgirls who grew up on the tale "Scarlet Sails" and seriously believe in the existence of the prince. Strict lines and bright colors are alien to them. Therefore, in a romantic style, you will not find these features. Here, only soft shades, laces, flounces and ruches (you've already got your favorite sweatshirt from the closet?) Would you like to stay for a moment at least a princess? Choose a romantic style!
  • As you can see, styles in women's clothes are different. But this does not mean that you have to choose one thing. Make several styles directions in your wardrobe, and be different every day. You can safely combine jeans and blouse with frills. Or a tight jacket with a flared skirt. The main thing is that you like how you are dressed. And then you will like others. We advise you to read: